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Some cross Buddhist-Christianity comparisons – Letter

Buddhism Comparisons to Christianity

Hey, this video might or might not be something you want to click on, and it’s up to you.  In fact, if you feel content your understanding of religion you might not want to read any of this.  That said, I doubt reading a condensed summary of what I learned in my two classes on Buddhism and Shintoism over a semester some years ago would have nearly the same effect that actually taking those classes for that length of time did on my understanding, with translated texts at your fingers as evidence to support my Professor’s explanation of how Buddhism developed over 2,500 years.
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Human Sacrifice in Japan

shinto hitobashira

In japan they used to sacrifice people to ensure buildings would stand the test of time….there are a lot of earth quakes you know!   This could be why you see so many people sacrificing themselves and becoming guardian kami in fiction.  Sounds so Aztec.

My friend informed me in greek mythology its common too to sacrifice beautiful maidens to ensure a fleet would be safe. More in the Andromeda myth.

It’s analogous to animal sacrifice in Israel or Egypt or South Africa.

Santa Muerte & shinigami

There’s a syncretic folk religion that is catching on in Mexico and America. It’s a cult devoted to

 Santa Muerte who is depicted like a Grim Reaper wielding a scythe.

Popularity has shot up because followers believe she’s done miracles. Her mythology isn’t set, but some suppose she is some kind of fallen archangel. The followers are predominately women in places that have become disillusioned with the institutionalized Catholic church.

Wikipedia lists her under folk saints – popular fictional saints that certain Catholics believe in. They are basically mini-gods, not unlike ancestral Gods or Japanese Kami.

Naturally the Catholic church has tried to stamp it out in Mexico, and some vandals recently smashed a statue to her in a Texas cementary. And yet with the violence in Mexico her grisly following has shot up by several million, and immigrants have begun to bring her to America. So if you see a plastic statue to a grim reaper in the future, it might actually be a deity rather than cheap Halloween decor.


Shinigami in Manga:

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Make your own goddess posts -thread

My cult would worship an eternal goddess who will come to save us all by providing advanced technology and giving herself to us for perpetual fucking. (She would either be an alien, or a time-traveling demigod from an civilized future.) She would modify our bodies to last longer, be healthier, and she would make our brains smarter. She would heal us of our illnesses, mend our hearts, and give anyone the chance to form a happy home. She would defend good people, and provide the virtuous with more chances for advancement. She would use her great power to separate evil people without resorting to violence, or condemning them to burn in hell for all eternity.
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