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Reblog: Trump administration rule of thumbs

1.) Assume whatever Trump says is a lie until proven otherwise.

2.) Assume whatever Trump calls “fake news” to be true.

3.) Assume Trump is doing whatever he accuses others of doing.

4.) Assume anything Trump says or does is motivated by self-interest and only incidentally by the interests of America


Trump takes another step towards the theocrats, just like Hitler

” President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Thursday that allows tax-exempt churches to more actively participate in politics “
Trump is already hijacking religion for political reasons just like Hitler, Stalin, Napolean, Regan/Bush and all the great dictators and oligarchs of history. Hopefully the Supreme court calls it unconstitutional, and in fact I think they will and this was a political move meant to appeal to his base. Now he can say he did everything he could for the evangelicals, and he can blame the judges and have more fuel as he continues to fire and replace as many judges that hate him as he can around the land.
I read a speech by Adolf Hitler which he peppered with references to God to appeal to his base. I realized from reading about how he rose that you only need 30% of the population to vote for your party at parliament, and a smaller fanatical percentage than that to militarily take over as Hitler did. I see parallels between the Alt Right and the German SA. The Republicans will copy Trump and widen the power he has opened up, using his platform and techniques, and and someone will inevitably follow Trump who is even worse and more totalitarian. It has become especially frightening and dangerous to elect Republicans.
This country is going downhill fast, and I gotta get out before the theocracy and martial law begins. The only hope left for America is if the baby boomers unexpectedly die off sooner than expected, and let the progressive and less easily brainwashed generations fix things before the Boomers finish destroying the country and ratcheting up the debt.
Of course maybe I sound alarmist and nothing will happen, but I honestly don’t care. It’s better to have a ticket out of any country just in case. Never keep all your eggs in one basket; that’s why so many Americans feel insecure all the time.

The unease from being a democratic socialist in America

Sorry guys, brace yourself for an essay because I’m annoyed with some recent stupid conversations with the conservatives in my family.

They usually conflate socialism with communism, and believe that socialism is destined to erode into totalitarian government, and government debt, meltdown, and anarchy. (But try comparing our blossuming debt under their form of capitalism to half of those democratic socialist countries and the difference evaporates.) Conservatives here look down on Europe which they perceive asbeing full of political chaos and riots, (they often actually say I prefer having 2 pastors, and two choices). They’re oblivious to it being the same as when less free Chinese and Russians I meet have looked down on the American system because they see we have more chaos from having more political parties and views that can dissent, instead of precious centrist harmony and a smaller overton window.


I think it is often a more efficient system. You cannot imagine how frustrating it is to live in America where reading about how other countries do things better (such as healthcare), and then suggesting we should do things like another country is seen as radical and unpatriotic, especially by conservatives. My major was international business, but it makes no difference, they fall into physiological projection and tell you’ve been brainwashed by Marxism at the University, and should have gone to a Christian one, etc. Which is bogus because, our textbooks frequently cited articles from the WSJ (founded by Robert Murdoch who alsoppose founded Fox), the Financial times, and conservative think tanks. Our finance textbooks were part right-wing propaganda, our professors often were former CEOS and presidents.

That said, within the classes of my concentration which they had recently created due to morexcessive globalization/international trade, the curriculum was more balanced because it was neccessary to provide an international perspective the other business majors only glimpsed in order to work with other cultures and realities.

We were presented with a ton of statistics, and comparisons between countries and told to memorize as many detailed facts as we could about regions because anything could become a crucial fact at any time if you do business with that country or move there. A side effect of looking at real data and being encouraged to be prepared to draw your own conclusions to instantly regurgitate if a professor or future executive called on you, is that you tend to start questioning how your own system is run. Conservatives hate being told that their system isn’t as good as some tiny countries they look down on. They unquestioningly believe in American exceptionalism.

They also seem to think I must have lost my mind and done poor research to wind up believing in socialism after majoring in business. And they take it less seriously because I’m already crazy for giving up on Christianity because ‘you took one class,’ though changing my mind wasn’t nearly that instantaneous. Honestly, I don’t really want to stay where I live and deal with Americans anymore. Americans love watching the national news like it’s entertainment, and talking about politics like sports teams, but listening to the idiots talking to one another with incorrect facts and fallacious arguments gives you a headache and makes you grow stupider just like banging your head against the wall.

