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PSA: Signing Out

October 23rd, 2015.

I’m totally bored, and I think it’s a good idea for me to sign out of this blog. I’ve thought about switching to writing in Japanese, but I can’t summon the motivation at the moment.
I think it would just be better if I were to stop writing for a while, before I sabotage my own writings by not writing about Atheism. Perhaps in time I’ll have more to say about religion, or in English. I’d like to for now acknowledge that I’m stepping away from what mattered to me this year, and giving up on philosophical and meta truths for a while. I want to live in a different framework and test things firsthand for a change.

Christina waifu for life


IMG_6507It’s sad there are no Americans remotely like her? She is basically a cute Jap in a 17 year old Norwegian body with a good bust. She dresses like a Jap too, manages to browse 2ch, but has a scientific mind, and has an intelligence superior to 99% of Americans. Talk about multi-tasking!

She’s also tsundere which don’t even exist in the US. All so-called American tsunderes are just tsun-bitches who would divorce you if you get a big inheritance and still try to take alimony and sole custody of your kids.

Best of all she takes offense at being called a クリスチャン, because apparently she is not one.

Demographic hodgepodge


Our society would have been more intelligent, better educated, more rational, more democratic, more secularist, have a better health development index, and overall be further ahead if we hadn’t kept the South in the union. They’re a part of the world that is content to wallow in darkness and ignorance.


It’s too bad Norway isn’t on more of the charts because that really illustrates the point. Sweden on the other hand has some problems…

Now for some miscellaneous thoughts and facts:

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Change the calendars to HE

I think we should replace our calendar with either BP or HE. The AD BC dynamic is inaccurate and very arbitrary compared to HE, which encourages you to see yourself as part of a longer period of life on the planet. This year is 12017 HE. Also Jesus has little to do with the history of non-European cultures, but the Neolithic revolution was more universal and less ethnocentric.

The Christian god lived in a tiny box

This a brilliant point about the ark as a holy box no different from the personal family gods of other primitive religions. The belief in a tiny god grew into omnipresence as their priests wanted their God to be more powerful than all the other Gods their followers encountered. He has evolved from a boxed god in a pantheon of gods they worshipped, to a sky god, to a God that was everywhere, and now to a God that is outside of the universe and beyond space and time. I don’t know where his followers can evolve him from there without erasing his own fragile existence outside of all of definable reality. It has all of the hallmarks of evolution or of folklore like Paul Bunyan which has evolved through the collective will of inumeral story-tellers into an unrecognizable hero: a midget girl with a chainsaw.

First in lessons on letters to a young contrarian

I’m reading Letters to a Young Contrarian which is based on letters Hitchens wrote to his students.

Hitchens keeps showing off his mastery of the English language and assumes you have the familiarity to recognize references to a ton of shit. You are constantly expected to look up words, terms, or puzzle over certain references, and I think it was a first draft for God is Not Great. (The intermediary draft was the Portable Atheist, where he collected writings that he would cite in his most popular book.) If you are not a little familiar with what he has said about religion or politics, the first draft would be even harder to read.

Unless you went to Oxford then it isn’t for young people at all, and I would not recommend it to anyone who has not at oeast graduated college. I must be missing references to Marxism, and there is a page where he references 1776 and part of a quote about “the pursuit”, and expects you to know what the hell he is talking about (he is refering to “the pursuit of happiness” in the US declaration of independence.) If you were born in certain countries and have not heard the exact phrase or read about the American Revolutionary war, it could puzzle you. In fact, he doesn’t even include a glossary or citations to help you out. Here is how Hitchens writes pg 25:

>*(He talks about biblical heavenly bliss and happiness being awful tedium and pointlessness.)*

>Only one other sacred text mentions “happiness” without embarrassment. But even in 1776 this concept was thought to be mentionable only as the consequence of a bitter struggle. The beautiful word “pursuit'” however we construe it, would be vacuous in any other context.

>I close by saying, as I may well have occassion to say again: Always look to language.

I am still reading it because I am curious about if he had other useful realizations about politics. Even if it is not always accessible or his best work, (mainly because it tries to be coy, smug, clever or elusive,) it at least encourages you to add words to your use vocabulary and consider using rare recursive sentence structures

Librarians who lack objectivity and vandalize books

Fun fact. I donated a hardcover book titled, “Misquoting Jesus” by Bart D. Erhman to the local library. (I could have resold it for $8, but I thought I would do a public service and give it away to help those who cannot afford books.)

Unfortunately the librarian vandalized my book before releasing it to the public, writing to future readers in the margins with graffiti like, “Who can doubt the power of God,” she also underlined where the author wrote, “What if God didn’t say that,” and then wrote beside it in the margins:

There may be some latitude here but I think our faith must rest on:
1. feith in God [sic]
2. acceptance of Jesus and his exemple [sic]
3. bible

She only got two chapters in before the annotations abruptly stop, and she was probably tempted to throw it in the trash to save the public from going to hell. Instead she decided to put my book in the used book store for $1 to be purchased by a scalper and resold for more, instead of stocking it on the shelves. It may be that be she was frustrated that she could not easily refute the guy, and she just wanted to imagine him as a demon so she could stop reading it, but it’s a shame she could not release it to the public without vandalizing the book. Continue reading Librarians who lack objectivity and vandalize books

Japanese politics in the 70’s

The Japanese left used to be radically anarchist, anti-America and violent until the government crushed socialism and student protests in the early 70’s. If you thought hippies were insane, this has to be the most cucked ideology I have ever heard of:

Today Japan is too conservative and non-aggressive to fix broken things or shake-up the establishment. AS a result of some hostage crises and a shootout in Israel, the only remaining violent groups left today appear to be religious cults and uyoku nationalists.

The Christian Middle Finger Made of Granite Rises Another Inch

Arkansas is getting closer to re-erecting the 10 commandments statue that was illegally installed on public property. (That 6,000 pound statue was destroyed by a schizophrenic Christian driving a Dodge while quoting “Braveheart.”)

Erecting these monoliths is a huge waste of money. Their purpose is nothing other than for Christians to virtue-signal and rally around their politicians during the inevitable manufactured controversy, while they raise a middle finger made of granite to everyone else who doesn’t hold their beliefs. The primary message the statues broadcast is “We the Christians have more power than anyone else,” and that they have special privileges and have a defacto exception from having to follow secular law, which other religions must follow in the area.