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Transcontinental railroads

Has anyone taken any really long and slow train trips? I took them all over Japan and loved them, haven’t done Europe yet, but since everyone goes there and sees the same stuff, I am not in a hurry either. I would rather have esoteric bragging rights. (Might try to take a train from Europe to India someday.)

I used to spend a lot of time spinning the globe when I was a kid, and Siberia always stuck out because it’s so huge. I have been interested in taking the Transsiberian railroad from Moscow to Mongolia or that hard to spell city which starts with the V– “Very definitely not going to be part of Japan”. Sadly, the current political environment makes Russia an unacceptable place for me right now, and my friends and I will probably cancel our trip to St. Petersberg and Moscow. The visa is ridiculously overpriced anyway, and I am not gonna let my tourist dollars help keep Putin in power.

So then I remembered how I once met a German tourist who actually accepted our terrible mass transportation and spent a month traveling down the west coast by train and bus parallel to the Pacific Coast Highway. (My thought back then: poor guy, what a pain in the add that must have been. I’ve traversed that distance in only 2 days by car.)

I’ve gone around the USA before by car, but the train might be a new experience and I’m now looking into the Amtrack. Open to ideas about where to go. Here’s the map. I’ve seen some stunning videos of where the train passes through passes in the Rocky Mountains, and I’m a little interested in spending a few days stopping at little train station in fly-over country. Thinking of taking a route close to the transcontinental railroad, or up through Canada, or through the north. Probably won’t do Canada though because it’s much more sparsely populated and the fauna and geology doesn’t change as much, compared to taking the transcontinental railroad which begins roughly in New York, down through the Midwest and through the desserts of the South-west before ending in San Francisco. Have no desire to visit the South/South-Eastern United States which wouldn’t be as much fun. The South didn’t build the transcontinteal railroad, and I think I’d have more pleasant conversations up north.



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Why there will never be a half life 3

Well, that’s kind of sad to hear. The Valve corporate environment sounds really weird…projects only survive if there’s passion? It sounds like they just experiment with random shit and throw out 90% of what they do. I have to think about that business model. It’s disappointing more doesn’t come out of that. It must be incredibly frustrating to work on so much and have so much never happen.


Yes, you’ll pick my pocket if I let you believe in bad ideas and don’t correct them

What’s the most corrosive thing in the world today?

The simple answer is religion, but there’s a deeper problem than religion which can be shown in a few quotes, and which is quickly becoming even more corrosive.

“Your truth is not my truth.”

That “Truth is subjective” bullshit is the cancer that is the last leg religion has to stand on. They’re the enemy of the reality-based community.

“Guys like me used to be in what we call the reality-based community,’ of people who ‘believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality. We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality.” -George Bush’s official.

“Faith can move mountains.”

“If 2 +2 = 5 who are you to say otherwise? Your truth is not my truth.”

I can’t stand these people. If someone is strongly proving a case to you and showing you irrefutable evidence for a truth, then you’re going to do the world a disservice if you refuse to change your mind. It’s simplistic and it’s childish–I guess that’s why it’s “libertarian” to be able to think whatever you want even if you’re obviously wrong and are letting yourself believe in truths just because of emotion.


Some people are under the delusion it’s fine to let people hold bad ideas if they don’t bother you. When in all of history has religion ever not bothered anyone? The religious nutcases won’t leave you alone because it would be immoral to Christians if they thought you were going to suffer in hell for eternity, but did nothing.

Holding bad ideas is harmful for all of society. It is also not acceptable to easily let people believe whatever they want in a democratic society. Nowadays we can’t even criticize people for their ideas because they take offense at everything. The world at large is afraid of being considered stupid when they’re shown to be wrong, and values their self-esteem more than testing whether they have the truth.

But I won’t accept letting people believe in dangerous ideas just because they’re not harming me, because ultimately when you go to the voter booth, your choices will harass my allies or me. I believe people will usually act on bad ideas, and that if you leave them uncorrected, they will only believe in more bad ideas and then become more dangerous.

