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Learning about cars is probably a waste of time

Don’t bother learning about cars, instead move to a nice modern city with trains and learn what interests you, like programming or game making probably. You know how much time you gain when you don’t have to think about where to gas up, or how to avoid hitting dumb fucks on the road, or how to take care of bills, or why the car isn’t running properly, or what kind of car you should buy, etc etc.

You can still rent a car once a month when you want to go on a vacation so,ewhere rural and it saves tons of money. America used to have a working train system 70 years ago and a collusion of factors together systematically dismantled it resulting in one of the worst tragedies of American history. Private railroads went bankrupt and Amtrack had to sell the right of ways on its own tracks so it is now slow and its passeger trains must stop for all freight trains, and is a shadow of its former self. There is no excuse for it, but you can fight the tide by voting with your feet fo progress and centralized planning of infrastructure by moving somewhere like Portland or if you’re adventurous, even Berlin.

Proof global warmig is real

Global warming is not a myth and I finally found a history of the science that proves we are causing it and it will adversely affect us soon.


If it isn’t real and caused by CO2 then explain why the oceans have beeb becoming more acidic for over thirty years. It cannot be a coincidence that it started after the industrial revolution and we just happen to be alive during a time when CO2 exceeds that of any point in the glacial cycles, and at a time when the angle of the sun is not ready to heat up the planet and bring us to a high.

Dumb Christian miracle stories

Here’s a dumb anecdote a pastor actually told us in church which I later heard online, and maybe you’ve heard it.

>Pastor has doubts about miracles

>Pastor has a feeling he should buy milk so he decides to follow it and buys a gallon

>Pastor has a feeling God is telling him to drive several miles toward somewhere he doesn’t know, but he follows it and takes the milk to a house he doesn’t know

>rings the doorbell

>poor mother comes out and thanks him, saying she just delivered a baby and couldn’t afford milk, bit he just saved her baby’s life, amazing, how did you know to come?

>Pastor’s belief in God is affirmed

The first thing I wondered is how can a woman be so poor she can’t buy a gallon of milk, and how can she live in a city and no one is able to bring the baby some milk. Also why is the pastor so cheap he left ater giving her less than $5 worth of milk? He should at least give her a hundred bucks from the church funds if she’s so desperate.

It’s an implausible story that is more likely to make you doubt the pastor and that God still does big miracles, so I don’t know why anyone tells it. Any freshman playwright could improv a more impressive miracle story in five mins.


I could tear into this story with healthy criticism (aka skepticism -by his own admission he thought it was all second hand), but it’s just too dumb to bother.

You can’t reason with the babies, and you must defeat them

Baby boomers were so named because they are intellectually stunted, immature and cry easily like little babies. No matter what your politics or religion are, always remember that boomers are still your main enemy. Boomers voted in Trump and almost voted in HRC as a second choice.


My Reasons for the Causes of Boomer Stupidity:

Too much nuclear testing world-wide led to early exposure to fallout.
It was a fad for mothers to feed their kids on baby formula (they were told it was healthier than real milk.)
DDT and various pesticides, lead and pollution were in the environment and affecting their brains because Nixon hadn’t created the EPA.
Martin Luther King Jr. “Don’t be racist” rhetoric, because either:

  1. It turned into “I’m holier than thou. And I didn’t lynch anyone in the 60’s, so I can’t be a racist. I know racism.”
  2. It turned into “All words that can be construed as racist should not be uttered under any circumstance.”

