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Analytical and continental philosophy explained

Well, it sorta made sense until the end when it got really murky.
Also, Zizek is terrible, I get why Sam Harris and Noam Choamsky think his philosophy is too muddy to have anything to offer.


Bertrand Russel demolishing Nietzsche

I disagree with Nietzsche on so much, but I still love the way he writes. It’s nice hearing Bertrand Russel criticize his philosophy and rip it apart as being emotional, and anti-progress, and fueled by negative emotions rather than positive ones. (I still think people need to engage with Nietzsche though to be sure of themselves, because he’s such a contrarian.) And there are some arguments Nietzsche uses which I like–namely I love to call Christianity a slave mentality, since that so well describes it, and I’ve noticed that Hitchens does the same even though he disliked Nietzsche. So there are nuggets in Nietzsche’s work which are useful, though the reasons to reject Christianity or to praise it aren’t necessarily what Nietzsche would have them.


On an unrelated note, it was quite funny to hear Bertrand Russel telling people of his day to not study abstract philosophy, but something more useful like physics, history, or psychology-particularly mass psychology.

Secular Talk: Burden of Proof and fundamentalists

He makes a great point in this video about burden of proof: the default assumption when you read something is that you’re supposed to take it literally. When someone tries to read the bible in a more complicated way, they are required to meet the burden of proof and not just wash their hands and say that “no one really knows so let’s move on.”

Why am I so amazingly smart?


Why am I so amazingly smart? QFT


You experience this illusion because you’ve been surrounded by your intellectual inferiors your whole life. Leave your home and find a place where you will frequently be the least intelligent person in the room, and you will be able to grow and learn far more than ever before.


/ fucking saved. Someone took my shitpost on te philosophy board seriously, and reaffirmed the value of something I’ve told myself for years.  I gotta trust myself and get out of this stupid country.  To do anything but seek intellectual abroad is the real escapism!

Aristotle’s Solipsist Takedown

Christians love to act skeptical of science and say something to the effect of, “Proof is not the entirety of truth. Believing that the world was a sphere (roughly) before it was proven to be so did not make that person wrong or delusional.”

This is a call to ignorance, radical skepticism and complacency. We can behave upon the grounds of what seems likely, and do so daily because that is the only practical way to live. From here the theist straddles the line between the God of the Gaps fallacy, or solipsism. The empty rhetoric these people use really says that we should not tentatively attach more credibility to what seems probable. They’re in effect saying, “No one knows the truth, so I will keep believing in what seems less probable.”

Let’s fix this stupid word game these tricky sophists are playing quickly by demanding they answer one of Aristotle’s question.

“There are no truths. Is this true or false?”

No matter what they say, Aristotle has got them cornered.

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Shitpost: Cloud was the best philosopher

Cloud and Zidane were the greatest philosophers that ever lived. They changed my life. But my best friends at middle school think Titus has even deeper insights into the human condition.

I discovered philosophy from Trigun. I could have stopped there and been smarter than the adults, but my older brother who is 14 and a genius showed me Final Fantasy. He has studied the story his whole life and wants to start a class to teach about Final Fantasy theology at a university. He says he needs to teach kids to live with nature again and care for gaia or ancient guardians will be awakened to destroy us.


This begs the question of what sort of religion Final Fantasy espoused?

Extreme Art is Beautiful (part 1)

>But as with everything, moderation is key.

I don’t like the old idea of living with ‘moderation,’ it sounds too much like mystical yin-yang – remember kids to balance your salad with the dressing or it will be too sweet or too bland. I prefer to look at extreme fashions where a concept is distilled to the absolute, over the boring ‘subtle’ conservative look old-timers embrace, that looks like its a bland mish-mash of whatever was left in your wardrobe. They claim a drab purple, gray, or brown with is classy. To me it’s just boring and makes you look like everyone else who does it – like you’re not even trying to have a stroke of individualism.

In fact they like those colors because their eyes are dimming and losing sensitivity with age. Young people are attracted to saturated colors and if you’ve watched shows for kids, you’ll noticea actors tend to notch up the drama to the point of overacting. The most fascinating art goes beyond what is realistic, and is unusual enough to be very stimulating, mainly because nature is subtle. (Supernormal stimulus explains why we tend to fetishize extremes.)

Btw, the truth doesn’t necessarily land between two extreme viewpoints.


“Truth, regardless of what liberal centrists and “common wisdom” morons say, is not in the middle. Truth is very one sided, even when that side is a third side that says “You’re morons who are arguing the wrong question about a wrong conception”. The only way to actually come to know what side truth is on is to dive deeply into the waters of whatever grabs your attention claiming to be the answer you seek.”