Comic books contain modern Gods

If you read about superman on wiki, at first he could only jump far and high, then he could fly. At first he could lift a car, and then he could move a moon. As comic theology evolves, power creep turns above average heroes into gods.

500 years people from now people might worship our comic heroes as gods. All you need is time to forget that they started as stories, and you can have an altar for Captain America, or Iron Man. And if something is old enough, believers can say maybe Iron Man was the manifestation of God, who once revealed himself to us so we would know his will. All evidence to the contrary is the work of H.Y.D.R.A. (A.k.a the devil.) If you ever need to understand how religion developed, look at modern folklore. You can even look at Slenderman.

Hundreds of years from now some archaeologist  will pick up a comic book in the ruins of our civilization, and suppose we worshiped them. Well, we do devote a lot of time to watching these gladiator gods fight each other.


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