Monthly Archives: September 2016

Sausage Party

I watched Sausage Party. It was alright, but not the funniest thing ever and I would have better enjoyed watching Kubo.

I know it’s a shallow comedy, but I didn’t agree with the message at all – let’s give ourselves to hedonism and we’ll be happy. How shallow, how hollow, how nonintellectual, how one size fits all. You tell them you can’t convert people without hope, and the best you can offer theists at the end are drunk orgies?

And it’s so PC considering it’s rated R. Frank the hotdogs apologizes for being “pathetic” in his words for trying vocally to get people to listen and think, (and for not accepting their beliefs.) What do you even have to apologize for?! And there’s no reference to violence when they introduce the Muslim.

The best thing about it were the first 15 minutes and anticipating how it would look when the hotdog would enters the bun. The worse thing is learning if Atheist movies take off like a fad, they’ll be just as crappy as the rest of them.


Making it rated R was a good publicity move though. You have to be a troll, to indulge in over the top comedy to be able to get away with saying some things. The audience who would get hurt by serious words hesitate, and if they laugh they’ll decide you don’t really mean it because it’s just comedy.

It’ll certainly be interesting to see what sort of food porn they draw on Deviant Art.