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“Capitalism is shit”

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capitalism is shit
>dude you can do anything if you work hard enough lmao XD
except majority of rich people were born into rich families like in some fucking medieval society when I heard Trump got ONLY 1 million dollars from his father I thought I’m gonna LMAO, social mobility is fucking shit right now.
What a great post, lol. So many people are true believers in the propaganda lie that capitalist defenders have pumped out.

Fox News made a generation into socialists

“Fox News calling every centrist policy or politician from Obama to “food stamps” is one of the things that made people loosen up about socialism.”

As this person put it, they brought this on themselves.  If they insist AOC is one even though she is just further left than nody people,  let’s just accept that label and talk about or policies which most people agree with, and win the debate there while the right sticks to its ad-homs.  The dogmatic people who have a gut hearted of socialism are dying off anyway.

Hitchens on Iraq and the thoughtlessness of his critics


Midway through this video Hitchens points out that Putin and the Pope oppose the Iraqi war, and then stalks about how intervention requires careful thought. But he got none of that from the hard left who had now allied with the Muslim brotherhood. They would just say, “Why are you allied with the Jewish lobby? With the Bush family? With the warmongering Neoconservatives?”

Manna and numbers 11

God fed the Israelites manna from heaven for 40 years. They missed meat, though, which angered God so bad that He buried them under 3 feet of quail until it “comes out of their noses”. They eat & He hits them with a plague too. What an epic a-hole.

>You know how sometimes you make dinner for your kid, but your kid wants something else, & how that can be frustrating? Well, this would be like giving your kid salmonella riddled chicken to kill him so that his siblings learn a lesson. “Gawd is the objective source of morality!”




I would be sick of eating the same thing too for 40 years,  I can’t even eat the same thing gir a week and it’s certainly not good for us omnivores when we do nutritionally. Jesus Christ.