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Intelligent Design vs God’s boring biillion

boring billion

Here’s some more evidence against Jesus being the son of God. God didn’t do shit for a boring billion years. All he did was click “skip next turn” 50-100 times, like a bored 4X gamer playing a new game of “Civilization” without scouts on a small island. Maybe he sent Jesus to rescue other planets for 4 billion years and then came here once when we had sorta grown up? I don’t know about you, but a game where you don’t interact sounds very boring to me.

Point is that God didn’t care about saving bacteria from stagnant boredom, and/or God is boring. And then we had mass extinctions of bacteria, ‘cas he didn’t care and/or realized he had “designed” too many similar kinds. Like an autist who thought bacteria would be fun to slowly design for a billion years, rather than working on a human civilization.

To think God only started caring about life 2,000 years ago and then stopped giving us messages is silly. But then again, I’m not boring enough to understand God’s mysteriously boring ways.

Btw, I have discovered Christopher Hitchens is a far more elegant writer than I,and he mocked the indifference of heaven in a humorous speech that is worth memorizing:

Too many stars – the ultimate argument against all religions on Earth

Too many stars:

Darkmatter2525 articulated the argumentum ad absurdum about there being too many stars to believe our planet or Israel is the special center of it all better than I had thought of. He did so by drawing from teleology (Aristotle’s four causes). We totally live in a universe that requires no gods to function, but all religions and their deities seem to have been created to meet the ends of humans. For power and influence over others, and tithes from their fellow man. Occam’s razor says the simplest explanation tends to be the most likely one, and a universe that is not run by any of the gods mankind believes in makes more sense.
Totally wish this video existed sooner. I embarrassed myself by presenting the argument to my philosophy professor after I developed it for feedback, without realizing it was a fairly common argument apostates develop. I still do not know the name of the argument but it is one of the strongest ones. It has become my favorite argument because it is rooted in empirical evidence of the scale of the universe, and logic, and is all encompassing. (I prefer it even over the problem of evil.)

My Mastery of Religion:

I’ll remember it for the rest of my life and never believe any Earthly religion again as a result. There is no need to study religion further for the truth about Gods since I have thoroughly collected the evidence they are all bullshit. The only reason to study religion is to understand sociology, or how religion changes the behavior of people, and how delusions changed history. It also helps to develop critical thinking which is essential in philosophy, except that there are better questions that have not been decisively solved. (Probably well over 70% of philosophers turn Atheist.) Currently I can think more objectively than anyone in the family, and in this niche I know many more facts.

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God damned trillions of aliens from outer space to hell



I think I rambled a bit and muddied up the main point, (sorry about that.) I am actually an Atheist, and I appreciate your nuggets, so let me rewrite that in fewer words. (What I wrote was a form of the old argument that it’s not fair of God to damn the Native Americans, who weren’t even allowed to learn of the gospels for for over a thousand years. I just transferred the argument into outer space to make the argument especially ad absurdum.)

I’ll try (clumsily) to break the main argument into short statements.

1) If there is other intelligent life in the universe,
2) Then there could be millions of other sentient creatures that are even more deserving of salvation than our species.
3) So it is hard to believe that God would send his only son to this planet.

4) Furthermore, humans have not crossed the vastness of space to convert any aliens to Christianity
5) Therefore, many aliens have already been damned to hell for their sins
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