Cold War/Ayn Rand propaganda made them incredibly selfish individuals who care only about buying themselves plastic products with plastic credit cards.
60’s made two kinds of idealistic Boomers: The SJWs/Feminists, and the moral right who oppose them. Congress has ground to a halt in the past few years because these idealists absolutely refuse to compromise.
Spoiled by their parents.
Came to age listening to the pre-boomer Beatles, but then gave the world Disco and produced songs without any message.
Christianity and creationism makes them oppose science and change.
Their figures of authority taught them to be mechanically obsessed with social rules and etiquette, aka “civility.”

doom paul.jpg

Bernie was popular with the younger generations mainly because we unconsciously recognized he was pre-Boomer. You know who was a perfect Boomer child? Trump. The most narcissistic and sociopathic generation elected someone to represent them in their last dying gasp they are determined to bring about a nuclear holocaust so that no generation can ever have as much as they did. They elected Regan too, and Bush with their superior numbers and stupidity, they make Muslims look harmless. Boomers have fucked us over more than Communists or Muslims ever have when put together.

We have many good reasons not to like Boomers.  For one, Boomers inherited 35% debt to GDP and somehow blew it up to105% debt to GDP. They are the worst generation that has ever ran the establishment and literally any other generation would have ran the country better. All we can do is hope that the saga leads to a great conclusion, and I hope there are still enough of the remaining Silent Generation to spank their kids’ asses so we don’t have to commit Boomercide.

is yoda a boomer.jpg

Ray Moore’s religion derived sense of morality

I’m not the first person to notice that morality usually has an inverse relationship with religiosity.

“Next time you hear some particularly moralizing speech, set your watch. You won’t have to wait long before the man who made it is found, crouched awkwardly yet ecstatically while the cistern drips and the roar of the flush maddens him like wine.”
-Christopher Hitchens

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Trump’s female actor fails to discredit Washington Post reporter

Roy Moore/Republicans appear to have tried to discredit liberal news organizations by hiring actors to tell the reporters fake stories which they can then expose as false. Only the Washington Poet’s exceptional fact checking kept it from falling into the track, as the reporter video recorded an actor and cleverly exposed her as a fraud.–and-false–tale-about-roy-moore-sje-appears-to-be-part-of-undercover-sting-operation/2017/11/27/0c2e335a-cfb6-11e7-9d3a-bcbe2af58c3a_story.html?

Why I don’t worship the economy anymore

Economic growth is a religion. I would rather have intellectual growth over economic growth after a certain point, otherwise you can get a military industrial complex, fat bankers, or consumerist slaves who replace their tv and phone every two years while funding reality shows.

high school graduates us

I am simply not for GDP worship. Speeches about improving the GDP are retarded once you know how GDP is calculated and start paying attention to other indicators such as health, life expectancy, infrastructure, efficiency, hours worked, education, or simply quality of life. GDP does not factor in non-paid hours such as if you spend your free time improving and increasing the size of your house, adding art, doing unpaid research, and generally not making your front lawn look like embarrassing dump to the neighbors.

GDP worship leads to statism as you try to make every single thing be captured under GDP, usually through laws and policies. Both businesses and governments worship GDP, which is a proxy for the economy.pray_to_the_suplier_1394315.jpg

Unlike any libertarians reading this, I do not pray to the invisible hand because it doesn’t exist! That is why it does not seem to answer my prayers! If that God does exist, he is an asshole because my prayers haven’t been answered– Southerners are still stupid and uneducated in the South because of the invisible hand.

Just remember that it’s a pseudo-religion every time you hear a politician rant about improving the economy, bringing more jobs, yada yada. I used to think like them, and you’ll find this rhetoric in anything by Milton Friedman or in the WSJ. I think bankers are too selfish to actually worship the economy themselves, but they would like you to since it makes you easier to manipulate.

Study Finds Christians twice as likely to call the poor “lazy”

Yet another study confirms Christians generally lack empathy or knowledge compared to certain other religions and non-Christians, and will blame poverty on laziness more than any other group. Their brains are wired to be more judgmental, rush to conclusions and take shortcuts due to a lifetime of exposure to religion.

Unfortunately for our society, the group the article calls “premillennialists” have the most political power and are hell-bent on not funding infrastructure, science or education and only care about helping themselves (which usually means only their own race), though fortunately the most selfish of them are expected to die off in ten to twenty more years.