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Einstein was misrepresented as a Pantheist


It’s irritating how commonly Einstein is badly misrepresented, including on wikipedia where he is called a Pantheist. When you dig into it, he only said he believed in Spinoza’s god (a sort of permeating natural order) because it was so politically dangerous to be an Atheist in those days, and he was concerned with how he as a public figure would affect Jews in their plight with the Nazis. He repeatedly says in private letters he is an Atheist, or agnostic, but distances himself from militant Atheists because he believes that some people still need religion.

This is my informed opinion after reading several letters of his over the years, and there is a wonderful blog that rebukes all the myths which is worth a read:

(See more:)

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Using godly names for mundane things

A friend was out walking and he heard a guy say, “Stop it Zeus! Come here!” and this little terrier stopped sniffing dog piss or whatever and trotted over with its tongue lolling. I’d rather name my dog Yahweh or Jesus and be a lord that barks commands to it in front of theists.

If I have a daughter Asherah or Lilith would be an appropriate name. My son would be Alastor, Ares, or Susanou. My cat would be Sphinx, Nemesis, Lucifer. Or I might just keep it consistent and name all my kids after Egyptian gods. It beats keeping the tradition of recycling Hebrew names for regular humans like Adam, Issac, Jacob, Josh, Peter, Michael and Luke.

We should appropriate all the religious words we can to remove their holiness. Amen just means I agree so use it in debates. Try to use Jesus Christ as a swear word so it replaces “bullshit” in future slang. Using God’s name “in vain” evokes the same irrationality as saying Voldemort’s name in Harry Potter. We have to use the words often to get over these stupid taboos.

anubis dog.gif

George Washington: Deist or Atheist?

Found more evidence that George Washington would probably be an Atheist today. Thomas Jefferson conveyed that George Washington didn’t believe in that system, and if you asked him to confirm that he was a Christian George Washington would dodge directly answering that question unlike politicians today. George Washington refused to take communion at church and said he had never done so. His father was apparently deist and his mother was irreligious, so he was raised within freethought.

I especially love how whenever communion was about to start Washington would abruptly stand up and walk out of the church, ignoring any whispering or gossip it might cause. When a reverend confronted him about his bad behavior and for not setting a good example for religion, he said It was the first time he had been preached to, and he wouldn’t cause any trouble again. After that he simply stopped coming on days when communion was offered!

“The Rev. Dr. Wilson, who was almost a contemporary of our earlier statesmen and presidents, and who thoroughly investigated the subject of their religious beliefs, in his sermon already mentioned affirmed that the founders of our nation were nearly all Infidels, and that of the presidents who had thus far been elected – George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, John Quincy Adams, and Andrew Jackson – not one had professed a belief in Christianity.”
When Washington needed servants he wrote:
“If they are good workmen, they may be from Asia, Africa, or Europe; they may be Mahomedans, Jews, or Christians of any sect, or they may be Atheists.””


jefferson and washington.jpeg

It always annoys me when most religious conservatives today propagate the historical revisionist lie that this was a Christian nation because of the wording of the constitution, when it is obvious from his private writings that Jefferson was practically a closet Atheist, and his colleagues were mostly deists or irreligious. If evolution were known in that day he would have been an Atheist rather than just a skeptic, but as a practical matter it was nearly impossible not to be a Deist then due to insufficient answers and an environment of philosophical fallacies.
The environment that enabled free thought has regressed, and separation of church and state has weakened. “In God We Trust” on currency, and its insertion into the Pledge of Allegiance only started relatively recently as a knee-jerk patriotic response to the Communist scare from the godless USSR. Religion has increasingly infiltrated the government and particularly the Republican party, and now no politician can honestly run a campaign without saying he is a Christian in this country, except possibly Bernie Sanders who seems to have above average integrity.
There have also only been two or three openly Atheist congressmen out of thousands in the history of this country; one of them was from Northern California and was not re-elected a few years ago shortly after coming out. Obviously this is statistically unlikely when the percentage of Atheists in the population and especially among the upper classes is much higher. It’s obvious many must hide their views and be demagogues to win votes from prejudiced people.

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Liberty University: The Baptist Paradise

Liberty university is a Baptist paradise! Here the secular forces of Satan are held back by millions of dollars in federal grants! And gop fundraising and guns!

But don’t get it mixed up with “Patriot University”where Kent got his useless degree. (See pic.) You must not mix up the Christian schools that are named after their love for God and country! “Liberty” is a funny name for a restrictive Christian university, and especially so when you do not have any “God-given” rights in the bible. Here is their draconian code of conduct:


I noticed they kept appearing on Fox news, but it’s even worse than I expected. Seriously, this University would be hell to attend. Probably the only thing that has changed is they’re one of the first Universities to allow open-carry.

