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Monty Python: What have the Romans ever done for us?

It really makes the Jews/Hebrews sound so ungrateful. Remember this video whenever someone unduly praises old Israel, or condemns the Romans for conquering them and raising their civilization.


Though of course we drink plastic now, or forever chemicals.


Forget the lies you were told in Sunday school: All holidays are pagan

All holidays are pagan, even St. VALENTINES, which was a Roman fertility festival.



It’s sad that in those thousands of years Christian’s lacked the creativity, or the joy to make new holidays! As Richard Dawkins tweeted…

All that “Happy Holidays” stuff (Holiday Parties, Holiday Presents etc) was never an atheist “War on Christmas” but was simply pandering to equally foolish rival faiths ind.pn/2EMmWQ2 Ditto ghastly fake carols about reindeer, Santa, sleigh-bells etc. So, HAPPY CHRISTMAS!

And btw, I really hope that we win the actual war between science and religion before we lose all our nice technology. That is a real war mankind must win:



As the church of England declines in UK, African churches and mosques grow


Maybe this would be a good argument for the right-wing isolationists who want less immigrants and more atheism? Of course, atheism is still growing there faster than religion from immigrants, but the brand of religion they bring is more extreme/devout than what exists in the UK.

Christian vandalizes Hindu temple in Kentucky


Such Christian intolerance is ordered by Yahweh in the bible toward other gods and their idols, since he is so jealous. When Christian’s don’t fo this they aren’t following the bible.


Of course it’s funny how you’re supposed to follow a book about God showing himself to countless people without ever having himself shown to you .

I’m opening up to Richard Carrier’s mythical thesis


I am gradually opening up to Richard Carrier’s mythicist thesis. At first I was reluctant, and more persuaded by the arguments of Bart  Ehrman, including his appeal to authority and popularity. But Cartier made a great observation by reversing the logic which I hadn’t thought of: the reason Jesus was a hero who did nothing may not be because there was a real man behind the actions. Instead, it was because they couldn’t invent a credible victorious military hero when no such hero existed!

For whatever reason, I think Bart Ehrman may just have become too wedded to old conservative ideas with old age. He cannot be impartial enough to reconsider his premises.  And it’s harder for Ehrman to enter an impartial state of mind, because of Richard Carrier’s unfortunate tendency to write bombastically. (He has combatively attacked Bart Ehrman’s positions on more than one occasion.)

I don’t think the idea is even that new. I think it was Bernard Russell swho aid he wasn’t even sure Socrates existed, but that there was more evidence of him than Jesus. By any case, it doesn’t matter to philosophy because you can still engage with the ideas attributed to Socrates; however, Jesus did not introduce profound or new philosophical ideas, and if he did not exist then he saved no one. His philosophical ideas just aren’t that useful, and apparently can in fact can be attributed to the the Platonists.

Creationist Cat: Prager University is Propaganda

He’s quite right when he says these private religious universities take Pell Grant’s and send kids to private Christian schools with restrictive speech codes where you can’t even say “fuck” or wear jeans. However, the “free speech warriors” from the right don’t give a damn.

Creationist Cat has grown on me. At first I thought it was too silly, and thought at a cursory glance he might actually be a Christian, but he’s actually a left-leaning skeptic who can laser in criticism on all the conservatives who have become outspoken on Youtube.  I loved his last video about “Playing Crossman for Terfs,” where he impersonated Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson who are basically a couple these days:

Sam Harris: “I’m just saying I wouldn’t get into an elevator with a black man.”

That was brilliant. Sam Harris so often lands himself in dumb controversies, and has a bunch of phrases like, “let’s do a thought experiment,” which usually lead to an oversimplified hypothetical that shouldn’t be applied to real life morality. He beats up that hypothetical, sort of like a straw man, and then his supporters act like he won the actual issue he was supposed to talk about.

(To go on a tangent, it was nice seeing Stephen Fry act skeptical of his claims of meditation being useful, in the latest “Making Sense” podcast, just as Christopher Hitchens was. Maybe the British are naturally more skeptical of the Buddhists than Americans from the west coast who experimented with LSD.)

And of course, Peterson is always funny to make fun of because he can’t stop seeing symbolism everywhere. (Or trying to spin everything so he can talk about his Jungian ideas and how the world needs more lobsters.)

Kids are more likely to be molested by priests than in transgender bathrooms


Sounds true to me!

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