You will ultimately harm me if you don’t believe we are causing climate change, and vote for more coal burning power plants and relaxed fuel emission standards. It doesn’t matter if you’re a a stranger who doesn’t touch me, and your harm is indirect, because if I grant that “all truth is subjective,” that will allow you to act on bad ideas which will harm the world I want to have.

日本を救う方法を (団塊の世代を倒す)

日本人の味方、聞いてくれ! どんな思想を信じても、団塊の世代は僕たちの敵ですよ! 絶対に倒しなくだめですよ。第二次世界大戦の後で、次の脅威を初認める国はアメリカだった。英語で脅威を説明用語は「ベビーブーマー」と言われるんだ。(赤ちゃんみたい泣いて、言論を聞いていないだから、「うるさい赤ちゃんの世代」と言われた。

japan govit debt

日本でも、お爺さんは多すぎて、60年間に自民党を票した、一生に変わらないよ。 我がままの団塊の世代は未来の世代は優れなかたいよ。だから、日本の国債を膨らんだ。世界中には同じことが起こったり、 謀議だろう?


皆さん、この外人の深い知恵を聞いて! 世界平和が欲しいなら、団塊の世代を反対する。さとり世代はここですね? いつか「ニートになりたい」と言うさとりを受けた時は分からないが、その夢を守るべきです。団塊の世代はこのレーゾンデートルを分かられなくて、両親に説明できないから、迷わずに英雄になって、宿老を戦いたくてしょうがないよ。時間がない、しっかり義理をするしかしょうがないよ。

More Communist than the dictators

Most Nazis were Christians, and most Christians were Nazis (or sympathizers). Hitler was definitely spiritual, and he used to invoke the name of God in tons of speeches to take advantage of a servile belief system even if he himself stopped believing in Christianity. Dictators are great at taking advantage of mental vulnerabilities, and religion conditions people to be slaves to religious institutions.

Throughout history dictators have needed to rely upon religion to condition absolute loyalty. Modern secular dictators simply wanted to get rid of the middleman. They realized if they could get rid of the church and get people to worship them rather than worshiping God and the church leaders who claimed to speak on God’s behalf.

Christianity is more Communist than the dictators. The whole system rests on the belief you’ll cower under God eternally, either in hell or in heaven. At least you can fucking die in North Korea.

“‘Holy, holy, holy
is the Lord God Almighty,’
who was, and is, and is to come.”

This is the brilliant Christian music humanity has to look forward to as our entertainment. Get used to the lyrics because according to the bible it never stops and you’re probably going to be singing a similar repetitive song for all of eternity until your mind rots away. What I find ridiculous is how whoever wrote Revelation thinks standing by the throne and listening to this song forever is the best reward for the best of us. (Revelation 7:15)

So in summation, Christianity’s end goal is a dictatorship. It’s right there in the bible folks, which is why the church has always been theologically and philosophically comfortable about allying itself with dictators.

Cats don’t like honey made from oranges

Tried giving a cat some honey made from oranges. Dabbed a little on her nose so she would try it. She retreated, shuddered, tried to wipe off her foot but it was stuck to her so she shook her foot like crazy and then licked it which was funny. 20 minutes later she threw up some yellow is liquid, so I went online and found out oranges and citrus are toxic to cats.  Well, she seems okay since I didn’t give her much and she’s vomited up the toxins, but now I know.


I wouldn’t give a cat honey again because you can’t be sure what plants or flowers it all came from, and cats seem to be sensitive to eating plants than we are. It seems safe to give her cheese and butter though.

A geologist shows Noah’s Ark is impossible




I have to bookmark this, since I’m familiar enough to refute Creationism with astronomy, or by talking about Bill Nye’s talking points on tectonic plates, tree rings and evolution, or by talking about the ships and the myths, but geologists have even more to say about Ken Ham’s nonsense!

