Current Wishlist (September 2015)



Fun wishlist:

Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax

Rabi-ribi (when it goes on sale on Steam)

Cheap RC helicopter toy

Ahri schoolgirl skin.


Spend a winter in a snowy wonderland and talk to people so I can write a perfect story.

Talk to non-shallow tourists.

To do list:

cancel credit cards

Visit Saitama because it’s where SnS was filmed.


Finale deserving note (Aug. 2018):


According to this about half of college graduates stop believing in a biblical God, which means I don’t have to worry so much about figuring out how to deconvert people. Send kids to college and they will stop believing, within a hundred years. Religion is doomed.


Future book reading list:

Marcel Proust: Things Remembered (To learn more about pre-war Paris and the aristocracy)


Hitch 22 (To learn more about how he became a Neocon; also peruse his reading list)

George Orwell – (A certain book)

Brave New World

The Fire Next time (To learn more about minority struggles in the 1960s and to add them to my reservoir of knowledge.)

Zen at War (2nd edition)