Deists Fear Death

The people here who cling to a non-interventionist God, and cling to hope of eternal life, are just running away from the fear of death. Better to live a good life, and not worry about final judgment and eternal punishment. It’s healthier to admit you will probably die, and you had a good run, but that’s the end. This encourages you to make good use of your time; society would be more productive with stoicism, instead of the escapist daydreams of debunked religions.
When you die the particles that kept you alive, and made you who you were, degrade and rapidly scatter. There is no evidence of the preservation of a “soul particle”. Refusing to believe in the possibility of one’s own annihilation is running away from the death we all see before our eyes.

All religions can be shown to be man-made. The best argument Theists can refer to are variations of Aquinas’s flawed 13th century first-mover argument. At best, it would prove any kind of deity, but not support any particular deity or any scriptures. If we are to believe in Deism, the creator has provided no evidence of his existence to mankind through a verifiable revelation. Theories that rely on God to explain the cosmos always have worse predictive (explanatory) power than science, and we simply do not need a God for the universe to work the way it does.
Atheism gives relief from the fear about meeting your maker among other things.


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