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Gay atheists have it good

I personally think I would have been happier if I were gay. Allow me to explain: atheists are significantly more likely to be men, and gays are significantly more likely to be atheists. Therefore I believe it would be easier to find people I agree with if I were gay.

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I watched the video of Trump shoving aside a new NATO member to pose in front of the camera, and I read about the HoR GOP canidate in Montana who did a body soam the other day. The GOP is now officially the party of thugs. Politics are regressing right now.


It has amused me to look at senseless political violence in other countries as well, where appeals to force are the driving measure of the vote.


Xenogears as an anti-theist story


I wish Xenogears had stayed true to the original vision and made the final boss named “Yahweh.” Fucking self-censorship. Square didn’t mind killing god in fantasies in FFX, but they have to euphemize everything because of our sacred cows. I wonder if they write these stories to try and wake up Christians, I mean Metal Gear Solid is more popular in America and it has a pretty anti-America universe.

America needs a parliamentary system

I think it’s obvious that either the American politcal system and ones like it were a mistake from the beginning, and the so-called American experiment has failed to evolve towards democracy. I am referring to how America has had two parties for 200 years, and all that has changed is that the parties have changed names and drifted on their issues. A structural change to go from elitism to an enlightened popular democracy of an Athenian nature has not occured.

How can America scrap the two part institution and turn into a multi-party system? Many Americans vote for their party, they are retarded beyond words. You don’t know how retarded they are until you look carefully at the voting patterns, and politicians have every right to be condescending towards American voters. The morons who vote straight party line like they’re cheering for their favorite sports team, amd who brag about voting even though they don’t even know anything about the minor candidates they selected except for their party, are an obstacle to democracy.

I think a multi-party parliamentary system would force voters to study the differences in the parties and realize they need to stop being ignorant of the issues. They wouldn’t just vote straight democrat/republican anymore, you have to look at the goddamn part of the political spectrum, and learn all the damn lingo. Congress wouldn’t be so polarized, and it would be easier for all of the Americans with IQS of 80 to realize that not all conservatives or liberals are their enemies. Yes, they would actually be able to sidestep the most corrupted parties while still finding fresh parties their hat represent their views.

Gone would be the illusion of choice via two choices and a write in canidate. There wouldn’t be a false dilemma for nearly every vote. You can have 3 choices, 4- 5 even ! And shut up about these parties forming left and right coalitions same old why change anything? It’s not the same because having more parties makes voters stop being so goddamned tribal in their thought process- when the tea party and socialists have their own parties, the vasy differences along the political system are more transparent even to the biggest idiots. The obstructionists can become more apparent to the idiots.

You traditionalists who prefer presidential oligarchies are blindly blocking structural reform. You are why write in candidates won’t become viable. Do you want to live in a non-sustainable empire or do want a peaceful democracy? You have to ask yourself that question every time you decide to favor  the current institutions which support the familsr oligarchy, over taking control of more affairs for yourself.


Sadly,  there are few proven democratic systems, however, parliamentary systems are much more likely to give 3 or more viable parties. Until u know of a better system I think the average American would be better off with us switching to it.


I was watching one of those Judge Judy shows and I remembered hearing about how more companies prefer to do arbitration because it’s cheaper and faster.
Well, then contrary to what libertarians claim, the solution is we need to fix the court system. Abritation is a tool for the rich to evade the law because they can venue shop.

Atheism in Japan

>think Japan is a country of enlightened men who just do religion to practing acting/laarp/uphold tradition

>plan a move to Japan to escape religitards

>look for a /jp/ thread to be sure

>pic says only 30 percent of Japs believed there was no god, or an afterlife in 2000 AD.

>let the tears fall

There was no silver bullet.

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Anonymous  12/22/16 (Thu) 02:59:13 a7413a No.15836>>15840

>their religious are better because their religion isn’t as dogmatic as christianity

>their atheists are better because they aren’t sjw trash who like open boarders

I don’t see the problem to be honest.

Anonymous  12/22/16 (Thu) 19:01:28 f7bdd0 No.15840>>15844


This really. And I’ve been to Japan for a year for work and I wanted to do an experiment, so I asked 247 different people whether or not they believed in a god, “神様が本当でありますか。”

142 said, “いいえ”

73 said, “知りません”

30 said, “はい” Though some of them wanted to preach to me about their religion. A couple of them were Mormons and another was JW.

