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On Divination and Barnum Statements

Choose your favorite fortune telling method.

I think it would be fun to teach myself these methods and then prey on the gullible as a side job. I could put a crystal ball and some candles in my living room, put an ad on the internet, and offer tarot card readings in the evenings. I could stare into the ball or their coffee grounds and literally say whatever I wanted for a few minutes, because most people wouldn’t know any better. You just have to play the part, read their personality and look convincing. Master the art of the cold-reading and you can do it.

How the 10 commandments fail

The first 4 are even mainly about worshiping God, and can be discarded.  So if an Atheist wanted to keep them there would only be 6 commandments left that anyone would figure out anyway. (See video.) No one follows them literally, and I’ll briefly explain why they suck for everyone.

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All You Need is a Map to See who Influenced Judaism

Okay, I’m jumping the gun on this post because I wanted to talk about the Egyptian and Babylonian Gods. I haven’t done that research yet, so instead I’ll share some maps.

Until I update this post….look at all the powers that occupied Jerusalem.

egypt 1500 bc max exten

Egypt 1500 BC

assyrian empire

Assyrian Empire


Neo-Babylon Empire shortly before it was conquered by…

zoroastrian persians in egypt

Persia – (See my posts on Zoroastrianism and how the Achaemenid empire heavily influenced Christianity.)

This is before Alexander or Rome influenced their religions!

Anyone who doesn’t think Judaism was heavily influenced by their occupying states is in denial! We have evidence of Syncretism all over the world, in the New Testament (via Rome?), and in modern CatholicismYour religion is not a special snowflake that was cut off from the rest of the world! You can pretend that your religion influenced all of the neighbors, but it’s more likely yours was also influenced by more powerful pagan states. Or just by trade.

But what about similarities with far-away religions?

You can tote the Catholic church’s line that distant religions support Christianity, because God merely manifested himself as other Gods to prepare them for the real deal, but that’s some Rune-Goldberg complexity. More likely is that religions in Native America developed independently, off of universal human desires, resulting in similarities. It’s easy to disprove Gods by looking at history.

First Update on Babylonian Gods:
Eridu in Iraq is believed to be the oldest city known in the world. It had at least 4000 people living around a large temple dedicated to their patron God Enki (a.k.a. Ea).
Enki was the patron god of fresh water, salt water, crafts, creation, and the lord of semen who created the tigris and euphrates rivers by filling the beds with his own semen. He also was your prototypical daughter-fucking stud of a God. (Pic is of a Mesopotamian Goddess I find more photogenic though.)
He also created humans from clay to serve the Gods, but a rival god tried to kill the new humans with a great flood.

Been Reading Atheistic Literature (And making bookmarks)

I have recently read bits of the books by contemporary Anti-Theists Richard Dawkins, Carl Sagan, and Christopher Hitchkins. Each of these separate voices has a way of broadening the mind according to their observations. Dawkins is a Biologist, Sagan worked for Nasa, and Hitchkins was a journalist. Each had their own grounds for criticism of Christian Theology, atrocities, and history.

At the moment Carl Sagan, the director of the Cosmos series for PBS is my favorite writer. He pointed out in an hour the depth of the superstition that permeates all things, from mysticism to pseudo-science, in “Demon Haunted World.” He borrows the sense of mysticism and uses it to glorify science and progress. If only I had heard that message when I was younger, and my brain was like a sponge. But then again, this is still a terrible era to be alive if you want to be paid to use your head for science.

I find it funny how all 3 of these Atheists praise Thomas Jefferson for enshrining the separation of church and state, in a constitution so it would survive. Carl Sagan also calls 2 of the Founding Fathers from the Enlightenment Era that were willing to experiment “scientists.”

I can’t even remember when I found Thomas Jefferson’s writings, but there was a lucidity that I immediately appreciated. He had an exceptionally clear mind for his era, and I do like how Jefferson wanted to replace the death penalty for homosexuals with castration, but was overruled. We need more Thomas Jeffersons today. We need more Atheist presidents like him, (or possibly George Washington.)

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A Few Links On Zoroastrianism -Thread

This religion is so ancient and unique, and it deserves to be discussed. It’s generally considered to be the origin for hell, and many concepts of later Judaism & Christianity. This post is not directed at an audience. If you want to learn more you should do some internet searches on Ahura Mazda (the good God), and Angra Manyu (the destructive spirit.)

Here I will simply informally archive some of my basic research, and share my enthusiasm for learning about one of the first surviving religions.

zoroastrian persians in egypt

But first take a look at this map

Then tell me (and keep a straight face)

that Judaism was not influenced by the religions of the Ancient Persian empire.

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Christ Stole Theology From Zoroastrianism

Which religion influenced the others more? How many Christians, Jews or Muslims know that Zoroastrianism predated all of them, and is the source of hell and the good vs evil dynamic?

Properties of Zoroastrianism:

>Good god vs evil spirit

>son of god born of a virgin will purify the world

>burning fiery river to perish the wicked, (or hell), eternity with god for the good

>Final judgement

>30 year old prophet of God sees an angel in a river, and then travels around preaching reform

>He also heals

Zoroastrianism is 1,000 years older than Christianity. It’s hard to say just how old the scriptures that were orally passed down are, and the rituals and foundations are even older.

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Romance in an Asexual World

heart of tesla

I’ve considered whether it’d be better to be born asexual. Perhaps I would be more motivated for projects if I didn’t have a sex drive? Then again, it would be harder to relate to others, and if it were forced by genetic engineering it could lead people toward becoming shut-ins.

Virginity seems to have partly driven Tesla mad (he fell in love with a pigeon.) Without relationships (which lust encourages) I think you’d be likely to lose your motivation in the long-run.
On that note, it seems like humans need flaws to be motivated to seek better things. Permanently eradicating unhappiness might result in complacency. I would like to reach a state of superb happiness before my end though.

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Defining God as “Good” is Fallacious

haruhi who do you wantpost 1

The first problem is defining God as the source of all goodness limits one’s thoughts. There are a lot of passages in the bible where God violently performs heinous acts, but Christians still say these acts must be good, because their God is defined as good. The existence of evil makes more sense when God isn’t defined as a perfectly benevolent being.

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