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George Carlin on why he worships the sun

Because religion has convinced people to believe in more bullshit than anything a businessman ever could. I’ve seen the shorter clips from this before, but I never saw the full video until now.


God feels no sentimental value for Earth

paper mario prophecy.gif

Theists claim atheists have nothing to live for yet they themselves often believe in a religion that predicts the end of the world by their God. How can someone say that someone has nothing to live for when they themselves believe the whole of human civilization will end thus rendering everything they’ve done in life meaningless?

 They would say that they trust God so much they think heaven will be so much better that blowing up this world won’t matter, and that they’ll go there ‘cas they believe in God & Jesus. If either of those 2 conditions is false then we will all cease to exist (not because of a cosmic accident, but because of the deliberating plotting of a genocidal cosmic Hitler), or hell awaits. It’s utterly incomprehensible.

Of course blowing up the rock we live on “very soon™” is a huge waste of committed time and resources. God did say we were special. But even if there were other worlds that were more worth saving, it shouldn’t render us irrelevant.

I think it would be admirable if God/the gods choose to protect a place that wasn’t particularly extraordinary, like biologists or archaeologists who try to preserve historical things. It’d be like if a god choose to protect a barren asteroid from being destroyed by Satan simply because he had memories of meeting someone he loved for the first time there.

Pure sentimentality would justify it, if God felt anything had sentimental value. The fact he doesn’t care about our homeworld implies he doesn’t really love humans or his creation that much.

If he truly loved humans (at least as much as he loved the dinosaurs), then he would at the very least do his best to protect the place where he had many memories of us, (even after we’re gone.)

It’d also be the compassionate thing to do, like saving a wounded kitten (or putting it out of its misery) when you’re not obligated to go out of your way for someone else. There’s really just so much wrong with saying we’re special, and then destroying our homeworld with the same haste that a kid knocks over a sand castle.

sandcastle gods.jpg

Snapshot of Armageddon. It will be just as lame. Satan isn’t even in the picture, ‘cas he’s been defeated; it’s just God, Jesus and pitiful little you.

Intelligent Design vs God’s boring biillion

boring billion

Here’s some more evidence against Jesus being the son of God. God didn’t do shit for a boring billion years. All he did was click “skip next turn” 50-100 times, like a bored 4X gamer playing a new game of “Civilization” without scouts on a small island. Maybe he sent Jesus to rescue other planets for 4 billion years and then came here once when we had sorta grown up? I don’t know about you, but a game where you don’t interact sounds very boring to me.

Point is that God didn’t care about saving bacteria from stagnant boredom, and/or God is boring. And then we had mass extinctions of bacteria, ‘cas he didn’t care and/or realized he had “designed” too many similar kinds. Like an autist who thought bacteria would be fun to slowly design for a billion years, rather than working on a human civilization.

To think God only started caring about life 2,000 years ago and then stopped giving us messages is silly. But then again, I’m not boring enough to understand God’s mysteriously boring ways.

Btw, I have discovered Christopher Hitchens is a far more elegant writer than I,and he mocked the indifference of heaven in a humorous speech that is worth memorizing:

Using godly names for mundane things

A friend was out walking and he heard a guy say, “Stop it Zeus! Come here!” and this little terrier stopped sniffing dog piss or whatever and trotted over with its tongue lolling. I’d rather name my dog Yahweh or Jesus and be a lord that barks commands to it in front of theists.

If I have a daughter Asherah or Lilith would be an appropriate name. My son would be Alastor, Ares, or Susanou. My cat would be Sphinx, Nemesis, Lucifer. Or I might just keep it consistent and name all my kids after Egyptian gods. It beats keeping the tradition of recycling Hebrew names for regular humans like Adam, Issac, Jacob, Josh, Peter, Michael and Luke.

We should appropriate all the religious words we can to remove their holiness. Amen just means I agree so use it in debates. Try to use Jesus Christ as a swear word so it replaces “bullshit” in future slang. Using God’s name “in vain” evokes the same irrationality as saying Voldemort’s name in Harry Potter. We have to use the words often to get over these stupid taboos.

anubis dog.gif

Waiting for Godot

Will there come a time when all Christians will have to stop waiting for Godot? 10,000 AD, or 100,000 AD, or a million years after Jesus said “I’m coming soon.” How many years would need to pass for you Christians out there to change your mind and decide to stop waiting because no one is coming? Even if 1,000 years were the blink of an eye, it’s been two very long blinks already.

The test of dogmatic thinking is when you cannot name something that would convince you to change the views you hold.

You’re just rebelling (against God)

I’ve always hated the “You’re just rebelling” line that parents use to dismiss contrary opinions. It’s a great way to isolate your child while appearing to have an unshakable superiority complex. Usually it’s uttered without anything to back it up too. This is the line parents use to avoid having to actually think about another view.

I think that if a child says he doesn’t believe what you’re saying, you’re better off taking it at face value most of the time. Telling him, “You’re just rebelling against the truth” shifts the blame; it shifts the burden of proof onto the person who has rejected a claim rather than the person who is supposed to prove it. Teenagers are good at seeing through all the spooks we believe in.

I personally was never that rebellious on matters of truth.. And to the extent that I have been “rebellious”, my views are still largely the same as when I was a teenager! I’ve only grown more distant from the thinking of my parents, not closer!

I actually am very afraid that someday I will lose the separate framework I’ve built up with my thoughts, and will become as conservative (read: closed-minded) as my parents. I want to fight against group-think, and not believe in the nonsense that most of the population still believe in.

lucid dreams

Someday a Christian might have a dream where a demon that looks like you calls you the demon, and tries to exorcise you with an incantation, “in the name of Christ.”

I always laugh when a Christians take their dreams seriously as the work of malevolent powers. Many say they had sleep paralysis because of a demon, or they met a demon in a dream, and prayed for it to go away; however all things are possible in a dream. I might be able to make an interesting scenario, since I have been able to lucid dream.

Lucid dreams (明晰夢)

A lucid dream is simply a dream where you are aware you are dreaming, and you can control it to some extent. Usually when I realize I’m dreaming, the dream doesn’t last much longer than a minute before I wake up, (my reasoning is that awareness continually stimulates the brain until it wakes up.) I’ve also sometimes slipped into another dream, and lost control of the dream, and the awareness that I was dreaming, which seems to be the only way for me to keep dreaming. Other people have learned to lucid dream much better than I can, and can go for five minutes or more, or to have multiple lucid dreams in a night.

What separates this from a daydream, is it feels much more vivid, and your imagination conjures images, events, settings and characters with less effort. It’s a lot like playing a hyperrealistic video game, because whenever you look at something, your brain tells yourself you’re looking at a real object. Continue reading lucid dreams