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Old post: Trump and Charleston

Old post: Trump panders to the neonazis.

Do you think it’s a good idea to expose kids to violence, bigotry, and to encourage them to talk to refugees and immigrants? I think it is a great idea to applaud and wish my parents had done something similar, since where I live people are self- concerned asshole. I would like to see more outreach, and I think moments like this could stop the alt right.

The younger generations need to have moments like these so they can learn to resist the natural tendency to be bigots, in the way Boomers learned from the violence of the civil rights’s a vital learning experience that lets you before a skeptic of those who advocate color -blind generalizations, and who argue from the emotion of hate.

Right now we need to get the younger generation to be active Harry’s who can stand up to hate and to fight our battles against violence and prejudice because that the former guardians of justice will soon not be with us anymore. To me the pretty girl who did nothing wrong, and was still ran over at Charlestown should be a martyr for all of us

She was killed simply for standing up for others, and she’s one of the few American girls I would probably deeply respect. The Neo-Nazis have come to rally in my hometown too, and everyone was surprised because it’s relatively more enlightened and multi-cultural here and we thought racism had nearly died and we were nothing like the Southern assholes. A band of Neonazis here even attacked a protestor.

We should do what we can to stop the Nazis from gaining anymore power, and we must drive back this shadow of hatred before it consumes us all. The Silent Generation is dead, but fascism is returning and we have to honor their sacrifices and It’s on us to uphold their promise, “Never Again.”

…We might even have to lose more martyrs to the the bigots to prevent anther Nazi Germany. It’s a constant struggle that requires constant vigilance, but that’s the price we must pay for