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Atheism can exist with or without the knowledge of theism, and doesn’t require the ignorance of it. One difference is that by default all babies are atheists, it’s the natural state of humanity, and you have to brainwash kids into believing in theism. I would speculate animals are atheists too are to the extent of their cognition.



Pew Pew 2015: Daily prayer is more common in US that in other wealthy countries


Clearly the United States of America is an outlier. I still believe as Karl Marx did that there is more than a correlation between wealth and the loss of religion.  I believe that a large part of the problem is the extreme income inequality in America compared to all of its neighbors.

America could change if it were to invest more in labor saving technologies for the common good–mass transit, public infrastructure, health care, better public education, and more accessible wilderness areas for private meditation. If America gave people more time off to consider their views, and were less competitive and materialistic, I think more people would pull out their bibles and realize they don’t agree with what they were taught.

If God isn’t gay then I’m wondering why prophets were all guys

Do you really think Yahweh would make all the prophets guys if he were more attracted to girls? I think Yahweh is secretly gay and Mary was his beard. Maybe he even let one of the Angel’s, maybe Gabriel, fuck Mary because it was too disgusting for him.

Worries of less religiosity?

Should we be worried about any drawbacks of the decline in religion? When I look at the chart attached below, I feel that Europe is more modern, and is generally more advanced culturally.

I do however regularly find myself at odds with European atheists because many of them seem to be ignorant of how people in highly religious societies actually think. (This is why they’re much more likely to defend Islam and see protecting Muslim culture as more valuable than with atheists here in the USA.)  I think Europeans in general have forgotten the dangers because they’re too far from regular exposure to the crazy religious people and the slave mentality, to understand the dangers of living in a society where mass religiosity is the default. (This is why they ignore videos from ISIS where terrorists repeatedly say they’re fundamentalist Muslims killing in the name of the Quran, and make up a hundred other justifications for it like that Islamic violence is only due to poverty, economics, colonialism, and discrimination, or is a reaction to W, X, Y and Z variables.)

If you bring in more religion you will return to people denying the findings of science, more segregation, less concern for the environment, less cooperation and less civil environment (leave the big problems to God.) You also have more institutional corruption as religious judges become biased by religious virtue signaling, while the Billy Grahams and chaplains lobby the executive and legislative branches; meanwhile, the media and the people will turn to following demagogue priests and diatribes instead of well-read editors who use logical arguments. I personally have many valid reasons to oppose religion, but when it’s mainly gone there’s also a subtle danger because a generation can grow up in a sterile environment and forget how to defend against pathogens.

Already a generation has grown up in in Europe having forgotten the problems of living with more religious adherents and greater religiosity. I think this is why arguments and solid conversations that are acceptable here, are taboo in Europe even within many atheist circles. The absence of those conversations makes atheists more likely to turn to the worst side of SJWism, because they don’t recognize pseudo-religious rhetoric as they might if they were continually exposed to the fallacies of religion.

70% of 16-30 year olds in UK have no religion

The survey reported 70 per cent of 16 to 29 year olds in the UK say they have no religion and 59 per cent say they never attend a religious service. Only 7 per cent of the participants said they attended religious services on at least a weekly basis.



Makes me wish I lived in the UK sometimes. Someday America will be like that too.

The Failed Biblical Prophecy against Nebuchadnezzar

See 46:00

Ezekiel 26 a prophet made a prophecy that the island of Tyre would fall to a massive army led by Nebuchadnezzar.

It didn’t happen. It’s a failed prophecy, like if a prophet prophesied that Hillary would win the election, and then the day after it didn’t happen forgot to erase the record of his prophecy.