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Proof that male circumcision is evil

There are a billion reasons, but this video shares some. “Sex & Circumcision: An American Love Story by Eric Clopper”

I also like to cite that it only started to reduce the pleasure of men in America, at a time when a similar practice was started to stop “self-abuse” in women.


And that it is rare around the world, except in less developed countries (mainly in Africa and the Middle East.)


And I like to talk about how it messed up David Reimer’s life.

I have a ton more arguments, but those are some of my favorites. It is an unnecessary invasive procedure, and no children give consent to have their genitals mutilated before the age of consent!

Props to Andrew Yang for criticizing this practice.

Manna and numbers 11

God fed the Israelites manna from heaven for 40 years. They missed meat, though, which angered God so bad that He buried them under 3 feet of quail until it “comes out of their noses”. They eat & He hits them with a plague too. What an epic a-hole.

>You know how sometimes you make dinner for your kid, but your kid wants something else, & how that can be frustrating? Well, this would be like giving your kid salmonella riddled chicken to kill him so that his siblings learn a lesson. “Gawd is the objective source of morality!”




I would be sick of eating the same thing too for 40 years,  I can’t even eat the same thing gir a week and it’s certainly not good for us omnivores when we do nutritionally. Jesus Christ.

Reddit hearsay: christianity causes funeral brawl

I have no idea whether it’s true, our embellished,  or all made up,  but it’s funny. Christian’s do often take funerals so seriously in the South that it’s possible fist fights occur over religion.


As was said in scripture (Matthew 10:34 KJV):

34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. 35 For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. 36 And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household.

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Christopher Hitchens on the Plurality of Gods


12:30 (paraphrased) “We maintain that the pluralism of faith and schisms within existing faith–the competing churches, is susceptible to a single explanation…that man created God and not the other way around. If you accept the proposition that man makes God then there is no explanation for why there are so many gods. If on the other hand you accept that God made God…such a phenomenon is inexplicable.”

He goes on to make other great points.

Which characters were the conservatives in “The Wizard of Oz?” (Hint: liberals love brains and hearts)

download (3).jpeg

Which characters in this movie are best labeled as the conservatives?

Remember how in “the Wizard of Oz” all the heroes were pursuing some characteristic they craved? The scarecrow wanted a brain, the tin man a heart, the lion guts, and Dorothy….was just a sweet girl who already had those things, and ultimately just wanted to go home.  Well,  I’ve realized that a good lens for differentiating liberals and conservatives (traditionalists) is to look at the traits they extol as virtues which they think make you deserving of being their friend.

Liberals respect people who either have a heart or a brain. (Democrats will like you if you more try to cultivate those traits.) Conservatives (and I mean Republicans) instead respect people who have either power or wealth (which is just a quantifiable and visible indicator of power.) They love bravado too, and select pugnacious speakers who can beat down their opponents from a position of power, rather than any soft-spoken academic who calls for civil discussion and inclusion of marginalized points of view.

I think Republicans are shallow, and whenever I learn about the silly madness of the South’s sad racist history, that image of hidebound conservatives is cemented in my mind. Perhaps that’s why I’ve always been drawn toward liberalism even though I didn’t always see the distinction in the world. The Wizard of Oz appears to me as a fairy tale by a crew of progressives–(need I mention that the film’s dance choreographer was gay?) Continue reading Which characters were the conservatives in “The Wizard of Oz?” (Hint: liberals love brains and hearts)

Santa Claus is the one true god



Well, to be fair boomers are by large dumb enough a number of them might believe Santa is a god that exists. Them and the Jordan Peterson fans who should just say Santa Claus’s archetypes are the best archetypes of in all mythology.


DX2m-0CXkAU03VP (1).jpeg

Yes, Boomers again. Because they legit deserve to be the punchline of every single joke for the next ten years.