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Amazonian Tribe Deconverted a Missionary

This Amazonian tribe deconverted a missionary.  They were content with what they had, and had no need of Christ. They were skeptical of his beliefs.He hid his Atheism for twenty years, and his wife divorced him he told her the truth. He also wrote a decent book about his experiences with the tribe, but I wish he had talked more about the personal details of his breakup.

He wrote more in his book.


Falling Behind the Times (with age)

One of the things I dread, is that my knowledge will fall behind. From the moment a person gives up their free time to work, they are not as free to learn. The brain calcifies at the aristocracy of youth passes, and it becomes impossible to keep up with all the subjects, trends, and developments that bombard youth. Meanwhile the facts I’ve memorized will fade with disuse, and become obsolete as the world changes, and I’ll probably stop caring too. Continue reading Falling Behind the Times (with age)

The Mind of an Old Atheist Must Contain Pages of Refutations

I’ve been reflecting on how long I’ve been collecting information on religion, often by debating Atheism/Christianity for nearly 9 months now. Thanks to that, I now have pages of refutations, pages of proofs that Christianity is a lie all stored inside my head. If I hadn’t debated this, or applied rigor and done the research, I might have been vulnerable in the future.

Now I can go through the rest of my life solidly convinced the Christian God does not exist in any form, or any other religions.

The only plausible God for a learned Atheist would be a flawed one that simply exists

At most, I might be able to believe in a Deist sort of God, or a flawed God that simply exists and was not created, as Lem might put it. The moment it began to interact with humans, it would raise all sorts of questions. I certainly couldn’t believe anyone who claimed to have a revelation of that God. I’d need falsifiable evidence – not a collection of false prophecies from some ancient scriptures.

The first mover at most would prove the existence of a God, but it would not support that it had a form like the Christian God, or of any other God created by man. However that argument would need to survive the attacks of Richard Dawkins on intelligence design, and how evolution and complicated systems come from simple beginnings, not complex ones. What he really points out is how ridiculously hypothetical the first mover argument really is, and a list of fallacies were discovered thanks to Hume’s attack on it hundreds of years ago.

9 months of research and thoughtful debate

I hope enough of the data I’ve invested so much time in finding will will remain inside me for the rest of my life. I currently have the ability now to solidly prove the Christian God does not exist. On the other hand, I know even my best arguments won’t persuade a Christian who has made up his own mind, a priori. It’s quite sad really, but I must take pride in finding the truth, because I deserve the credit of trying, even if I had lucky breaks that freed me from the fetters of faith (a.k.a ignorance.)

No Christian can prove the Christian God exists; at best they can argue that it’s possible through a Laplace Demon argument (although not likely.) But inside my head are pages of contradictions and absurdities from the bible from different sources. For perhaps the first time in my life, I have a solid proof of something that I found out on my own. It’s something I can safely believe in, because I’ve held it to the fire and tested it countless times and in countless ways, and now I can know that it’s right in an objective universe. I’ve excavated through a surface of lies, and uncovered a foundation of bedrock that Theists will never know.

A religious person who heard me say that would immediately jump to conclusions and say I’m being dogmatic. To the contrary, when I started I had a shred of agnosticism left, and I tried hard to keep an open mind at first. The evidence simply added up, and the probability of God existing went from 50-50 to 10%, then 1%, and now it’s infinitely approaching zero. Continue reading The Mind of an Old Atheist Must Contain Pages of Refutations

Satanic Moral Panics

Holy cow people sure were stupid in the 80’s.

They also spent 15 million dollars on a witch hunt, and threw an innocent guy in jail for 5 years because of a secret conspiracy / molestation ring, all based on the heresy of a mentally insane mother. the Satanic panic and they thought Dungeons and Dragons was a Satanic board game, and there were Satanic messages in rock music when played backwards at the right speeds.

“In its most extreme form, SRA involved a supposed worldwide conspiracy involving the wealthy and powerful of the world elite in which children were abducted or bred for sacrifices, pornography and prostitution.”

Seriously, I’m ashamed to live anywhere near such a backwards era. The thinking is so bad, I might as well be living in Salem, or in the Mccarthy era.

Continue reading Satanic Moral Panics

Hebrews worshipped an active volcano​

The book of Genesis was written in the Near Eastern IRON Age, and the Hebrews were worshipping an erupting volcano while they were “in the wilderness” (Exodus 19: 16-19;)

16 On the morning of the third day there was thunder and lightning, with a thick cloud over the mountain, and a very loud trumpet blast. Everyone in the camp trembled. 17 Then Moses led the people out of the camp to meet with God, and they stood at the foot of the mountain. 18 Mount Sinai was covered with smoke, because the Lord descended on it in fire. The smoke billowed up from it like smoke from a furnace, and the whole mountain[a] trembled violently. 19 As the sound of the trumpet grew louder and louder, Moses spoke and the voice of God answered him.[b]
Some have said the volcanic mountain was in Saudia Arabia. Also, there was no way they could have fled from the Egyptians because the Egyptians were already in Israel, having occupied it for over a hundred years!

