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Humans worshipping machines

Beyond our lifetime I can see us entrusting more and more thinking to AI because it can find correlations we can’t. At some point we might create an AI entity to think for us and make decisions for us, lile a mayor,

become slaves to it. We could call this God.
All we need is for a nuclear holocaust to wipe out most of our libraries, and humanity to lose knowledge/regress. Then people will pray to Siri and when she answers their prayers they will worship her.

Looking for heroes after god

 Looking for heroes after god
(or “On Real Sacrifice”)

I think if people treated Gods as fictional heroes, (it’s easier with Christ than Yahweh), religion wouldn’t be so dangerous. “What would jesus/superman do?” could be a good model for living a life free from compromise.

When there was a reason to die, someone who knew about heroes could draw strength from his predecessors, even if they didn’t exist. (The part about Christ sacrificing himself is of course nonsense, because we all know dying but then coming back to life carries no finality, and isn’t a real sacrifice.)

The man who knowingly sacrifices his life to save another could tell himself that, “At least I am about to become proof that heroes exist in the real world. For the rest of my life I will become like superman, and live free of compromise.” Imagine what a relief it would be to live only for ideals and without regard for your own safety; it would make it easier to die with a smile of contentment.

We probably do need to believe heroes and saviors exist, to cope with the injustice and corruption in the world. But in the real world heroes only exist temporarily, because no one can live for long unless he makes compromises, avoids violence, and subverts his own values most of the time.

We praise the person who charges into a burning building to save a kid, but that’s just for a moment. A real hero cannot survive, but a fictional hero is free to live forever. Unlike in real life, in comic books the universe itself conspires so that superman never stays dead, and batman lives to protect us forever.

romanticism and rationality

I’m fond of “The Little Prince” and rereading it never gets old. In simple, layered words it lays out a plan to experience the joy of a whimsical life, even when there are thousands of identical people from an objective viewpoint. I’ve met people whoose names I never bothered to learn, and now when I think of the the country I think of them and smile. A few chance encounters are enough to brighten up entire parts of a world map.

I’m beginning to discard the New Atheism idea that we must reject all sentimental bullshit that has any tinge of mysticism, so we can all live in the same objective reality. Scientism seems to limit the imagination, and destroy the zest for life that children naturally possess, forcing the conformity that drive grown-ups to drink or kill themselves from over-work. Logical and analytical types have a reputation for being boring, because they actually murdered part of their soul for wordly success.

Most people aren’t explorers, and there is so much you can’t learn without firsthand experience. It has been said, ‘When all of your knowledge comes from books, all you get is prejudice and not empiricalism.’ (Mean world syndrome is when people watch too much of the news and think everyone is trying to murder you.)

Mysticism may be a hollow substitute for feeling knowledge without actually possessing it, but it could still be useful for the energy and inspiring feelings it imparts. Dawkins is right that religion shouldn’t be allowed to monopolize spirituality too.

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Goddess Temple of South Orange County

There is is a goddess of Irvine temple, where men are forbidden except on the fourth Sunday every month. The website is hilarious. Come sisters to our museum where we have statues owned by the Dalai lama, and learn the true history of the world that the patriarchy has buried for thousands of years! Pledge $200 a month of support for for the highest rank!

goddess movement

The website adds that all of society’s problems are because the patriarchy has upset the natural order through trickery. When queens rule again everything will be fixed. Here are some negative reviews on yelp.

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