Extreme Art is Beautiful (part 2)

I like the creative variance and pride in appearance that you see at comiket, Halloween parties, or zombie walks. I would like to see it become common for eyeliner to be used like body paint, and to emphasize the unnatural rather than going for a conventional beauty look.
It’s very tiring to people watch, when people are afraid to stand out. You get a lot of T-shirts, suits, and caked-on plastic makeup. You can almost tell who is a philosophical zombie. The worst offenders generally live in the country-side or the suburbs, and/or commute to the CBDs, and even the luxury brands tend to bore me because they try to present “class, success and refinement” rather than creativity.

I also don’t like how as people become older their eyes seem to change, and they prefer secondary and drab tertiary colors, and only dress in boring shades. They call it dressing your age, and do not care for any extra attention, but I believe they have lost the ability to appreciate a certain kind of beauty. They begin to look as run-down as their years.
Marketers have learned kids are more attracted to saturated primary colors, and my guess its a super-stimulus because the most extreme colors seldom appear in nature. The unnatural drama is one reason I find science fiction photoshop illustration tutorial magazines more interesting to thumb through than most photorealistic portraits in an art gallery.
A LED traffic light has a luminous shade of green that is designed to stand out, and be as unnaturally green and striking as possible. I like the color because it catches the eye, and naturally demands attention. I would like to see more individualistic art and fashion everywhere, like you you see in dance halls or at festivals.
Japanese tutorial on how to use eyeliner:

ADHD tl;dr version: post pictures of unusual makeup and fashions



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