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Proof that male circumcision is evil

There are a billion reasons, but this video shares some. “Sex & Circumcision: An American Love Story by Eric Clopper”

I also like to cite that it only started to reduce the pleasure of men in America, at a time when a similar practice was started to stop “self-abuse” in women.

And that it is rare around the world, except in less developed countries (mainly in Africa and the Middle East.)

And I like to talk about how it messed up David Reimer’s life.

I have a ton more arguments, but those are some of my favorites. It is an unnecessary invasive procedure, and no children give consent to have their genitals mutilated before the age of consent!

Props to Andrew Yang for criticizing this practice.

Prostitution in japan

Fuzoku. I never heard that word before  and I had no idea they were forbidden from leaving certain areas in a near caste society,  and am not sure how that worked.


Ancient Japanese post cards from wikipidea.

I also had no idea they looked like this,  or that Shinjuku was a red light district in 2-Chome, thoughIf I saw this I would just think I was in an old 伝統的な地区。

Generation X and beto o’rourke


The establishment is pushing Beto, and this article with all its generation ID poling made me realize that the washington Post readership is probably mostly Gen X. Gen X needs to step aside along with the Boomers, they’re all libertarian ideologues who want endless deregulation.

Reading through these comments I think Generation X is also part of the problem. If you want to fight corruption you can’t just elect a champion, you also need systematic reforms, but Gen. X is still so brainwashed by pro-capitalist propaganda that they can’t see the light. In school they were probably straight up taught not just that communism is evil, but that it is satanic. That bleeds into making them inherently distrust any sort of socialism. I see them as in between Boomers and Millennials in their degree of favorability toward taxes or restrictions on billionaires.