I’ve also traveled more than most Americans, and tried to seek out foreign friends and exchange students ever since college. The sad reality is that other Americans are not nearly as curious about things outside of their bubble, and are amazingly intolerant of skepticism. Hell, American passport ownership is amazingly low, alet hough when you only have 2 weeks of vacation a year I almost understand why theyou hardly vacation outside of the US. When they do, they still tend to do the Chinese guided tour on a bus thing out of excessive fear of being kidnapped by ordinary people living their lives.

I disagree with most of my country on religion and politics, and they’re definitely not motivated to listen patiently or give what I say a fair chance or do their own research, or investigate my claims even though I do that when something contradicts me. I was amazed Bernie Sanders got as far as he did, maybe in a couple more decades when he is dead we can finally fix our system or at leasthe make 3rd parties viable, though our reforms will be decades behind the functioning socialist countries at that poont.

Then again, I don’t know own how much we corruption can fix if we insist on operating as an empire that covertly engages with other countries and unleashes war on distant third world countries for our own interests and our allies. We might have to fall a bit and turn non-interventionalist out of neccessary before we can become more democratic.

I would rather have been born in a small peaceful country with more democracy, and the idiotic hostily I receive here for my views makes me not take much pride in being American. Australians and other countries don’t have to deal with that shit when they travel, and I would give up citizenship and switch to a Scandinavian country or Japan in a heartbeat if it were easy.

I do like hearing the European perspective for balance, although I still hate dealing with the majority of European or Australian travelers when they usually turn anti-American an at the drop of a hat for no reason other than that they have an opportunity to do so with an American. They usually treat me like I’m another American idiot that supports the America’s current XYZ proposition they dislike, and indirectly scold me or my kin for electing Bush, or Trump, and want to persuade me to think like they do about whatever. They like to point out how America fucked up Latin America and prod me about how America is losing global influence to China and we need to give way gracefully, as if I haven’t heard the same thing from a dozen other Europeans already and need to be a therapist or ambassador to every European with an axe to grind around Americans because they’re no longer colonial powers that dominate the world.

They’re used to picking on Americans at home, and more proud of where they’re from than I am, so when the conversation turns darkly familar, I like to wrap it up fast, and then rely on what I’ve read to answer them with their own obscure providential problems when I can, or just steer it to their Muslim immigrants.

in my family.

Some internet quotes and news

The new supreme court justice will side with churches that get direct money from the government.
Can we make flag burning a lynchable offense? I mean, Hindus lynch for stupid things like murdering cows…
The Cornstock laws and the Social Purity movement were fucking dumb:
Great troll Pz Meyers  wrote this:
And he said he’s not even a usual reader of Sam Harris which make his insight even deeper. Can you imagine how much better it would be if he had read Sam Harris more?
Sparta was a better society
Sparta did have restriction on when you could marry a girl, however this was only because King Lycurugus thought marying at the prime of your mahood prevented fine children. On the other hand he made it so that if an older man had a young wife, the older man was expected to select a young man whoose qualities he appreciate to fuck his wife so that Sparta might have healthy kids.

Spartans shared everything, even their wives, and the maidens made lovers of good and noble women.

Fedora gave a woman her eggs. I want you to do something good for someone you don’t know this week.

It’s much better to face these kinds of things with a sense of poise and rationality.
I’m an atheist to the Christian god, I’m agnostic to Indra, and I’m a believer in the Shinto penis gods. Any god that will slap feminists who deserted us and tells them we have superior IQ SCORES is alright in my book and I won’t check for confirmation bias.
God hates emasculated people and botched circumcisions (even though he uses them to identify his chosen people):
No one who has been emasculated by crushing or cutting may enter the assembly of the LORD.
Deuteronomy 23:1

Dies thus mean that he that cuts of his dick because of colon cancer shall not go to heaven? Or back then did it mean a literal physical assembly of old testament Israelites? Either way its still bad!

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American optimism has always annoyed me

One thing that pisses me off about Christians in America is how they don’t like cynics and tend to glorify acting naively optimistic like Flanders. But a degree of pessisim generally correlates with more gdp per capita:

It’s called being realistic and I don’t like overly optimistic people.p who refuse to regularly dip into cynicism or take a balanced view.

Philosophy: the proven cure to Theism

So is it true the fastest way to deconvert someone is to send them to a few philosophy classes? Forget about teaching your kids biology. A survey has found 70% of those leading philosophy departments are Atheists.

