Ezekiel was a lunatic


>”…Ezekiel, one of the major prophets, was not only a lousy prognosticator, he was an absolute lunatic as well.”

infidels.org is a treasure trove of well written articles. What’s funny is how Christians can read the same story and recognize Ezekiel was not normal. But instead of dismissing him as mentally insane like Atheists would, they respectfully call him “eccentric” and try to learn lessons from the lives of the ancient wandering nutcases called prophets.


>Why would God ask him to do something that made him look crazy?

>How would your daily life and the people around you be impacted if God asked you to copy Ezekiel?

Christians should recognize there’s little difference between ancient prophets who lived in the desert, and modern religious nutcases who sleep on the sidewalk and shout at the rest of us. Bums are modern prophets. Any schizo that scrambled his brain with hard drugs can cook up a prophesy with rich imagery.


And here was the story where God orders a prophet to marry a hooker.

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