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Former pastor at trump’s church said he never saw him in 5 years

But you can see how the power of positive thinking–of wishful thinking and delusions has rubbed off on Trump, moreso than religion.

Creationist Cat: Prager University is Propaganda

He’s quite right when he says these private religious universities take Pell Grant’s and send kids to private Christian schools with restrictive speech codes where you can’t even say “fuck” or wear jeans. However, the “free speech warriors” from the right don’t give a damn.

Creationist Cat has grown on me. At first I thought it was too silly, and thought at a cursory glance he might actually be a Christian, but he’s actually a left-leaning skeptic who can laser in criticism on all the conservatives who have become outspoken on Youtube.  I loved his last video about “Playing Crossman for Terfs,” where he impersonated Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson who are basically a couple these days:

Sam Harris: “I’m just saying I wouldn’t get into an elevator with a black man.”

That was brilliant. Sam Harris so often lands himself in dumb controversies, and has a bunch of phrases like, “let’s do a thought experiment,” which usually lead to an oversimplified hypothetical that shouldn’t be applied to real life morality. He beats up that hypothetical, sort of like a straw man, and then his supporters act like he won the actual issue he was supposed to talk about.

(To go on a tangent, it was nice seeing Stephen Fry act skeptical of his claims of meditation being useful, in the latest “Making Sense” podcast, just as Christopher Hitchens was. Maybe the British are naturally more skeptical of the Buddhists than Americans from the west coast who experimented with LSD.)

And of course, Peterson is always funny to make fun of because he can’t stop seeing symbolism everywhere. (Or trying to spin everything so he can talk about his Jungian ideas and how the world needs more lobsters.)

Kids are more likely to be molested by priests than in transgender bathrooms

Sounds true to me!

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Biologist says everyone alive in Israel when Jesus was alive could claim David as an ancestor

So what use is a prophecy that says the messiah would be born of the lineage of Jesus, when everyone in Israel at the time could claim it? (And I’m probably a descendant of Alexander the Great, Xerxes, and some pharos and don’t know it.)

Tailings dam collapse

It happened twice in Brazil and both dams were owned by Vale, and not even 4 years had passed. This is what happens when you privatize and deregulate large companies–huge economic disasters!

(It reminds me of how at Fukushima they ran a simulation and found a risk of a tidal wave and a solution that would’ve cost 10 million dollars, but refused to do it and so now there’s damage worth over 100 billion.) And to be fair a similar disaster happened at Flint, Michigan, when a financial manager takes over  a city that is in a state of emergency, and the government tries to cut costs.

Non-stamp collector: the alternate gospel of luke

This was a great video about how the narrative of jesus was rewritten for ideological reasons. Welcome back from retirement, we missed your work nonstampcollector.