A year of research

Well a year has nearly come to a close. To show for it I have broadened my mind and my studies.

I have read:

Some Plato, Ayn Rand, Stirner, Nietzshe, Marx, Adam Smith.

I read some Steven Hawking, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitckens, Richard Dawkins, Bart Ehrman (misquoting Jesus).

Strunk White (the grammartician), Solaris, Sanctum (a shitty Young Adult book), The Best American Poetry 2014, Whipping Girl (total shit.)

I read part of Enouch, the Lotus Sutra, the bible, the book Muslims read, The Pearl of Great Price/Book of Mormon, and a pamphlet for the church of christian science.

I have learned about ideas like the 4 causes from /philosophy/, discovered /cuckquean/, /midwest/ /atheism/ /christian/ /christ/ /mental/ /leftypol/

Actually I discovered a lot of boards I didn’t go back to, but that’s what this year was, a chance to actually use my free time to broaden my mind. And in the process of walking about I found myself a little more. Kenso!

It has been rather productive regardless of what others have said. And that is aside from all the random things I learned on wikipedia, etc. I also started my endlessjune blog, in june of course, and became a better writer from all the debates and blog posts I wrote. Also because I annoyed my Grandmother and especially my father with letters on the notes I had taken about religion.

Religion has been a blast! I had the opportunity to do some of the liberal arts scholarship I didn’t get the chance to do as a business major, and then to debate and learn how to think more critically. To seek out primary sources, and try to learn how to interpret things. I will someday be able to put those universal skills to good use!


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