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Extreme Art is Beautiful (part 1)

>But as with everything, moderation is key.

I don’t like the old idea of living with ‘moderation,’ it sounds too much like mystical yin-yang – remember kids to balance your salad with the dressing or it will be too sweet or too bland. I prefer to look at extreme fashions where a concept is distilled to the absolute, over the boring ‘subtle’ conservative look old-timers embrace, that looks like its a bland mish-mash of whatever was left in your wardrobe. They claim a drab purple, gray, or brown with is classy. To me it’s just boring and makes you look like everyone else who does it – like you’re not even trying to have a stroke of individualism.

In fact they like those colors because their eyes are dimming and losing sensitivity with age. Young people are attracted to saturated colors and if you’ve watched shows for kids, you’ll noticea actors tend to notch up the drama to the point of overacting. The most fascinating art goes beyond what is realistic, and is unusual enough to be very stimulating, mainly because nature is subtle. (Supernormal stimulus explains why we tend to fetishize extremes.)

Btw, the truth doesn’t necessarily land between two extreme viewpoints.


“Truth, regardless of what liberal centrists and “common wisdom” morons say, is not in the middle. Truth is very one sided, even when that side is a third side that says “You’re morons who are arguing the wrong question about a wrong conception”. The only way to actually come to know what side truth is on is to dive deeply into the waters of whatever grabs your attention claiming to be the answer you seek.”

Extreme Art is Beautiful (part 2)

I like the creative variance and pride in appearance that you see at comiket, Halloween parties, or zombie walks. I would like to see it become common for eyeliner to be used like body paint, and to emphasize the unnatural rather than going for a conventional beauty look.
It’s very tiring to people watch, when people are afraid to stand out. You get a lot of T-shirts, suits, and caked-on plastic makeup. You can almost tell who is a philosophical zombie. The worst offenders generally live in the country-side or the suburbs, and/or commute to the CBDs, and even the luxury brands tend to bore me because they try to present “class, success and refinement” rather than creativity.

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Worship Suguri, not Christ

 Individualists make their own gods to idolize

suguri school

To start off, Suguri has to be oldest living God in the world I’ve heard of.*  She is a 46 billion year old “Goddess” who used to be a human before she became a lonely cyborg, and stopped talking to anyone for a billion years.

*(Buddhas do appear to be older in the Lotus Sutra, but I don’t fully understand Buddhism or its kalpas, so I’ll ignore it.)

I wonder if her author and illustrator realizes that he worships the savior-goddess he created. He loves her enough to have drawn new art of her nearly every week for nearly ten years, and still does on twitter. He would be wise not to bother with marriage, or his wife will be jealous of the attention he puts into his goddess.

Her backstory puts Captain Planet to shame too. It doesn’t get more heroic than spending countless years to fix a polluted Earth all by yourself, and then defending the newly saved Earth from alien invaders all by yourself.

Fyi, here is Suguri’s backstory to prove how heroic she is:

The earth had been utterly destroyed by war.

Suguri was a cyborg who began to bring the Earth back to life plantings trees and stuff for thousands of years.

In the vast and wide Earth, she was only one person who would endeavor to do whatever it took.

She gave humans hope and made them want to work together.brought them together.

Then she risked her life fighting to protect her Earth when the invaders came.

suguri 46 billion years

I’m moved! Why aren’t you worshiping cute little Suguri? It’s crazy to worship a baby Hebrew god that allegedly created the Earth only 6,000 years ago. That and he has done a poor job of showing himself, protecting us, or helping with our problems. (He seems to create more problems than he causes actually, like hell and Satan.) But Suguri was so awesome she sacrificed herself to save the Earth from problems she didn’t start TWICE!

Comic books contain modern Gods

If you read about superman on wiki, at first he could only jump far and high, then he could fly. At first he could lift a car, and then he could move a moon. As comic theology evolves, power creep turns above average heroes into gods.

500 years people from now people might worship our comic heroes as gods. All you need is time to forget that they started as stories, and you can have an altar for Captain America, or Iron Man. And if something is old enough, believers can say maybe Iron Man was the manifestation of God, who once revealed himself to us so we would know his will. All evidence to the contrary is the work of H.Y.D.R.A. (A.k.a the devil.) If you ever need to understand how religion developed, look at modern folklore. You can even look at Slenderman.

Hundreds of years from now some archaeologist  will pick up a comic book in the ruins of our civilization, and suppose we worshiped them. Well, we do devote a lot of time to watching these gladiator gods fight each other.

