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Atheism can exist with or without the knowledge of theism, and doesn’t require the ignorance of it. One difference is that by default all babies are atheists, it’s the natural state of humanity, and you have to brainwash kids into believing in theism. I would speculate animals are atheists too are to the extent of their cognition.



Reminder: Conservative Baby Boomers are the real snowflakes

“Everyone is so easily offended these days, back in my day we weren’t a bunch of snowflakes.” – person who comes from a generation that was offended by gay people existing.
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1951 Sci-Fi Censorship: “Only God can resurrect”

I just found out this tidbit when reading about “Scandinavian aliens.” The 1951 movie “When the Earth stood still” contains a bit of religiously motivated censorship. There’s a part where Gort dies and comes back to life, and the movie censors forced them to add a line that says he only temporarily came back to life, because only God had that power.

Nowadays its common for beings to come back to life in fantasy or science fiction movies. What terrible times the 1950’s were; I don’t think it’s right to glorify those days!

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Pew Pew 2015: Daily prayer is more common in US that in other wealthy countries


Clearly the United States of America is an outlier. I still believe as Karl Marx did that there is more than a correlation between wealth and the loss of religion.  I believe that a large part of the problem is the extreme income inequality in America compared to all of its neighbors.

America could change if it were to invest more in labor saving technologies for the common good–mass transit, public infrastructure, health care, better public education, and more accessible wilderness areas for private meditation. If America gave people more time off to consider their views, and were less competitive and materialistic, I think more people would pull out their bibles and realize they don’t agree with what they were taught.

If God isn’t gay then I’m wondering why prophets were all guys

Do you really think Yahweh would make all the prophets guys if he were more attracted to girls? I think Yahweh is secretly gay and Mary was his beard. Maybe he even let one of the Angel’s, maybe Gabriel, fuck Mary because it was too disgusting for him.