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Bernie goes to Boston

Bernie Sanders was actually caught going toward an anime expo in Boston earlier this month. He’s is such a hypocrite, obviously he is trying to tap into the anime special interest lobby.

Dual-class voting breeds corruption

It’s impossible to reform Uber’s culture because dual-class voting means the CEO can be a tyrant with 10 votes per share. Is there any good reason for unequal voting rights per share? I think Alibaba moved here because Hong Kong doesn’t allow this. Such a system makes it impossible to kick out a bad CEO, and is another extreme failure of capitalism as a mechanism of paying a fair game to redistribute wealth.

Bernard Russel

Do you guys like him? His “Why I am not a Christian” resembles if Hitchens had been a philosophy professor writing in the 1920s, and it has often been referenced as an influential speech that turned students of philosophy into atheists. I like that you can read the lecture in an hour, and then reread it to discover more critiques of religion and religious thought within his very few words. Who can guess how many philosophy professors he has deconverted.

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Great things about Sweden

I now think Sweden is a model country, that’s comparatively better to live in than the US.  It and the neighboring countries are models of what democratic socialism could do in for this country if our population studied them fairly and weren’t content to be incredibly ignorant about other countries. Some things I’ve discovered.


  • Higher GDP per capita ($60k)
  • Sweden’s debt is 40% of GDP, versus over 100% for the US.
  • Sweden has about 6 or 7 political parties, ranging across the spectrum versus our 2. They encompassing different democratic socialism ideals and the Green Party, (plus the Pirate party, lol) which allows you to vote with breadth on issues, and to vote for an ideal while sidestepping any parties that become corrupted.
  • Sweden has a far lower income inequality
  • Sweden has more educated people
  • Swedes speak multiple languages well and are often decent writers
  • Swedes are independent
  • Sweden is by far more likely to be rational and atheist
  • Democratic socialism means some of the longest paid maternity leaves
  • Lower corruption perceptions index
  • Higher freedom indexes
  • Higher
  • Scandinavian countries make it easy to move across borders
  • Swedes have been and are significantly less prejudiced towards the lgbt than Americans
  • Maintained wilderness huts make it easy and safe to go camping without paying “rent” to landholders.
  • Low violence (they have gun control)
  • More reasonable age of consent (15)
  • Relaxed nudity taboos
  •  CP: Presumed illegal in Sweden prior to 1971. Legal from 1971–1980. (Wiki) Later made illegal to download or view. Loli was established as legal by their Supreme Court in 2012. (See case–there were no irrational Britons to skew rationality.)

About the only thing I know I don’t like is most of them are for more fundamentalist Muslim refugees coming in even though they’re 6% Muslim already,  stance on Muslims, (and maybe they’re letting the dogma of feminism turn women into entitled bitches with superiority complexes.) Liberalism does take missteps sometimes. Still, on the whole I trust progressive ideologies vastly more than the nostalgic conservatives or reactionaries.


You can see Sweden scores high, but remember that the WVS association and secretariat is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. It’s easy to score so high when they judge the rest of the world by their values.


Retort: You can’t show Trump is a Secret Philanthropist -letter

If you paid attention to the election campaigns you would have seen multiple examples of Trump donating thousands of dollars & arranging for more resources for people caught in floods & other natural disasters for a start. He went to the sites to personally see the conditions. Much of that could be attributed to political publicity, but Hillary never did either. During the campaign many examples of Trumps personal philanthropy were exposed. He was said to keep these private to avoid publicity. This can be believed or not as anyone chooses. In addition, his businesses had avenues established for charity & community resources which weren’t his personally, but supported by him. One example of , in my opinion, nasty backlash, was the forcing of Jared Kushner to shut down his organization devoted to helping St. Jude’s hospital before he could take his new job in Trumps administration. That fall out only caused problems for really sick kids & their families.
I think if you are so disenchanted w life in the US, you should take aggressive action to find a place & life you want to live. What’s the point of continuing to live in a way that seems to cause you such discomfort?  I want only the best for you. I don’t think your current lifestyle is what’s best for you. Love, and God Bless

I sincerely doubt your St. Jude claim needs to be investigated, from what you have said it sounds like he was dismissed because a conflict of interest, and by any case it isn’t even Trump but someone affiliated with him. Even if it were true someone lost a few hundred thousand dollars of even a bit more, it would change nothing material. We are talking about a multi-billionaire so the standards are much higher. I would at least like to see that he has donate billions like a Warren Buffet or Bill Gates. It hasn’t happened and I can’t buy into the idea he is a Bruce Wayne who does plays a knight like some Batman in the dark when he is so blatantly egoistical even by nouveau riche standards and brands his name on everything he does during the day. Unless it can be shown he has split personality psychosis, that is a very large unsubstantiated claim, and the self-aggrandizing propaganda he puts out never stops, and his base simply echo his words.

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Trump and the Ice Skating Rink – Letter

I heard some propaganda about that ice rink you mentioned which you thought Trump fixed for charity, and this seems to be the real story that sets the record straight. It was for publicity because he had no name at the time, plus he was paid to do, it and wanted to build a restaurant next to the rink but was denied. He hasn’t done anything related to philanthropy since then–not that I know of anyway, and I tried multiple times to find something before he got elected.

