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Satan the Wanderer

Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan also came among them.

“Where have you come from?”

Satan answered

“From roaming throughout the earth, going back and forth on it.”

-Job 1:6-7

Satan was a son of an egomanical God and was forced to roam the Earth. Satan deserves the most love of the entities in the bible. I’ve talked about this before, but I just like this verse a lot. God sits on a high throne and snubs the Earth, while Satan is the explorer who tries to learn about us. He is the one who came down to our level, and he is a truth-seeker.

Whoever wrote this episode of Smallville must have also decided YHWH can’t be trusted. Lex Luther praises the human antagonist here in a Native American legend for having the courage to fight against Superman.

Japanese authors who die young

What’s with all the Japanese manga-ka suffering from illness and dying young?

Kei Aoyama, (author of China Girl) killed himself at age 32.

Crayon Shin-chan (accidentally?) killed herself in cliff fall at age 51.

Akinari Matsuno, best known for light novel harem series MM! passed at age 32.

Noboru Yamaguchi, Zero no Tsukaima’s author died of pancrea cancer at  age 41.

Director Satoshi Kon died at aged 46 of Pancrea Cancer (Paranoia Agent.)

Cocoa Fujiwara, died at age 31 of illness. (She was the author of Boku X Inu SS & Katsute Mahou Shoujo to Aku wa Tekitai Shite Ita.)

Miyata Kouji, mangaka of Oh, My Sweet Alien passes away at age 34.

Ganbare Goemon Manga Artist Hiroshi Obi  dies at age 54.

KAWASHIMA Tadashi (Daughter Maker) died at age 42 to liver cancer

Ryūtarō Nakamura (Director of Serial Experiments in Lain) dies at age 58 to pancrea cancer.

Hiromu Minato (湊 ヒロム). A light novel illustrator who suffered from illness and gradually lost the ability to draw. She died young under under mysterious circumstances, while complaining about sexual harassment from coworkers. She might have been crazy, or she might have been raped. Her case bothers me the most.

The Tragedy of Hiromu Minato


blue wind mangaka sample

I liked how she inked kimonos.

And then you have all the suffering manga-ka:

Their quick lives are a paradox when Japan has a reputation for many centennials. The common explanation is to blame it on karoshi – death by overwork to meet publication deadlines. But I wonder if there is also a selection bias at play – if unhealthy individuals are more likely to become manga-ka. I.e. if sickly people are more attracted to the indoor escapism that is drawing manga, rather than exercising their bodies. This goes may go hand in hand with the surprising number of fans I’ve encountered who have mentioned staying at hospitals with potentially terminal diseases.

Regardless, I thought suffering artists were confined to classical paintings like Van Gough, but it seems that I can’t even take pretty flat illustrations for granted anymore! Behind every illustration there might be an untold story of a life cut short. It’s saddening to think about how many creative types have literally died making their art! (I.e. actors.)

Silly virgin saints

This story is so unbelievable. A girl is killed by the Roman emperor because she is so good at converting pagans. He orders her to be tied to a breaking wheel so her body may be broken, but when she touches the wheel it shatters! So he beheads her instead. Hundreds of years later her body is found, unchanged!

She was a virgin too-which mattered to the writers of her obituary! Of course, there is no evidence she existed.

Intelligent Design vs God’s boring biillion

boring billion

Here’s some more evidence against Jesus being the son of God. God didn’t do shit for a boring billion years. All he did was click “skip next turn” 50-100 times, like a bored 4X gamer playing a new game of “Civilization” without scouts on a small island. Maybe he sent Jesus to rescue other planets for 4 billion years and then came here once when we had sorta grown up? I don’t know about you, but a game where you don’t interact sounds very boring to me.

Point is that God didn’t care about saving bacteria from stagnant boredom, and/or God is boring. And then we had mass extinctions of bacteria, ‘cas he didn’t care and/or realized he had “designed” too many similar kinds. Like an autist who thought bacteria would be fun to slowly design for a billion years, rather than working on a human civilization.

To think God only started caring about life 2,000 years ago and then stopped giving us messages is silly. But then again, I’m not boring enough to understand God’s mysteriously boring ways.

