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New discovery: Trump’s grandfather was a lowclass crook too

Corruption runs in the Trump family: Trump’s grandfather made his fortune running a brothel. You can’t make this shit up.

His son the family savings into cozing up to corrupt politicians and the mafia, so he could make competitive bids on to build overpriced section 8 housing that banned black tenants in seedy Brooklyn. His son Donald Trump made his fortune laundering money to the Russian mafia, which is how Russia compromised him, (according toe the story in the new book, “House of Trump.”)

The next election could well determine whether America remains a liberal democracy

And someone wrote an article comparing the cycles of revenge in the late part of the Peloponnesian war to what is happening in America right now:

Another person argued strongly that the next election will determine whether or not people want Democracy. If the Republicans win, they will become more extreme. (Trump today also presented the proposal that not all people who are born in America are not citizens, in flagrant disregard of the constitution.)
Fascism certainly has made a come back, and the last few days have been full of political violence in Pittsburg and with that bomb mailing Florida Man. I cannot condemn both sides as being extremists when one side is so much more violent. If Democrats don’t win this election and some more thereafter, there won’t be democracy anymore, or even much the appearance of it. Republicans will find more ways to expand restrictions to limit who can vote, and propositional representation will further far.


(Which is a big deal as atheists have no representation in the capital, and no one to fight for our ideals of secularism and education, and just keeping the religious from making a tyranny.) Now that Protestants and Catholics have made peace and joined forces, and will probably someday join forces with Islam if their numbers fall enough, there’s really no one who can oppose the encroachment of religious tyranny.

Trump was bailed out by the Russian mafia, and ran his companies like the Godfather

Government shouldn’t be run like one of Trump’s short-term “businesses.” Lying to your partners is the best way to alienate them. (Not that Trump can differentiate between the words alley and ally on twitter.)

Allies rely on stability, on trust, on knowing you’re not going to pull the rug out from under them. (In fact for a business to be successful through the years it requires having partners they can trust or contracts would be nothing more than paper. Businesses won’t sue every time someone breaks a contract, but they’ll refuse to do business with you and will tell everyone the stories of why no one should partner with you. That happened to Trump, his reputation was destroyed because he wouldn’t pay back his loans and he was unable to get any more loans from American banks after the early 1990’s, which forced him to turn to the Russian mafia.

Proper business practices and cultivating relationships matters in private industry just like in government, and there’s always a penalty when you break the rules. Running government like one of Trump’s businesses is the best way to create a failed state. Look at what happened when Russia let capitalism have free reign and go to bed with the mafia. There’s an oligarchy there, and now Russia’s oligarchy is infiltrating America.

Trump’s first wife speaks Russian which should give you pause, because the Russian mafia has been courting Trump for a long time. Americans might find it hard to understand, but the Russian mafia is not like the mafia we have here with a neat separation between police officers and criminals. In Russia the mafia is an established arm of the KGB. Almost 40 years ago the Russian mafia kept Trump solvent when his Atlanic city investment was on the verge of bankruptcy. In return for a payoff, they charged him high interest loans and required him to put the Trump brand name on real estate throughout the world so criminals could launder dirty money.

Trump’s history is littered with mafia connections, and to some degree they still own him (and through the mafia Russia has leverage on Trump.) And Trump has trying to court Russia since at least 1988.

Impressions on recycling in japan

I dont think you get refunds for recycling in Japan, I think there’s some sort of fine if you mix your garbage and people just do it because they want to like with the steel cans. It’s funny how in America people have to be paid to do the right thing. A nation of transactional sociopaths?

There’s also more public recycling bins there.