Marget Weis and Tracy Hickman were Mormons

I’ve been a fan of the fantasy series, “The Death Gate Chronicles,” and “Rose of the Prophet.” Both of them questioned whether we can trust the integrity of Gods that have human failings. What came to surprise me is both of these authors are Mormons. (Which calls to mind Orson Scott Card too, begging the question of why Mormons good at writing fantasy novels?)

What particularly bugs me is that in the ending of Death Gate, there are two species of “Gods” that have been wrecking havoc on humans and other species. Then the protagonist, “Haplo” essentially says, “Wouldn’t it be nice if the Gods could leave them alone, and not meddle in their lives. Give them freedom, and not ruin everything.”

His friend Alfred agrees, and the two work together to isolate their two godly species, and thereby prevent them from interfering with lower species ever again. In other words, they create a a deist universe.

I thought this was a great conclusion to the running theme of the book – how a greater species would always be tempted to meddle, and inadvertently muck things up. And aren’t we lucky to live without the presence of any Gods? It’s strange to me that two authors could write so many epic fantasy novels questioning the nature of squabbling fictional Gods, and not then come out and say, “You know, long ago our God was probably written the same way. He’s probably fake you know.” (Going by the bibliographies, it’s doubtful they’re closet Atheists.)

Citations for their Mormon faith:

Also, I found 50 contradictions to Mormonism:



Longer version of why  Death Gate seemed to support secularism for me:

Death Gate Cycle (a fantasy book series written by two Mormons) – Two races of demigods evolved from  humans due to the fallout of WW3. Both could use magic, and they warred with each other, and competed for influence on humans. Eventually one of them (the Sartans) sundered the Earth into multiple smaller worlds to utterly defeat the other.

Eons later the lord of the defeated race (Patryns) wanted revenge and tried to fuse the worlds back into Earth, reshaping the world so they’d be in control. He doesn’t care that millions of humans and other lower life forms would perish a second time from the chaos that would unleash.

His plan is foiled when a  few Sartans and Patryns decide it’d be better to force both Gods to live together on one world forever so they can sort out their differences without involving other races in the meddling and cycle of genocide.

Jesus was a violent baby

He would kick people off roofs and then heal them.
He would taunt his teachers, perform tricks and break things.
Long ago the Christian Canon wasnt set until around 300 ad by the church. Fanfictions circulated like mad, with fake miracles. About ten fanfictions to every book in the bible but most were destroyed by the church as being heretical. Only the most popular ones that the church could use to extort money survived probably.

Except we found shreds of the old tales, for a glimpse into the chaos of early Christianity with myriad sects, and alternate revelations. The gospel of thomas, mary, and jusas all sat alongside the four gospels.

Jigoku Shoujo Anime attacks “Hell”

I felt like Hell Girl did a good job of showing why it’s a good thing curses don’t exist. People would be willing to curse each other for minor things out of anger, and our society would not be able to advance. I doubt many people would escape being damned to hell by vengeful peers at primary school.

The premise is any person can send anyone to hell, but in return they will be sent to hell. Many people are so blinded by revenge they still do it, only to realize afterward it wasn’t worth it. Often, it turns out their enemy wasn’t their enemy, didn’t deserve it, or was mostly innocent.

The story also attacks hitobashira / human sacrifice in old Japan. The main character was buried alive 400 years ago to appease an angry God, and awoke as an angry spirit. Once again, we’ll be better off when we remove all traces of that horrible past. You never know when embracing a lie will lead to reprehensible thinking by the better standards of the future.

Here’s the OP, which I love.

Another manga that takes a look at torture in hell is Jigokuren. It’s a romantic comedy where the main character is tortured repeatedly in hell.

Jesus: King of the Zombies

Jesus_supper_zombie What the Last Supper could have looked like

I just can’t get enough of how people are willing to believe there were potentially hundreds or thousands of resurrected zombies walking around Jerusalem and meeting people when Jesus died. And yet, no one wrote about it, and most Jews remained convinced after all of that that Jesus could not have been resurrected.

Matthew 27:52 is the greatest story never told

Apparently Jesus’s resurrection was a rather boring and common event at the time, given there were all these dead people walking up and down the streets. Although I discredit it ever happening, it still makes me if one of those other resurrected people was the real messiah.

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