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Da Vinci’s sacrilegious joke

“A priest, making the rounds of his parish on Easter Eve, and sprinkling holy water in the houses as is customary, came to a painter’s room, where he sprinkled the water on some of his pictures. The painter turned round, somewhat angered, and asked him why this sprinkling had been bestowed on his pictures; then said the priest, that it was the custom and his duty to do so, and that he was doing good; and that he who did good might look for good in return, and, indeed, for better, since God had promised that every good deed that was done on earth should be rewarded a hundred-fold from above. Then the painter, waiting till he went out, went to an upper window and flung a large pail of water on the priest’s back, saying: “Here is the reward a hundred-fold from above, which you said would come from the good you had done me with your holy water, by which you have damaged my pictures.”

-Leonardo Da Vinci’s Notebook

Appreciating Gilgamesh Post

Gilgamesh is older than BC 2000 and his epic is still better than any story in the bible. It should be added to the bible, so I’d want to read the bible.

Wildman Enkidu and Great King Gilgamesh fight each other for days as equals until they collapse. In one version then they get up and smile at each other and become gay fuck buddies.

Go off on a quest together

Enkidu dies

Gilgamesh is heartbroken and wants to find something that can make him live forever

He almost reaches it, but it inevitably slips away

Comes home defeated and has to admit he won’t live forever.

Feels a newfound appreciation for his city

The end

In 2000 AD Japanese remember Gilgamesh is awesome and turn him into something of a popular culture god.

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