Philosophy probably has even more Atheists than STEM, especially if you exclude the religious studies specialty from the above 70%. Maybe we should try to make philosophy courses required on the High School curriculum to accelerate this.

Re:Doesn’t seam to work here. Philosophy classes are full of theists. The students suck it up to the profs and they get a hard on by the “great philosophers” who are theists.

stirner spooky shit.jpg

Re: Re:

Well maybe they will secretly change after they take the class. But there could be a structural problem with the classes themselves. Perhaps discussion would be more open if there was no grading, or it was objective, or done by an independent observer. I didn’t want to openly disagree with my professors either because they had some power over my future. And at high school I didn’t want to be forced to redo a class by petty autocrats who become teachers or get picked on by other students, unlike if security to speak freely weren’t an issue.

Crest of the Stars Appreciation

The future will be like in the Crest of the Stars universe.

> a race of superior humans is born when space traders genetically engineer themselves to be even more optimized for life in space

>the new humans thrive in low gravity, are smarter at doing computations with the ship computers and navigating in 3D space

>they live twice as long, and incidentally have blue hair.

>marriage ceases to be an institution, and it’s common for a girl to have genetic material from six fathers.

>the new race, the Abn, become culturally superior to other humans

> they are genetically superior to humans in every way and gradually assimilate most of the galaxy under their enlightened hegemony

This manga is why I stopped reading sci-fi novels and came to love manga. If I had only known there’s nothing else like it in Japanese, and most Japanese don’t like space opera, I might have kept reading sci-fi instead. Just a few pages made me think eugenics is cool, and “I want more space princesses who haughtily tell planetary civilizations they have primitive cultures.”



Here’s my response to traditionalists who reject being a cuckhold, and who aren’t attracted at the aspect of having your daughter come from 5 other dudes:

No man's sky random life.jpg

not wanting a genetically engineered superior baby

preferring random chance for muh feels

Misc posts

Here are some topics I haven’t taken the time to flesh out.

  • Is this 2002 Gallup poll evidence against the idea that more education means you are less likely to be religious? Well, I ought to check if the gap still exists since atheism has been on the rise in the past few years. It would not surprise me if the business and social connections help post-graduates. Is church just a social thing for them? Are they going just because their wives are going, or because they think religion is a useful lie to perpetuate for society or for your kids?
  • Superstition in names: Mongols who have seen their kids die like to give their newborns unflattering names to prevent their infants from dying. It is not uncommon for a boy to be named “nobody,” “vicious dog” or given a female name to confuse the evil spirits and keep them from snatching him. I’m not a Mongol, but kids should be allowed to choose their own names, and it sucks that society allows parents to choose semi-permanent names which their kids must use for their entire life, and I would love to change my name to a cooler one if it wasn’t so expensive.

    A nice name for a bar in Mongolia.

  • Would you rather live in a designed universe? It would be fun to be in a universe where the natural laws gave a few heroes incredible luck. There could be immortals fighting one another for petty feuds for millenia, power ranger mechanics, or we could fight existential threads like the giant monsters rampaging through our cities instead of interal forces. There could be sudden plot twists and inexplicable phenomenon like teleportation, invisible people, and miraculous healings whenever “the gods” got bored. There would then be no doubt that the whole world could be a play put on to entertain a higher being, and if we knew how the story is goes then we could enjoy our roles knowing we were minor actors.


  • Wiki had an article I’m calling “former atheistic states,” which was rather misleading when I looked into the details. Many times when a president was elected for a term and tried to weaken the church or drive it out, it was put on the map, and I still don’t have any clue why Yemen is on the map. I suspect the map is mostly Christian propaganda, and attacks on Christians in that country are being used to justify putting them on the map. To be fair attempts at state atheism have not gone well, the two main examples being the USSR and the first phase of the French Revolution when they wanted to replace Christianity with an abstract Deism. Of course neither attempt lasted long – religion fights back, and the leaders decided to compromise and use organized religion as a tool for supporting their legitimacy. In the case of the USSR, Marxism optimistically asserts that religion will go away when people stop suffering under capitalism – when this didn’t happen, at least not quickly enough, Stalin decided to try to spread atheist propaganda, to curb the power of the church, and limit the power of church leaders to defend themselves in debates. World War 2 stopped the anticlericalism, because a desperate Stalin needed the support of the church to fuel patriotism, and thereafter religion was mostly tolerated.


