Abortion Contracts for Bachelors

There can be a problem if a woman promises to have an abortion if she becomes pregnant, but later decides to keep the baby. She can now legally force the man to help pay for the costs of raising the child. He is totally trapped by the decision to have the baby, which she can make unilaterally. (This is a real hypothetical if he’s a rich bachelor, she’s a gold digger, and they had a one night stand.)

I have thought of a solution: he could make her sign a ‘precoitus agreement’ to abort any hypothetical child that results from sex, or be absolved of responsibility for raising the child if she goes through with it. It would be similar to a prenuptial agreement, and wouldn’t allow any surprises. In effect, the man would confirm there would be no child, and if there was he could disinherit the child, and make it illegitimate. A swinger could stuff contracts in his wallet with the condoms, and ask her to sign first.

Are there any problems with this idea?


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