The other 2 just said “マジか” which was funny, so I spoke to them as they were together and one of them actually described himself as a,”無心論者” though the other just said that he was a, “無心者” which they thought was funny. I still don’t get it. If anyone could tell me what he meant by that, I would appreciate it.

Anonymous  12/23/16 (Fri) 01:47:18 77c62d No.15842

>>15835 (OP)

They are budhist they don’t believe in a god anyway. But they do love muh tradition even when it’s based on crap.

Anonymous  12/23/16 (Fri) 10:33:18 a5c842 No.15844>>15845


Maybe the pun is he was a “heartless person.”

Anonymous  12/23/16 (Fri) 11:07:27 a5c842 No.15845>>15854


Wait, more specifically, 無神論者 (atheist, literally no God advocate) has the same pronounciation as his 無心論者. (The first part is literally “no heart” and the dictionaries say it can mean innocence, be a buddhist term, or when you attach the suru verb it can mean begging for goods or money, so the root meaning must be one of the 3.

論者 is advocate/practitioner,者 by itself is person and in this case should have the same meaning.)

In Chinese 無心者 also seems to have to do with a Buddhist enlightened person, or maybe having mindlessness, in the sense of being detached from caring about things. By context that is the most likely usage here. I don’t get it either, unless there is some kind of pun or inside joke, like that he is an innocent person.

Anonymous  12/26/16 (Mon) 09:53:28 70ec52 No.15854


Perhaps it is unrelated, but in Final Fantasy Tactics, when your faith level was 0 you entered into a state called “innocent” so could it be possible that innocence is a euphemism for irreligion?

Anonymous  01/08/17 (Sun) 20:24:46 fee886 No.15926

File (hide): cd51532e47329c3⋯.jpg (107.13 KB, 498×750, 83:125, IMG_6003.JPG)

3 hundred years ago a white guy pretended to be a Japanese heathen and Europeans were gulible enough to believe him and fawn over his tales of Japan.

>He explained that his pale skin was due to the fact that the upper classes of Formosa lived underground.


Fallen Women

>Nuns don’t believe in abortion
>So they wait until the kids are born and then throw 800 hundred of them into a pit
Tell your Christian friends about where their ethics have lead when they tote that no-abortion is moral.

I desire the vulnerable fallen women Catholics despised. I picture innumerable women prisons for adulterers, alleged prostitutes, and unwed rape victims, begging for a release.

The birth of Noah

Musings on whether to study more philosophy to reach to an even higher class

Written August, 2016
Today I discovered a passage about the birth of Noah from the book of Enoch that predates the bible. Jesus actually quotes a prophet from the books of Enoch in the New Testament, so Jesus considered it scripture even though the account of Genesis and God frequently contradicts most of the common folklore in the bible. Most Christians don’t know about the book, but I’ve already read a good chunk of it, since I know more than probably 90% of Christians about their religion.

It’s amazing that a passage where Noah the baby pops out of his mother’s womb covered in light to immediately talk to God wasn’t included in the bible by the church hierarchy around 300 AD. Then again, there were dozens if not hundreds of competing traditions, and there was no Christian or Jewish canon until that point. The reason we know nothing about them is that scriptures that contradicted the new canon were systematically destroyed by the church to enforce their power & political objectives, and the other related folklore/mythology was only rediscovered in fragments millenia later.

I don’t really have anything more to say! Read that for yourself. Rather, I want to talk about how how I feel when there’s a big gap between my mindset & knowledge, and that of my neighbors.

It’s quite possible that I know more than a lot of priests about the bible and other religions, without even trying. They’re held back by a pre-set way of thinking, and a host of logical fallacies.  Even if they do read more of their godly fan-fiction, I at least know that I know more about the truth because of my superior methodology and probabilism.

It’s understandable, but it’s still very sad to know so much forbidden lore, so much about the truth of the world which is hidden by millenia of taboos from the stone age. To think it’s at everyone’s finger-tips, but no one dares touch it because they’re afraid of Satan or going to hell. I can’t help but believe that people will be a lot smarter once we lose all the stone age superstitious taboos that are enforced by all religions, superstitions and fear. We will probably enter a mini-renaissance, and as we study philosophy instead, our political system will begin to improve.
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