  • I find it interesting that Albania is one of the least religious predominately Muslim countries, allegedly due to the USSR’s occupation there and opposition to religion. Even though they’re 80% Muslim, they’re more like “cultural Muslims,” in the way that being Muslim is part of your heritage. They’re more tolerant of other religions there, and the Muslims there hardly ever visit a mosque.

Sometimes the Soviets tried cool ideas and they did weaken the influence of religion even though they couldn’t eradicate it. If they had stayed and kept the course they might have wiped Islam out of Albania. Imagine if the US had let the Marxists takeover the Middle East and neuter religion?

Article 37 of the Albanian Constitution of 1976 stipulated, “The State recognises no religion, and supports atheistic propaganda in order to implant a scientific materialistic world outlook in the people”,[37] and the penal code of 1977 imposed prison sentences of three to ten years for “religious propaganda and the production, distribution, or storage of religious literature.”

Another example where they apparently weakened religion is Kyrgyzstan. I really should make a point of researching how they did it, and for how long, given that Communist governments everywhere usually relaxed their opposition to religion over time. It’s unfortunate that the Red Scare has made people associate atheism with Communism though, which can turn people against it just by association. The Red Scare certainly made Americans insert the word God on their currency, in the Pledge of Allegiance, and so on and so forth, and I remember there being a similar uptick in religiosity and patriotism right after 9/11. (Some liberals have claimed that the reactionary feeling was not truly a newfond love of one’s country, which is another interesting point to debate.)

  • Here is a list the actual religiosity of today’s europe:

It is misleading when an article says Finland or Iceland are especially atheist, when half of them believe in spirits and life forces. I strongly dislike technical atheists who aren’t skeptics to all metaphysical things. (Supposedly the Finns aren’t as newagey as the Islandic people though, maybe ‘cas they’re close to Russia, lol.)


>The finns I know aren’t new agey at all but I’ve heard bad things about Islandic people.

Maybe ‘cas they share a border with Russia, lol. I’ve been reading about how the USSR working within the axioms of Marxism believed religion would quickly die out once they overthrew capitalism, and when it didn’t, they decided to try and stamp out religion within their borders with atheistic propaganda and restrictions on clergy, etc, but when Germany invaded Stalin got desperate and mostly gave up and brought the churches back. Cuba tried to restrict religion too, but quickly gave up, and the story seems to be shared across the Communist countries. I now suspect there wasn’t enough political will to commit to an atheistic propaganda campaign, and so most of them never truly lost their religion, which is why it sprang back as soon as it became legal to admit that your family was secretly Christian the whole time.

The Czech Republic seems to be an exception where religion might have already taken a fatal blow, but that was more because there was already a strong history of anti-clericalism and irreligiousity, due to local history and conflicts with the church, before the USSR invaded. They now might have the highest proportions of atheists (and nones), and it’s really too bad that the drawbacks of air pollution, xenophobia, rude unfriendliness, and poor service would deter me from taking an interest in ever moving there. They’re also still very superstitious. (I hope their relative rationality lets them realize they need to clean up those other issues.)

Kyrgyzstan too is supposed to be unusually tolerant of non-Muslims for a Muslim country, with the secular government going so far as to try and stamp religion out of the public schools.

Yeah, but it’s interesting he stopped being a Socialist, although he doesn’t say much about it, and if something made him decide that doesn’t work. He pussy-footed about it, saying it’s not politically viable to join a Socialist movement now, rather than saying he changed his mind and doesn’t work.

Support for Free Speech is Falling

Of course I’ve heard leftists counter that the concept of free speech is just a buzz word and were never truly felt, and that 60 years ago most Americans would have wanted the state to shut up the Communists, and most of the older generation still want to shut up the atheists just as they have since Thomas Paine wrote “the Age of Reason.” The survey targets willingness to have the government restrict so called hate speech towards racial and sexual identities, but is still illuminating, particularly with regards to the international comparison. Props to Spain.
(Freedom indexes have also done poorly in the last few years, following a net increase of freedom for a few years.)
Hey religious people, which mountain is the truly holy one?

Which of these mountains is the most likely to be holy? I say kunlun in China, because I know Mount Sinai, Olympus and Fuji.