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Ex-Mormon Research -Thread

Mormonism: Questions from /Atheism/ General (February)

*** I think the exmormon site is a great resource of  testimonies by people who have left the church, coupled with a forum where they try to support each other. Those who leave the church are apparently ostracized especially severely in rural Utah. There’s a story on the site about how some ex-Mormon as a kid had another Mormon visit her house, and she was criticized for drinking tea or something. If I remember right, the parents thought she was a bad influence and wouldn’t let the kid visit anymore. The overall impression being the religion is overly judgmental, and obsessed with encouraging dependency to control peoples’ lives.

The church also backtracks on things. Until the 1970’s (or 1990’s?) the church did not allow blacks to become Deacons. One of the letters on ex-Mormon was by a white person who was at church when a black member questioned if that was true. When the officials admitted it was, citing that sons of (whoever) were cursed in the Book of Mormon, he threw a fit and stormed out. She did research to try and justify this, and the research led to her finding more and more contradictions and things that didn’t add up, or things the church had covered up, and finally she left herself.

Some other things the church has flip-flopped on:

-celestial marriages for polygamy
-homosexuals (recently)
-Coke is now allowed after decades of it as an implied taboo
-the manner in which Joseph Smith died
-the blood oaths have been phased out

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All Roads Lead to Atheism

It has been said that Atheism doesn’t come from intelligence so much as from having the courage to question the truth. Some have said it is linked to one’s tendency to reconsider intuitive answers.

Lately I feel as though all paths (in Education) lead toward the attainment of Atheism. As long as you study any subject deeply enough and don’t resist the truth, Christianity will crumble apart before your eyes. Every Atheist has their own fun story about how they came to call themself an Atheist/Agnostic. Let’s take time to examine what could lead someone “away from God.”


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Gay marriage is officially legalized in the USA, but not a democratic way

gay kim jong il pink korea

This is a victory in civil rights, and is (unfortunately) the only defining change of our generation. I didn’t expect public sentiment to change towards this so quickly, but I may have been projecting the bigotry of my religious family onto the elite lawyers that run the country.

That said, I wish it could have been decided by referendum like in (Catholic!) Ireland instead of at the barrel of a loaded gun in the U.S. supreme court. Autocratic tendencies are a drawback of life in larger countries. But I guess it would have been too hard to convince the South to support another form of egalitarianism for many years, and politically dangerous for Southern politicians to support it. (Other states also needed their state supreme courts to overpower the accepted wisdom of the dumb masses.) It’s a classic example of the question of’ “Do the ends justify the means?”

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Buddhism is Not Suicidal Nihilism. (The Goal is to Accept Death)

A lot of people think that the goal of Buddhism is suicide. Well, that’s only partly true. The goal of Buddhism makes more sense once you try thinking like a Buddhist. Supposing that a person has already experienced infinite lifetimes, that means that they’ve also experienced infinite joys, and infinite suffering. Perhaps they even remember those lifetimes. Now though, they’ve grown tired and old, and like a hospital patient that’s reliant on morphine, they are are ready to “pass on.”
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The Gods must be Crazy (A list of Unusual Gods from – Unfinished Draft

thor god

These websites would be great for writers of fantasy/folklore although they take time to read. Thousands of Gods are listed. This is a first draft, because I’m only a few minutes in and I haven’t even scratched the surface. I need to save these and go through them when I am bored, have time, and need inspiration. Classes would be fun, but there are too many to go through. It would be better for creative people to form clubs devoted to folklore where they can discuss/share their findings. There is no need to invent characters when you can plagiarize the ancient folklore.. (4,000 Gods. Easier to navigate. Way more flavor.  I love how it summarizes the types of Gods people of different cultures were attracted to!) (Vaster with 5,000 Gods, but has more concise descriptions of Gods.)

Weird Gods people actually believed in:

The Chinese rabbit god of homosexuality.

The African god of smallpox. (Cracked calls him the first God literally science made extinct.)

ABEGUWO the Polynesian God of rain. Whenever she pisses on the Earth, rain falls.

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Why it’s better to raise a Buddhist kid than a Christian kid

buddhism mogi treeI love how Buddha didn’t try to mislead people. When asked certain difficult questions, Buddha had the composure to stay silent. He didn’t make up crap, he basically said those questions don’t matter for life on Earth. Questions like what happens after death, and do we have souls were met with his silence.

This is very similar to a scientist or Agnostic/Atheist who says I don’t know the answer so I’ll assume nothing until there is evidence. Christian prophets on the other hand can’t keep their mouths shut, and claim infinite revelations and Godly prophecies rather than having the maturity to say “I don’t know.” Even Jesus spoke in complicated parables when cornered. Jesus purposefully only explained the meaning of parables to his treasured disciples, so others would be misled. (Gnosticism, or “secret teachings” are the dirty little secret of Christianity that have been covered up.)

buddhism jakarta night 2

Buddhism invites practitioners to question its tenets. It eschews divine revelation, and encourages you to agree with things based on logical arguments. In it’s pure form it’s more intellectual, especially if you remove the superstition.

Buddhism is also more environmentally friendly, because it teaches you to have compassion on lower life forms. It condemns coercion, and proselytizing is not necessary because the Buddhist hell is not automatic if you don’t hear the word/have faith in Buddha’s words, nor is it eternal. Buddhism tries to take away fear and unease.

Buddhism encourages focus, meditation, and discipline. It also has a colorful worldview and folklore. Buddhism believes in multiple Buddhas for multiple universes.

Christianity is more plain and encourages people to believe the Earth is only 6,000 years old. Buddhism encourages people to think in kalpa (which are ridiculously long periods of time…around 4.32 billion years.) Thus, it’s much closer to real-life cosmology.

I haven’t thought of any good message in Christianity that a branch of Buddhism does not have.

Therefore it’s better to raise a kid as  Buddhist than as a Christian.

Napoleon and Dechristianization

Like most European countries, has a colorful history of Catholics and Protestants massacring each other for hundreds of years. We owe secularism to these conflicts, which began from the conflict between corrupt church officials and kings over who should rule.

In the late 18th century the Catholic church was  as usual, enormously corrupt. The church also stood with the corrupt aristocracy. Napoleon tried to fix the problem.
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Polygamy in the bible and Roman Syncreticism


The OT enabled it (see Abraham, David or Solomon.) The NT discouraged polygamy due to an influx of Roman influence in occupied Israel, and the Romans were monogamous. Paul preached that “when a man and a woman are brought together let no man separate”, introducing an entirely new idea to the Jews, and this notion didn’t come from God but from syncretism – it was Christianity absorbing Roman culture. And Roman culture led to traditional marriage predominating.

-But what about now? Would society fall apart if traditional marriage were not the norm?


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