Btw, I have discovered Christopher Hitchens is a far more elegant writer than I,and he mocked the indifference of heaven in a humorous speech that is worth memorizing:

Objectivism is Still Stupid

I’ve written about Objectivism before, but someone started a new forum and I had to refute it again, on /philosophy/ /atheism/ (2) and now on /objectivism/ Objectivism is basically to “lolbertarianism” what communism what is to socialists: an embarrassment. It’s totally illogical, and relies on blindly following Ayn Rand, and “lazy fairy” economics.

Whenever they tell you to read a book just reply:

I used to think Objectivism is basically to “lolbertarianism” what communism what is to socialists: an embarrassment. I stand mistaken, because you’ve shown arguing with Objectivists is always irrational. I mean, all would be revealed in bright light if I just read her bible instead of weighing her axioms. How silly of me to trust my own critical thinking, when I haven’t even been taught how to think critically by Ayn Rand. I’ve been an uncritical fool ever since I visited /atheism/ but I will give your philosophy a chance because I like when people use the word rational.

And “voluntary capitalism” sounds so cool too! Oh…I shouldn’t use exclamation marks, because that’s not being rational. Damn….wait, I shouldn’t swear either, but I’m sure that gets easier with the right mental training. Learning this philosophy must have been hard work for you too. But it pleases me that only the most rational people in society will lead the dumb people.
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Census makes no sense

Why would the efficient Roman empire hold a census that required Jesus’s parents to walk seventy miles (one way)? Production would grind to a halt all over the empire.

Wouldn’t it be wiser to instead send the inspectors to Nazareth to count women children and slaves in houses? Tax collectors used to come to your house to appraise your property because you can’t lie about how big your house is when they’re standing there.

For the record, every other time a census is taken in the bible that I’ve seen, i.e. under David, the census takers were sent out to the tribes.

Wiki sames the same happened when a census was taken in the provinces of Rome, (although Rome itself might have been an exception for a while.) Wikipedia’s consensus also says we have no evidence of Caesar Augustus having ordered a census throughout the empire, as the bible claims.

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Christianity doesn’t have a monopoly on angels and miracle stories

Christianity doesn’t have a monopoly on writing stories about miracles or continuing to believe that the future contains hope. Christians don’t know about many other stories, because they generally don’t have a deep knowledge of other religions. If they gave other religions equal consideration before choosing one,  by exposure to foreign folklore, then they would be less willing to believe in a world-view that excludes other deities, morality, miracles, and story-telling.

religion free dvd player.png

If Christians weren’t so region-locked they might eventually stop being Christians.

If they’re open to watching anime, then I suggest finding the sappiest visual novel adaption that ends in a deus ex machina, and then persuading them to watch it. Kanon 2006 is a safe bet:

girl falls into comma

dreaming kid gets a wish

in one ending she realizes she can’t use the wish to heal herself and be happy, because she could never be happy if there were still unhappy people around her. So she wishes for their happiness, and since they wouldn’t be happy without her, she gets her miracle too.

mfw why this loli has a saint complex AND is smarter than Yahweh.

I guess what I’m saying is show them something that talks about miracles, angels descending to those who wait, and similar shit. Like this song from Kanon if you know the translation – it sounds like a Christmas carol complete with typical jingles. Christians think they have have a monopoly on sappy stories about miracles, and festive holidays in the snow, but if they just read some folklore or visual novels, they’d know miracle stories are a dime a dozen in Buddhism.

Strategies to Reduce Corruption -Thread

What are some strategies to reduce corruption from government or from business? I say strategies, because it can be argued there is no one ideal government or business structure. Instead the ideal management varies by the situation, depending on variables like size, and the overall competency and drive of the employees or citizens.

A son from a Swiss political family told me the relatively direct democracy in his country would not work in the U.S. or China, because they are too big and no one would agree. Mainland Chinese also usually tell me they don’t believe democracy would work in China, and simply say centralization is always more efficient, and that they fear the slippery slope to mob rule and anarchy.

I’m still weighing the benefits of decentralization vs centralization. I consider decentralization more egalitarian, and suspect collections of smaller states are forced to negotiate more without violence or threats, because there are fewer big bullies in the playground. Decentralization allows empowerment of the lower members of society, cooperation, and fair play. In contrast, a centralized system will inherently have weaker oversight of the ruling class.

Whatever system you believe in, please avoid just replying that “corruption will always exist because we are human.” This common reply is counter-intellectual, and an excuse to pat yourself on the back while you stop thinking about improvement. The realistic question is how to reduce corruption, not how to end corruption for good