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80’s anime: California Crisis

“California Crisis”
California must have felt like this in the 80’s? [Embed]

Back then no one drove normal cars: everyone drove a convertible, EZ rider motorcycle, or a JEEP/pickup, COCA-COLA product placement everywhere, all young men are stupid muscular blondes, there was widespread belief in UFOs, omniscient government conspiracy theories, and death valley was a popular tourist attraction. And everyone listened to motown.

 I think I liked Dragon’s Heaven (1988 a little more.) It was hilarious how all the futuristic battlegrounds in those stories were set in deserts, and how they couldn’t even predict the advent of future printers that didn’t need little holes in the paper.
Actually 80’s anime is surprisingly watchable! It makes me feel good to know that maybe I’ll get along with old otaku in Japan! I’d totally enjoy sitting on a sofa and watching some of these old shows with the geezers. Maybe this hobby can safely satisfy me for the rest of my life!

Evolutionary psychology

democracy is a sham, we have always been run by secret societies.


“The fairly new discipline of evolutionary psychology uncovers an inconvenient truth about who we really are, stripped of romantic fairy tales about our specialness. The fundamental reality of our species is that we are naturally evolved primates, and primate social organization is built on male dominance hierarchies. These hierarchies concern themselves with the allocation of resources according to status. The coveted resources are food, territory, and sexual access to females. Males who achieve dominant status receive the lion’s share of these resources. This helps to assure the transmission of their genes, which is the essential goal of evolution, if evolution had a goal. The most aggressive males have the greatest survival rates and reproductive success. The gene for male aggressiveness dominates, as does the gene in females for receptiveness to aggressive males.

Primate species’ success naturally selects for aggression. Meanwhile our facile brains and clever paws invent new devices that allow dominant males to wield ever deadlier weapons and to invent new dogmas to convince their lower status pack mates that acceptance of the dominance of higher status males is “morally” or otherwise correct. This progress finds its ultimate expression in war, the unique phenomenon that allows low status males to engage in high status dominance-aggression behaviors normally forbidden to them. Young primates are with rare exceptions eager to put their very lives at risk for the chance to imitate the high status behavior of dominant males. Ending the lives of the hated rivals designated “the other” carries no stigma but is celebrated as the highest of moral virtues.

Add to this the human predilection to imagine the existence of nonmaterial entities believed capable of effecting causality in the material world, i.e., god, and you have a pretty robust theory of why human societies function identically, whether their supposed principles are democratic, theocratic, fascist, capitalist, socialist, communist, royalist, imperialist, tribalist, and so on and so on.”

Why more guns can’t save lives at a mass shooting

I always hear the argument, “If 1/3rd of the people at that Las Vegas concert had a gun, they could have trained the guns at the window and fired, and sooner or later he would have been hit and died with fewer deaths!”
Not sure if my rebuttals have been pointed out, but if all of the people opened fire on that Las Vegas hotel, just think about how many shots would have missed his window and how many people in that hotel would have died! That’s the main reason the police allegedly did not risk returning fire when they identified the room until they could break through his door.