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How Halloween Roleplaying Could Improve Society

I saw a church today with Halloween scarecrows out front. It doesn’t jive when they try to appropriate darkness in a tame way, and then have Halloween parties, so kids can go to church and be safely given free candy rather than having to explore neighborhoods.

I’m dressing as an aviator for the kids, but I had the idea of being a Christian for Halloween, and preaching and evangelizing at every house I visit. Or collecting a year’s worth of Jehova witness brochures and handing them out to trick or treaters with a stern warning to be vigilant because tonight could be your last on Earth. That might be the scariest role playing the kids ever see.

mormon cosplayMormon missionary costume

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Beware of those that limit free speech for civility – letter

To the new administrator,
I would be very careful about creating rules to limit free speech in the name of civility. Frankly your opening post already scares me and makes me think you could have latent autocratic tendencies.

Let me tell you a story about the last fetish forum I was a member of. It was an old site that had a focus on themes such as homosexuality. The trouble started when it promoted a sensitive European to an administrator position, and the first danger sign was when he wrote two pages of forum rules. Mind you he had no need to do this because the board had no problems with trolls.

He admitted to having autism, and it became obvious he was serious when he punished/warned/censored anyone who was sarcastic, because he literally couldn’t tell when people were serious or not. English wasn’t his first language, and he took any metaphors, biting remarks, irony, humor, or jabs as inappropriate insults. He then cited the rules he’d written as justification for bans, even though the forum had tolerated free speech for five years before that.

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Why don’t you Atheists leave Christians Alone?

How can society advance if we don’t periodically call out the majority on their idiotic beliefs? There is a double standard and Atheists are expected to mind their own business; but the religious do not usually mind their own business and are praised when they proselytize. More importantly, they regularly harm others with their erroneous beliefs, (simply by being inclined to vote against homosexuality, sex education, or abortion.) Religion makes ordinary people unwilling to compromise, because they can claim to interpret the will of God.
Once religion is a minority, and politicians can’t pander to them, it won’t matter so much that there are still a few feeble minded people who believe in Scientology, UFO cults, neo-paganism, psychic readings, or Moses. And it is also very important for us to protect our right to be offensive.

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Murderous Popes

This pope assassinated his two predecessors. The Catholic Church may
claim to be the first church, and the one true church, but it was never
was endorsed and run by a benign God.

Worse yet, there’s a long list of murdered popes! God doesn’t offer any protection, and so it’s no wonder they protect the pope with bulletproof glass when his car goes out in public!

pope glass

While we’re at it, check out the sexual liasons of the men who are supposed to have been chosen to lead Christians!

A Future Beyond Atheism

If Atheism is the jumping point to Skepticism, and Skepticism is a superior way of viewing the world, where does Skepticism lead? I’m worried that I am a zeitgeist that still possesses ungrounded beliefs, and that I will fail to transcend to a higher state of critical thinking.

Waking up from religion is a start, but now I want a second awakening/paradigm shift, except I just don’t know where to look. I am trying to break free of the constraints of my time, so I can imagine how Utopia will look when we’ve solved our current problems, so I know what to work towards.

buddha enlightened

(I guess this is a more concise version of my earlier post. As an aside, I’ve been getting more interested in philosophy, and I think the Communist philosophers had a lot of valid ideas about religion.)

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