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Worries of less religiosity?

Should we be worried about any drawbacks of the decline in religion? When I look at the chart attached below, I feel that Europe is more modern, and is generally more advanced culturally.

I do however regularly find myself at odds with European atheists because many of them seem to be ignorant of how people in highly religious societies actually think. (This is why they’re much more likely to defend Islam and see protecting Muslim culture as more valuable than with atheists here in the USA.)  I think Europeans in general have forgotten the dangers because they’re too far from regular exposure to the crazy religious people and the slave mentality, to understand the dangers of living in a society where mass religiosity is the default. (This is why they ignore videos from ISIS where terrorists repeatedly say they’re fundamentalist Muslims killing in the name of the Quran, and make up a hundred other justifications for it like that Islamic violence is only due to poverty, economics, colonialism, and discrimination, or is a reaction to W, X, Y and Z variables.)

If you bring in more religion you will return to people denying the findings of science, more segregation, less concern for the environment, less cooperation and less civil environment (leave the big problems to God.) You also have more institutional corruption as religious judges become biased by religious virtue signaling, while the Billy Grahams and chaplains lobby the executive and legislative branches; meanwhile, the media and the people will turn to following demagogue priests and diatribes instead of well-read editors who use logical arguments. I personally have many valid reasons to oppose religion, but when it’s mainly gone there’s also a subtle danger because a generation can grow up in a sterile environment and forget how to defend against pathogens.

Already a generation has grown up in in Europe having forgotten the problems of living with more religious adherents and greater religiosity. I think this is why arguments and solid conversations that are acceptable here, are taboo in Europe even within many atheist circles. The absence of those conversations makes atheists more likely to turn to the worst side of SJWism, because they don’t recognize pseudo-religious rhetoric as they might if they were continually exposed to the fallacies of religion.


70% of 16-30 year olds in UK have no religion

The survey reported 70 per cent of 16 to 29 year olds in the UK say they have no religion and 59 per cent say they never attend a religious service. Only 7 per cent of the participants said they attended religious services on at least a weekly basis.



Makes me wish I lived in the UK sometimes. Someday America will be like that too.

The Failed Biblical Prophecy against Nebuchadnezzar

See 46:00

Ezekiel 26 a prophet made a prophecy that the island of Tyre would fall to a massive army led by Nebuchadnezzar.

It didn’t happen. It’s a failed prophecy, like if a prophet prophesied that Hillary would win the election, and then the day after it didn’t happen forgot to erase the record of his prophecy.


This study says 83% of church funding doesn’t go to charity but to administrative expenses. I haven’t looked at it closely, but I am not surprised. This is why I think there need to be taxes, because private charity just dissent work.

Why you ultimately can’t be allowed to believe whatever you want without criticism

“Why you ultimately can’t be allowed to believe whatever you want without facing criticism.”

(I’ll be paraphrasing Sam Harris here.)

I just want to contradict part of a common hippy logic that we should be allowed to believe in fantasies if they make us happy, or if we are weak and need them to survive. It often goes that they think that anyone who is invested in crapping on their fantasies is an a-hole. Undoubtably there are a-holes, but I think many of us do it benignly because we recognize the danger of bad ideas and if you will be living in the same society as everyone else, then your beliefs and their potential consequences are not an entirely private matter. If you’re going to vote, then it’s not just about you anymore, and you need to grow up and enter the arguments and face the music that you don’t want to hear. Most atheists do not enjoy inflicting emotional distress by telling vulnerable Christians that there is no Santa Clause, but there’s a kind of moral responsibility that can’t be ignored.

If each of us lived apart in our own prison cells, then there would be no harm in believing whatever we want. But there is obvious potential harm from letting someone live within fantasies which we can liken to having a bugged operating system. You never know when the vulnerability will be exploited. The people will also vote and if they don’t know what they are doing then their actions will affect everyone else. Often there doesn’t seem to be any immediate harm in letting someone believe a falsehood (such as that the Earth is flat.) However, since you can never be sure of what the future holds lies are not good in the long-term even if they’re convenient. Because a flaw that seemed harmless can suddenly become significant when the world changes, such as when scientists made findings in STEM cell research, and then the religious conservatives turned reactionary and slowed down science because no one fixed their religious operating system.

Christians would be much better of believing there isn’t such a being, and you’ll be able to see a much more complicated world. Unfortunately, their belief system makes it so that you can discover there really isn’t any debate. Because you simply aren’t going to convince someone that has convinced themself that everything you say that is contrary to their conviction is part of a coverup–as with every argument you’ll have with a flat-earther.

“Conservative Christianity is now everything it hated”

“Christianity hasn’t changed at all; it’s just used to being the thing that dictates what truth and morality are. Now that society is freeing itself, it has nothing to do but scramble for new hosts any way it can.

It can’t become post-modern, because it’s pre-modern. It’s older than the idea that people shouldn’t be enslaved. Older than the idea that rape is a crime against a woman, rather than against the man who owns her. Older than even the word for genocide, because we didn’t invent that word until we realized that murdering an entire race of people might not be okay.

Religion has been a blight on humanity since the day the first con man met the first moron.”

What a great comment. I did however feel empathy toward the author’s writer,  even though he hasn’t realized Christianity is not true.  I think that the Christians who oppose Trump and who want to actually follow Jesus’s humanistic philosophy are less bad than other Christians who want to follow their church’s leaders and political agendas.


Three Billboards likens christians to gang members

“You know what I was thinking about today? I was thinking about those street gangs they have down in Los Angeles, those Crips and those Bloods. And I was thinkin about that bunch of new laws they came up with in the 1980s, I think it was, to combat those street gangs, those Crips and those Bloods. And, if I remember rightly, the gist of what those new laws were saying was, if you join one of these gangs, and you’re running with them, and down the block one night, unbeknownst to you, one of your fellow Crips or your fellow Bloods shoot up a place or stab a guy…well then, even though you may not know nothing about it and even though you may have just been standing on a street corner, minding your own business..what these new laws said was you’re still culpable. You’re still culpable by the very act of having joined those Crips and those Bloods in the first place. Which got me thinking, Father…that whole type of situation is kinda like you church boys, ain’t it? You got your colors, you got your clubhouse. You’re, for want of a better word, a gang. And if you were upstairs smoking a pipe and reading your Bible…while one of your fellow gang members is downstairs fucking an altar boy, well…Father, just like those Crips and just like those Bloods, you’re culpable..cause you joined the gang, man. I don’t care if you never did shit, you never saw shit, you never heard shit. You joined the gang, you’re culpable. And when a person is culpable to altar boy-fucking, or any kind of boy-fucking, cause I know you guys didn’t really narrow that down…then you kinda forfeit the right to come into my house and say anything about me or my life, or my daughter or my billboards.. So why don’t you just finish up your tea there, Father, and get the fuck out of my kitchen.”