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For observations that are less than a paragraph:

>Still believing in religion in 2016 A.D.
Religion itself is a spook that isn’t deserving of your time or intelligence with the information in the modern age. Go read Richard Dawkin’s the God Delusion or something so you don’t die like a anachronistic primitive caveman worshiping the mystery of fire, or following religions that were literally invented by madmen in caves during the stone ages in the Middle East. I’ll back my assertion with the brevity of truth: Islam was invented when illiterate Mohammed saw an angel in a cave, Christianity is a mythic death cult that plagiarized Zoroastrianism, and Judaism started out with multiple gods plagiarized from older Sumerian religions in until one Jewish polytheistic cult turned monotheistic under (Zoroastrian) Persian influence, and erased the others with genocide.

Buddha power!

How much do you think is true about Buddha’s life? I really like the idea of a well off sheltered son thinking that something was wrong about his knowledge, so one day he ran away from home and all of his riches to find the truth. Even if his conclusions were wrong, you have to respect that he made an effort many lazy spoiled rich would never do. Buddha never told anyone the profound secret that he found at Enlightenment, although any schools pretend to have figured it out, so I like to joke that he the secret is he actually became an Atheist and reached enlightenment.

Jim Sterling

What do you guys think of Jim Sterling? He said he’s an Atheist, but he sides with the Feminists and complains about sexism and women being objectified in video games a lot. SJW liberals love him, maybe because he attacks Atheists for being too militant.

Mark of the Beast

In high school my econ teacher said he always used 666 for the code in hotel safes because it would be the very last code people would try to type. I remember the suspicious frowns – was he a devil worshipper? I think he was an Atheist in hindsight.

He had a dry and ingratiating cynical attitude and an aura of that history teachers tend to possess, unlike English teachers who subtly try to flaunt Christian literature or the need for religious spirituality. (Unlike the later he had an aura of worldliness, of experience, like he had found answers to real questions.)


It’s hard to be a boyscout! They didn’t take fags, atheists or agnotists as members until 2014, and it’s still a no girls allowed club.

John Steinback

He’s a based man I need to read!

“As a young man, John Steinbeck resisted packaged doctrine. The Wrath of John Steinbeck, a monograph by a Stanford classmate, records an emblematic episode in Steinbeck’s early life. Robert Bennett relates the story of 19 year old John’s visit to his mother’s church in Berkeley. That Sunday the minister preached that “the soul is a creature that wants food in order to its satisfaction as truly as the body!” To which the young and restless visitor responded: “Yes, you all look satisfied here, while outside the world begs for a crust of bread or a chance to earn it. Feed the body and the soul will take care of itself!” This was, noted Bennett, “a challenge from St. John” that caused his mother to be “visibly disturbed” and the minister to invite John to the pulpit: “Young man, if you think you can preach a better sermon that I, come on up here and let us hear you!” “John didn’t flutter an eyelid,” recalled Bennett, “but returned with quiet wrath, ‘I don’t think much of preaching …Go on… you’re getting paid for it.”