Too many stars – the ultimate argument against all religions on Earth

Too many stars:

Darkmatter2525 articulated the argumentum ad absurdum about there being too many stars to believe our planet or Israel is the special center of it all better than I had thought of. He did so by drawing from teleology (Aristotle’s four causes). We totally live in a universe that requires no gods to function, but all religions and their deities seem to have been created to meet the ends of humans. For power and influence over others, and tithes from their fellow man. Occam’s razor says the simplest explanation tends to be the most likely one, and a universe that is not run by any of the gods mankind believes in makes more sense.
Totally wish this video existed sooner. I embarrassed myself by presenting the argument to my philosophy professor after I developed it for feedback, without realizing it was a fairly common argument apostates develop. I still do not know the name of the argument but it is one of the strongest ones. It has become my favorite argument because it is rooted in empirical evidence of the scale of the universe, and logic, and is all encompassing. (I prefer it even over the problem of evil.)

My Mastery of Religion:

I’ll remember it for the rest of my life and never believe any Earthly religion again as a result. There is no need to study religion further for the truth about Gods since I have thoroughly collected the evidence they are all bullshit. The only reason to study religion is to understand sociology, or how religion changes the behavior of people, and how delusions changed history. It also helps to develop critical thinking which is essential in philosophy, except that there are better questions that have not been decisively solved. (Probably well over 70% of philosophers turn Atheist.) Currently I can think more objectively than anyone in the family, and in this niche I know many more facts.

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Why Superman is better than God

superman cross

The God of the Israelites was simple and patriarchal, for a simple and patriarchal society, and modern superheroes have better morals. If Superman were real, I would rather worship him, because of his consistency and good intentions:

-Superman never kills

-Superman always defends the weak

-Superman reflects, forgives, feels remorse, and has good intentions

-Superman is responsible with his power. He usually does not “play God” or flaunt his powers if it would harm others.

-Superman actively improves the world, rather than improving it for one tribe.

-Superman doesn’t hide his existence from anyone, and by revealing himself gave the entire Earth hope.

Abortion Contracts for Bachelors

There can be a problem if a woman promises to have an abortion if she becomes pregnant, but later decides to keep the baby. She can now legally force the man to help pay for the costs of raising the child. He is totally trapped by the decision to have the baby, which she can make unilaterally. (This is a real hypothetical if he’s a rich bachelor, she’s a gold digger, and they had a one night stand.)

I have thought of a solution: he could make her sign a ‘precoitus agreement’ to abort any hypothetical child that results from sex, or be absolved of responsibility for raising the child if she goes through with it. It would be similar to a prenuptial agreement, and wouldn’t allow any surprises. In effect, the man would confirm there would be no child, and if there was he could disinherit the child, and make it illegitimate. A swinger could stuff contracts in his wallet with the condoms, and ask her to sign first.

Are there any problems with this idea?

Ezekiel was a lunatic

>”…Ezekiel, one of the major prophets, was not only a lousy prognosticator, he was an absolute lunatic as well.” is a treasure trove of well written articles. What’s funny is how Christians can read the same story and recognize Ezekiel was not normal. But instead of dismissing him as mentally insane like Atheists would, they respectfully call him “eccentric” and try to learn lessons from the lives of the ancient wandering nutcases called prophets.

>Why would God ask him to do something that made him look crazy?

>How would your daily life and the people around you be impacted if God asked you to copy Ezekiel?

Christians should recognize there’s little difference between ancient prophets who lived in the desert, and modern religious nutcases who sleep on the sidewalk and shout at the rest of us. Bums are modern prophets. Any schizo that scrambled his brain with hard drugs can cook up a prophesy with rich imagery.


And here was the story where God orders a prophet to marry a hooker.

Deists Fear Death

The people here who cling to a non-interventionist God, and cling to hope of eternal life, are just running away from the fear of death. Better to live a good life, and not worry about final judgment and eternal punishment. It’s healthier to admit you will probably die, and you had a good run, but that’s the end. This encourages you to make good use of your time; society would be more productive with stoicism, instead of the escapist daydreams of debunked religions.
When you die the particles that kept you alive, and made you who you were, degrade and rapidly scatter. There is no evidence of the preservation of a “soul particle”. Refusing to believe in the possibility of one’s own annihilation is running away from the death we all see before our eyes.

All religions can be shown to be man-made. The best argument Theists can refer to are variations of Aquinas’s flawed 13th century first-mover argument. At best, it would prove any kind of deity, but not support any particular deity or any scriptures. If we are to believe in Deism, the creator has provided no evidence of his existence to mankind through a verifiable revelation. Theories that rely on God to explain the cosmos always have worse predictive (explanatory) power than science, and we simply do not need a God for the universe to work the way it does.
Atheism gives relief from the fear about meeting your maker among other things.