Ah, to be an atheist really is to have a better mind. If there is a heaven and we’re the ones going to it, maybe we can appropriate the ditty of the Southern Baptists and tell the stubborn theists…

“We are the pure and chosen few
And all the rest are damned
There’s room enough in hell for you
We don’t want heaven crammed.”



The 5 living presidents opposed Trump

I don’t think there is a piece of evidence I can share to change the mind of most Trump fans, since few of them are willing to try to make their views consistent with logic. But here are 5 former presidents who have criticized Trump and think with their years of experience in politics that he should not be president.

Barrack Obama

George W. Bush

Bill Clinton

George H.W. Bush

Jimmy Carter (has overall been the least critical, but he is 93 years old and has always gone against the grain. Before Trump became president he strongly criticized him and voted for Bernie Sanders, but he wants to work with him and his main complaint appears to be that Trump has inflamed racial tensions.)

Most CEOS hate him and have consistently resigned around him, or have paid millions to run ads attacking him after he became president.

And most philosophy forums and professors think he is a dangerous and irrational man, with most pyschologists opining that he exhibits the signs of a narcisitic sociopath. All the intellectuals are sitting on one side of the theatre and not liking the film, while the side who watch Fox News are loving it. But if you don’t take the experts seriously when they all sound alarm bells when they sight Trump, then you don’t value intelligence and are just another warm body who pays more attention to your peers than to experts who write books about cutting through falsehoods.

The threat Europe will someday elect a Muslim fascist

A conservative says: “I saw on Fox News all the violence that Muslims are doing.”

A liberal says: “Come to Europe and see for yourself that Muslims aren’t bad.”

Both  anecdotal statements. Though Fox news sucks, going to a country doesn’t show you the whole picture much better than having a reporter do that for you, and I trust the systematic nature of statistics more. Sweden is 6% Muslim and they’ve began using grenades, Germany is 4.5% Muslim and has violence, UK is 4% Muslim and has violence, America is 1% Muslim and still has major problems with them (even when you disregard 9/11). All countries have problems with Muslims if you let them in.

The trouble is that accepting Islam means you’re always brings a lot of theocratic fascists. (INB4 “But not all Muslims are bad”–shut up already, I hate you people. Stop treating us like we’re 4 years old.)

There is a real danger that someday one of those countries will elect a dictator who wants to enact Sharia law. A minority can often seize control of a democratic system and then damage that system. Anyone who dismisses this possibility isn’t living in the real world or thinking about the long-term threat to western civilization/secular enlightenment values. (In fact, London has already elected a Muslim mayor.)

Suppose in 2050 that 3 candidates run against each other, and two of them were as unlikable as Hillary and Trump. The third candidate is a former Muslim imam (i.e. a theocratic fascist) and a charismatic demagogue, and a majority of Muslims were energized and voted for him along with a handful of “protest voters.” Voter apathy toward the two “serious candidates” meant that the polls were inaccurate and so fewer moderates came out to vote for the lesser of the two evils.

Under a lot of political systems the Muslim Donald Trump would take over. (The political system doesn’t matter much; even under the French system it could happen.) Bringing in more Muslims changes the demographics and will make the possibility less remote. Checks and balances can only do so much. Islam today the worst religion in the world today. Therefore, letting Islam in government will definitely be worse than when we let Republican lawmakers in. The ruling Republican Christian Taliban suck and are a national embarrassment, but an Islamic state would be much more dangerous.

At least America has a margin of freedom and freedom of speech because we haven’t let in as many potential extremists yet. You can call us racist, we don’t care, because it’s better to be free. It’s impossible to safely criticize Islam in Europe and I never want to see that happen here–in fact I want to reverse the damage that has been done to free speech, which we can’t do if we keep letting in more Muslims when the Islamic world is becoming more religious. (This is one of the few areas where I might agree with the Trump supporters, although not enough to elect an inept and unstable sociopath who has real problems with the truth.)