Extreme Art is Beautiful (part 1)

>But as with everything, moderation is key.

I don’t like the old idea of living with ‘moderation,’ it sounds too much like mystical yin-yang – remember kids to balance your salad with the dressing or it will be too sweet or too bland. I prefer to look at extreme fashions where a concept is distilled to the absolute, over the boring ‘subtle’ conservative look old-timers embrace, that looks like its a bland mish-mash of whatever was left in your wardrobe. They claim a drab purple, gray, or brown with is classy. To me it’s just boring and makes you look like everyone else who does it – like you’re not even trying to have a stroke of individualism.

In fact they like those colors because their eyes are dimming and losing sensitivity with age. Young people are attracted to saturated colors and if you’ve watched shows for kids, you’ll noticea actors tend to notch up the drama to the point of overacting. The most fascinating art goes beyond what is realistic, and is unusual enough to be very stimulating, mainly because nature is subtle. (Supernormal stimulus explains why we tend to fetishize extremes.)

Btw, the truth doesn’t necessarily land between two extreme viewpoints.


“Truth, regardless of what liberal centrists and “common wisdom” morons say, is not in the middle. Truth is very one sided, even when that side is a third side that says “You’re morons who are arguing the wrong question about a wrong conception”. The only way to actually come to know what side truth is on is to dive deeply into the waters of whatever grabs your attention claiming to be the answer you seek.”


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