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Oh, there’s Chinese knotting


I want to get into  making crafts so I can impress girls with romantic handmade gifts and get more pussy. That’s the official line I’ll tell people,  but I just want to have cheap hobbies that stick consumerism and make personalized art.

Should I learn knitting, plus making, Chinese knitting, jewelry making, or maybe Origami?

I just found out about Chinese knotting. If it were Japanese instead of Chinese I would like it more. I eventually want to get into cosplay, but I don’t think Chibese knotting will be much use there.

Sam’s Club Membership

I wish people would stop supporting Sam’s club. They’re owned by mother fucking Walmart, the company that can’t pay their employees, and that poisons the third world, and that destroys hundreds of small towns and downtowns in America while causing countless Americans to kill themselves. The older generation are always tempted to buy a membership card because they’re more greedy than they are ethical.

Support Costco at least. They pay their employees well above average and give them stock options and rewards for doing good service or for being loyal. They have a recycling program that’s superior to most American companies, and they’re basically a more progressive company as far as economics go.

With Walmart you’re literally supporting the richest group of self-serving elites in this country. Their family is the richest in the world, and doesn’t care about anyone, or anything except becoming even richer. Don’t get a membership card with the devil. It’s a Faustian deal.

Japanese censorship of the press has increased

Japan’s freedom of the press rating has fallen from 12th best to 72 in recent years in response to a government pressure on large newspapers and complicity in censorship by the newspapers.  Under Abe there has been a slide from freedom which is mirrored in the rest of the world.

Fate GO and 666 symbolism

I don’t believe in any religions, partly because the visual novel was kind of anti-religion and it affected me. I just am amazed that when a game set in an alternate universe was localized this summer they didn’t fear Christian backlash enough to censor the taboo number like they would have 20 years ago.

It makes me excited that the Japs might be able to get away with more subversive content and accelerate the slide towards irreligion in the West. In a couple of patches Fate GO will even have an Age of Gods expansion where you fight biblical champions like David, Saul and Solomon.

This could be a sign that we’ve slid from the dark ages when Christians fought subveesive themes in video games. Square (Final Fantasy X) used to censor anti-theist themes all the time because they didn’t want to upset Christians, but Japanese culture has raised loyal fans overseas who have grown up exposed to outsider POVs, so maybe they could get away with anti-religion themes today with much less overall backlash.



WSJ editorial condemns FGM, but not circumcision

If this article weren’t written in America for Americans, it would equally condemn Male Genital Mutilation, aka circumcision. There are no real benefits to the risks in our hygienic modern environment, and the primary idea was the same as with cutting off the clit: to limit a man’s pleasure because prehistoric goatherders thought it was sinful and were told a man in the sky would get mad if they didn’t cut off part of their dicks. It amazes and revulses me how many Americans can condemn FGM because it seems backwards and barbaric to them, while supporting male circumcision simply because their culture has made them used to it.

I haven’t been to Europe where they condemn circumcision, but I already have a much wider understanding from internationalism than Americans of how biases can make people believe stupid shit. Christians only defend circumcision because they feel required to: they are afraid to condemn practices they believe were revealed and ordered by their sky god, and they are equally afraid to call that God primitive and barbaric in case that God exists and would send them to hell for arguing with them. Fear is what drives people to religion, not actual love, propaganda to the contrary aside.

UK reaches record number of atheists

72% of 18-22 year olds have no religion in Britain. Overall, I think I would have been happier and more successful living in the UK or basically any western European country where this trend is far accelerated and where the socio-economic views and ethics agree with mine. I am starting to feel relieved that this trend is so accelerated in the youth, and I know it won’t stop and will be just like gay marriage, ending segregation, suffrage, permitting divorce, or ending slavery. I don’t think I will feel any nostalgia for the loss of religion, religious fables, or forced communion with racist/prejudiced/tribal cultists when I die, hopefully in another 40 years, for there is just too much the world offers outside of that narrow inherited world-view.

America may be behind, and my experience knowledge and general intelligence/openness may have happened to put me ahead of the curve as a logical thinker, but I do feel relief knowing that America generally follows Europe and if I were to leave this country in a few generations religion and all of the associated evil ideologies are still predicted to die out here. We may soon not have anyone as eloquent as the recent old atheists in Britain who are about to die out, but the arguments will be won, because the younger generation will not be prejudiced from the start.

Without childhood indoctrination in religion, almost no atheist has converted to it in the last century because all the claims look ridiculous and there is not a shred of evidence to back any of it up. The arguments that used to be persuadable for Christian apologists in less modern eras have all been refuted by centuries of more careful thinkers–philosophers and psychologists, or by the data accumulated by science as the most objective means we have ever discovered of obtaining the truth. Now the apologists speak with elusive language like lawyers only to keep their own flock from knowing the truth, for their own financial or psychological benefit, while countless conservative institutions uphold the lie. The younger generation has started to know that the truth doesn’t change no matter what people say or believe, and remains ready to be found. Consequently, the next generation of thinkers won’t be persuaded, because they has just gotten too good at questioning why the truth needs so many lies, institutions, and violence to be defended if it’s so obvious.

Devos visits private schools not public ones in Florida
Pretty scary that she’s been appointed to be running public school system and clearly doesn’t care about them and would in fsct rather abolish them and replace them with private and Christian schools.

I happen to have a book on a study that easily refutes the false notion that private schools are on average better than public schools from K-12, which has been pushed at the expense of facts. Facts show an equivalent or better k-12 education is to be had at public schools, but vested interests are slow to acknowledge them-Christians, fiscal conservativrs, libertarians, and elitists mainly oppose changing their views or funding public schools that are actually more efficient at teaching for less money.

Joel Olsteen, preacher with 40 million in savings turns away survivors from his Houston mega-church

Joel Olsteen is a good Christian. I dare anyone to prove otherwise, but there is nothing you can say that will change my mind. I gave him money eight times, and my neighbor said “fool me once, and why can’t you get fooled again? Fool me eight times….and surely you can’t get fooled again?” It’s true because I lost my house and had no credit, but I’m not fooled, I still trust him and who knows how much worse I would have been from the hurricane if I hadn’t given him. I could be dead you know?

Two days ago my house in Houston was flooded and Joel Olsteen wouldn’t let me take shelter in his church because the city didn’t ask him to take any people in, and at first I didn’t understand, but then I realized maybe Joel works in mysterious ways. Besides, he’s probably already saved me from dying in the flood, he prayed to God on my behalf and it’s because of that, that I know my dog who I tied to a post and abandoned survived the hurricane, because when I came back to his to his post, he was missing, just like Jesus was, and there was even a rainbow to remind me of God’s promise never to flood everybody. Halelalalah, I was so relieved I cried with joy and just about came in my pants. Someday I will meet my dog again, in heaven, which be in a city full of country music and alligators just south of Texas.