Seriously, Trump’s fans are desperate to hold up their champion because if they lose faith in their him, they will have no hope. After all, their political philosophy is broken and they have no one else to turn to. I certainly don’t consider this to be a great charitable thing worth trumpeting about.

mar-a-largo corruption

The US owned this property but gave it up because they didn’t want to pay taxes. Trump bought it for 8 million by threatening to build an ugly property on the beach in front of it that would block the view, and has made millions off of it, and he turned it into a nouveau riche private club that requires a 200,000 USD admission fee, and 14 K annually. People who join are rejects to the older private clubs of the area that reject blacks and Jews, and he profits from the egotistical kind of porky.

He will have met Xi and has met the Japanese PM here. He didn’t disclose who he meets there and who influences him until forced by a new act of congress to release his club list and logs of who meets him on his property. Even the Republican insiders in his party didn’t trust him and want to know who the fuck he is meeting.

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What if Bernie Sanders could have been elected?

That’s a moot question. He’s a good canidate with a good voting record, and if you look at his voting record he was one of the few that opposed the new bill that lets the ISPS sell personal information. The only dumb things he did were ally with BLM and say global warming was the greatest threat which was mis-timed right after the Paris terror attacks, and it portrayed him as a hopelessly out of touch liberal to the conservative media fanbase

But no, Americans laugh if you say he was a Communist and don’t protest it. I therefore think they still would have voted for Trump, because Trump is reliably obnoxious and an actor, both of which americans like, and Americans also hate all socialists and communists equally; they hate them, because you see, Americans have been brainwashed by Milton Freiedman with the neoliberal propaganda that passes for high school economics, and they are also generally ignoramuses. American teachers don’t even read primary sources themselves and know jack-shit about real Communism or the effect of corporate funded think-tank propaganda on economic thought in America. They don’t bother to read Adam Smith or Karl Marx outside of the provided textbooks because the USSR lost the cold war, and Europe declined, so everything socialist may be bullshit versus laissez-faire.


You can’t even have a realistic conversation about socialism because they are so opinionated and moronic. Like I mentioned to a girl about how Americans have shorter lives because of the lack of socialized medicine, and she just smiles and says, “Pros and cons! We have better dental than europeans. The UK has worse teeth than us.”

Goddamn you’re stupid bitch, that has nothing to do with what I said, but even if your retort did, and Yanks shelling out big money on their porcelain covered teeth wasn’t a cultural difference (all Brits could do the same at any time in the UK for a similar cost, but choose not to, because silver crowns and crooked teeth and tea stained teeth are pretty neat, duh), wouldn’t you rather have false teeth and live 2.4 years longer while paying much less after you account for insurance or taxes? And the UK doesn’t even have the best socialized system in the EU.

Nationalism blinds them. The worst offenders are afraid to read about other countries, see what works, and copy their best ideas because that would mean ‘Murica wasn’t the best at everything anymore, like in the bygone golden days of mythic yore when George Washington was a giant among men who chopped down 3,000 red coats with his battle axe, and Andrew Jackson saved Europe by winning a duel with Napolean.

feminism as a defense mechanism for ugly women


“I feel oppressed by the wage gap.”

“I wish men would stop objectifying me-I mean turning us into sexual objects.”

But is she a sexual object?

>I naturally turn to look at her
>I notice she has acne, no fashion sense, (no makeup, ugly clothes), no breasts, no curves, no ass, but she has glasses, ugly messy brown hair. 
>her personality is unpleasantly judgemental, dogmatic, closed-minded and brainwashed due to sheltered life thanks to religious indoctrination and homeschooling.

-(She is a Disney geek who still doesn’t even feel comfortable with PG 13 movies, and divides anime simplistically into violent ones, or ones that “objectify women” which she can’t stand.)
> I realize it would be impossible for anyone to sexualize her, and she is more likely to be obectified as an ugly object, a vase, a crazy kind of mutant.
>I think she would be such a boring and frigid bitch in bed that her partner would lose interest and give up if she did try to get some action.
>she would have to get very hard: have to wear sexy underwear,  strip, do a pole dance, and and flung herself into the arms of a drunk serial rapist who hadn’t beat off for a month, but with her personality she has no chance or charm.
>feel pity for the forever chaste Catholic feminist who was ironically the first to bring up sex, because she has a repressed dirty mind.

Feminism is a defense mechanism that helps ugly women to feel good about not getting hit on by men. This kind of insane its is whyour I wish I lived in Japan where women dress well, and are comfortable with being looked at, appreciated for their beauty and the time they put into it, and many of them willingly bask in their sexuality and the feminine.  They desire the attention of men, as women are wired to do, and aren’t so shy about being truthful and honest about how there is a game to be played to get laid.


This girl will probably have to sign up to to have any hope of dating, and it will invariably be a weirdo or a loser. No sex until marriage , then the sex will be a disappointment not worth the wait. A sex less marriage or divorce will follow.


Poor girl. I’m genuinely sorry a crazy religion fucked up your mind and made you hate your natural pleasure seeking instincts.