On the bright side, a famous satirical website was formed when they expelled a guy for making a satirical student radio show in the late 80’s. He had made a radio program that made fun of tithing, and was fined and expelled even though he was a senior pursuing a masters in English. His response was to make the landoverbaptist site in the early 90’s to make fun of that culture.

Which reminds me… I have have a relative who decided to teach history at a Catholic high school in a liberal city. A kid asked her after class why Jesus was god. She talked for a while, then ran out of time and told him he could get more answers at….or something. So he goes there and finds anti – gay interpretations, tells his parents, who complain to the school about what the bigotry their teacher is teaching them. The school then tells her once her contract is up she should find a job at at school that is more in line with her conservative values. She thinks this Catholic school doesn’t want to offend the mostly liberal parents, and teaches tolerance toward gays. Btw, she got her degree at a university not unlike Liberty university. (Maybe I should become at science teacher to a counter the detrimental effect my family is having on society.)

Cathedrals get a new look (and go to hell)

postmodern church  (4)

A woman who was dying guilt tripped us into visiting this expensive Catholic church that was built in 2002. Does this even look like a church?

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I don’t believe in a personal God. Except Yahweh is real.

“I don’t believe in a personal God. Except Yahweh is real.”

land before time fuck

How do you respond to Catholics who think they’re smarter than other Christians when they say, “I am not a Fundie because I don’t believe in a personal god, or that the bible was written by God. But I believe there were some miracles in the bible, and an advanced entity really appeared to various ancient people in many regions.”

They then invent justifications for the miracles in Egypt, or why the bible matches with real history. They resent being called indoctrinated by religion even when they invent their own reasons to subscribe to metaphysical wankery. How do you reason with people that aren’t even intellectually honest enough to be introspective? They’re like ducks that refuse to be labeled as ducks, or brunettes that take offense at being told they’re brown-haired?

The Militant agnostic

Don’t these guys piss you off? They’re Atheists who refuse to be called Atheists, and fight other Atheists and Anti-Theists while taking a “holier than thou” attitude to both Theists and Atheists. In short they’re natural trolls who fight Atheists in the name of “tolerance.”

If you can be characterized by the definition of a word, then you should rightfully accept your label instead of saying, “I’m totally agnostic.” I’m irritated with black science guy for making people misappropriate the term. Tyson is the kind of guy who would be angry if someone even mentioned that he was black.


Informed racism is better than uninformed racism

Condemning all racism over-simplifies the issue of prejudice, when a distinction should be drawn between informed racism and uninformed racism. On the one hand you have people who lived with minorities throughout their lives, and who don’t really think it’s a big deal to work with other ethnic groups. These people take a realistic and informed approach to making generalizations from experience. They might have made friend first-hand with those groups, so if they say “Koreans are bad drivers,” they’re actually talking about how they noticed a trend after their Korean friend at college said he hit someone in the school parking lot, and they saw him mom ding a street post, etc. We can call this”Realistic racism.”

On the other hand you have people who grew up racially isolated and apart from the groups they’re talking about. They usually cling to political correctness as a shield, and suspiciously enter a defensive or “holier than thou” mode when race is realistically discussed. (Whites particularly have a hard time being honest, because it’s a taboo for them to talk about other races. They don’t want to be seen as racist, or to be stereotyped as being ignorant & insensitive.)

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Ironically Christians call Anti-theists Extreme

Militant atheist keyboard

There is a vast difference between a religious extremist and an Atheist, who Christians love to label as extremists. Namely the Anti-theist usually doesn’t murder anyone to enforce some belief. Can a person be an Anti-theist (that is opposed to religion) without being labeled an extremist? Judging by what I’ve seen online, it’s impossible for an average Christian to think that way (although they themselves tend to think it good when people become theists.) It is hypocrisy that is devoid of critical thinking.

And contrary to what they have said, religion is the oil on a flame that worsens those problems, therefore removing religion removes a multiplier on the world’s misery. I have not claimed eliminating religion eliminates all problems totally, but it does eliminate variables that are more likely to be corrosive than beneficial by far. We can show empirically that throughout history religion has been used more for control, and it is my view it has and does done more harm than good – especially today when other institutes and schools have made it obsolete. Religion creates social classes of priests and poorer servant commoners. It makes people “*more* weak minded, subject to manipulation, and prone to violent outbursts and war (holy war) than they would be otherwise.

faith pyramid.png
Btw militant agnostics are annoying, and this article makes good points. Namely Atheists cannot define themselves because of centuries of Theists defining what Atheism is.

Waiting for Godot

Will there come a time when all Christians will have to stop waiting for Godot? 10,000 AD, or 100,000 AD, or a million years after Jesus said “I’m coming soon.” How many years would need to pass for you Christians out there to change your mind and decide to stop waiting because no one is coming? Even if 1,000 years were the blink of an eye, it’s been two very long blinks already.

The test of dogmatic thinking is when you cannot name something that would convince you to change the views you hold.