Snapshot of life in a boring place

April 11, 2017

I took my dog for a walk today, and dogs really are gross. He’d lick up dog urine, dog shit, and spit wads on the grass if I let him. I don’t like dogs as much as I used to, especially not my dog. By contrast, I like my dog and even her name pleases me now, and I can’t say it without wanting to smile a little since I associate her with love which is about all that she ever gives me.

Apart from that I feel trapped in a cycle of emotional poverty, and bored out of my mind. I thought about writing an escapist fantasy today about a female archer in a forest, but I decided I didn’t have the energy to start writing another stupid story that I probably won’t have the inspiration or energy to finish. It’s hard to write things right now, apart from philosophical or political mumbo-jumbo. Once I get abroad maybe I can write stories again. I so long to walk down a snowy city street with soft uplifting jazz music in my ears, perhaps in the company of someone I care about, and to go hiking to a place overlooking civilization where I can dance, sing, and be a wild individual.
Whenever I get abroad I will eat a sort of salad of cut up apples and bananas every morning. When I walk on Sundays I will wear a cool cloak or poncho of some kind, or maybe cross-dress if I want to show I’m free.
There are no atheist meet-ups near where I live, which i long to visit, but there are countless churches and slaves who uglify my city with Christian spam in the form of brochures hung from countless street lamps and on undecorated trees. There are no festivals, no origami, no fun at all, and I’m tired of the food and find it hard to even think about being vegan at restaurants.


I am long due to live abroad, and as I cough everyday, possibly due to allergies or toxins in the air, and try to ignore the mosquito in my ear, I feel like I might not have many years left. If that’s the case, I really do need to go abroad. To be totally free is the reoccurring dream that grips me and is the object of my fantasies. I hope I’ll find the courage soon to wake up, study, and apply myself to the competitive overseas job market so I can escape from this hell of boredom and same-faces.

Old post: Trump and Charleston

Old post: Trump panders to the neonazis.

Do you think it’s a good idea to expose kids to violence, bigotry, and to encourage them to talk to refugees and immigrants? I think it is a great idea to applaud and wish my parents had done something similar, since where I live people are self- concerned asshole. I would like to see more outreach, and I think moments like this could stop the alt right.

The younger generations need to have moments like these so they can learn to resist the natural tendency to be bigots, in the way Boomers learned from the violence of the civil rights’s a vital learning experience that lets you before a skeptic of those who advocate color -blind generalizations, and who argue from the emotion of hate.

Right now we need to get the younger generation to be active Harry’s who can stand up to hate and to fight our battles against violence and prejudice because that the former guardians of justice will soon not be with us anymore. To me the pretty girl who did nothing wrong, and was still ran over at Charlestown should be a martyr for all of us

She was killed simply for standing up for others, and she’s one of the few American girls I would probably deeply respect. The Neo-Nazis have come to rally in my hometown too, and everyone was surprised because it’s relatively more enlightened and multi-cultural here and we thought racism had nearly died and we were nothing like the Southern assholes. A band of Neonazis here even attacked a protestor.

We should do what we can to stop the Nazis from gaining anymore power, and we must drive back this shadow of hatred before it consumes us all. The Silent Generation is dead, but fascism is returning and we have to honor their sacrifices and It’s on us to uphold their promise, “Never Again.”

…We might even have to lose more martyrs to the the bigots to prevent anther Nazi Germany. It’s a constant struggle that requires constant vigilance, but that’s the price we must pay for

Proof that male circumcision is evil

There are a billion reasons, but this video shares some. “Sex & Circumcision: An American Love Story by Eric Clopper”

I also like to cite that it only started to reduce the pleasure of men in America, at a time when a similar practice was started to stop “self-abuse” in women.

And that it is rare around the world, except in less developed countries (mainly in Africa and the Middle East.)

And I like to talk about how it messed up David Reimer’s life.

I have a ton more arguments, but those are some of my favorites. It is an unnecessary invasive procedure, and no children give consent to have their genitals mutilated before the age of consent!

Props to Andrew Yang for criticizing this practice.

Prostitution in japan

Fuzoku. I never heard that word before  and I had no idea they were forbidden from leaving certain areas in a near caste society,  and am not sure how that worked.


Ancient Japanese post cards from wikipidea.

I also had no idea they looked like this,  or that Shinjuku was a red light district in 2-Chome, thoughIf I saw this I would just think I was in an old 伝統的な地区。