The blog title comes from Higurashi. I see myself as an eternal loli that is older than my years, stuck in a world of madness and superstition! I must find a way out of June!



Best girl.

“II WA!”

Chairs are her main weapon

2019 Update: 

This blog was has evolved away from its origins as a nexus for carefully written arguments into being just a place for me to leave bookmarks to interesting content or ammunition, (usually for helping atheists.)

One of my original motives for starting this blog was that I found myself repeating the same arguments over and over around theists, which required looking up the same scriptures, memes and links. I even had a lengthy debate with an evangelical/apologist who just seemed to copy paste pages he had used before, and when I realized that he was being lazy, I knew that I too should start saving my content to save myself time and reach more people in the years ahead. With this blog I can recover information  and arguments without having to dig around the internet for a half hour.

I don’t have an audience to perform to, so I am free to change my mind or offend, and sometimes I will say silly things without any consequences. If you browse blogs for well-written posts and discussions, then there are other atheist blogs for that.

I will try to clean up my posts just enough so that I can remember the highlights at a glance, and so that if someone ever stumbles upon one of my posts when they’re doing a search, they can use my evidence and arguments as well. Together we can all break free of a world of superstition, lies, hatred and violence, and leave the endless seasons of June behind us.

P.S. I am very mad at that new French site for naming themselves “Endlessjune” after I started this blog. I have no interest in buying their fashions, and they have made it very difficult to find my posts. They’re my attention- seeking arch-enemies who cause people to remain snared by superstision!

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