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Closing thoughts on Kino’s Journey 2017

The new Kino no Tabi anime remake did improve the animation and introduced a lot of new travelers. I realized I don’t really care for Kino as much at the other travelers. Kino is a lot more comfortable with being amoral compared to Shizu, the liberal traveler who carries the sword and who consistently intervenes for liberalism.

For some reason the show loves punishing the best intentions of the liberal interventionist. Like in the ship episode he overthrows the government and saves the people, only for the people to reject him and go back to their old ways aboard a sinking ship. (Kino initially fought to protect the existing order.)

Or in the episode where he goes to find the radio towers, and insists to the police there are no such radio towers that would explain psychopathy, only to be nearly killed by a mob for being honest. I’m not sure if the author actually holds that position that you shouldn’t intervene in countries you don’t “fully understand,” or if it just makes for an interesting story.

It’s also implied Kino wouldn’t tell the people of the country about the fighting rams. Regardless, it seems naive to me, like most of the arguments peaceniks give for not having liberal intervention in the middle east or “respecting foreign cultures” and not supporting the liberal Muslims who want to reform Islam.

I also like Shizu better because he adopts a psychopathic loli and tries to find a new country to immigrate to where he, his dog, and the loli can live peacefully. Kino has no such maturity or readiness to be a surrogate parent, and said in “A Kind Country” that she’s glad a little girl named Sakura wasn’t coerced into escaping an erupting volcano with her. (Apparently because it would have been a hassle to take care of the 11 year old.)  The first anime series was also much better because Kino actually shed tears when the volcano erupted.

There were only about 9 episodes with new content, but I’m going to remember the sheep episode the longest. Kino running over a flock of sheep with a hummer to save her motorcycle was a pretty funny “solution” to the problem of murderous sheep.




2 black guys arrested at Starbucks; Starbucks panics and capitulates to SJWS

The story is that two black guys sat down at Starbucks and refused to order anything. The manager told them to either buy something or leave, and they said they were waiting for someone and refused to buy anything. Eventually the manager called the cops who told them to leave. *Out come the camera phones* Next the 2 guys grumble about racism on the camera, (and get away with it because the manager is probably white), and the cops finally decide that’s enough bullshit and just arrest them for trespassing.

Social justice warriors then upload the videos and cry wolf in the media. Starbucks instantly caves to the bullying. Now the manager has been fired for doing her job, and 8,000 Starbucks will close down on May 29th to send nearly 175,000 employees for “Racial bias sensitivity training” at a cost of millions in lost profit. Starbuck’s CEO even flew to Philadelphia and met the two men (perhaps to give them a settlement?) I’m not even joking.

Goddamn, how difficult would it be for one of the 2 assholes with SJW hats to just buy a single $3.50 cup of burnt black coffee? They were asked to make a purchase multiple times and they could even split the cost. Who knows how long they sat there holding up a table like it’s a picnic table in a public park before the manager called the cops. I don’t care if they’re homeless, it’s not that expensive and if it’s raining and you beg then someone will probably buy you a cup. They also deserved to be arrested when they defied the cops and refused to leave the store.

Corporations need to look out for their employees and stop caving to SJW terrorists because the customer isn’t always right. That would be actual progressiveness rather than this illiberal bullshit that calls itself progress.

The new racial sensitivity training will worsen the working environment. It is just going to make Starbucks employees more racist as they’re taught to be conscious about racial differences. They’ll inadvertently start thinking that blacks are more over-sensitive than whites because they haven’t been able to control themselves in past incidents like this, and that blacks are likely to manufacture fake outrages about racism which will go viral if you don’t capitulate to their demands; nevertheless, you should still demean yourself like any “professional” who earns a minimum wage, and just coddle them like they’re babies that can do no wrong. They’ll probably call the self-depreciation “conflict deescalation.”


Starbucks Racism: Another Moral Panic

As you probably know, earlier this week 2 black men were arrested at a Starbucks when they failed to order anything. They sat down without ordering anything, told the manager when she asked them if they wanted to buy anything that they had brought their own bottles of water, and then refused to leave. (I found the video where they spent 7 minutes refusing to leave and arguing with the cops before they were arrested, and I suspect they treated the barista badly off camera which triggered her calling the cops.)

You can’t walk into a restaurant and sit down at a table unless you’re with someone who orders something.

I expected rags like the Huntington Post to cry about racism, but I thought there would be more papers and editorials that would say the obvious. All of the papers are complacent in the narrative that it had to be about racism. Sp I’m now starting to think that the alt-right can actually be right about more issues than I thought.

For instance, there are videos from Mark Dice and Sargon of Akkad that actually support the narrative I believe happened, after my experiences with wasting hundreds of dollars at Starbucks. But the Guardian, New York Times, Fox News, CNN, Business Insider, the Wall Street Journal, and basically every other paper across the political spectrum just spins the story to be about racism. They actually made the extreme right look sane and objective.

I’ll give more supporting evidence if anyone wants to disagree. I’m just disappointed that they we’re in some kind of moral panic about racism and that every paper has some kind of group-think or political correctness that keeps them from criticizing someone when the criticism is due. In a fair world, the mayor of Philadelphia shouldn’t be investigating Starbucks for implicit racism, and the police commissioner wouldn’t be pressured to apologize days after he calmly said his own men had done nothing wrong other than to impartially enforce the law. It should be highly condescending to blacks to assume they’ll go nuts if you don’t overreact and apologize when no apology is due.

Critias the atheist

I found a fine quote from 500 bc.


Charles H. Kahn:

“The Sysyphus fragment (DK 88B.25) consists of 42 iambic trimeters cited by Sextus Empiricus as an expression of the atheistic views of the tyrant Critias. Sextus does not mention the name Sysyphus, but another citation (in the doxography known as Aetius) tells us that the speech was delivered by Sysyphus in a play by Euripides. I translate the text as given by Snell.”

There was a time when the life of human beings was disordered

and beastly, and life was ruled by force,

when there was no reward for the virtuous

nor any punishment for the wicked.

And then I think that humans decided to establish laws

to punish [wrongdoers] so that justice might rule

and be master over crime and violence (hybris).

And they punished anyone who did wrong.

Then, since the laws held public deeds in check

and prevented men from open acts of violence,

but they acted secretly, then it was, I believe,

that a shrewd, and clever-minded man

invented for mortals a fear of the gods, so that

there might be a deterrent for the wicked, even if

they act or say or think anything in secret.

Hence from this source the divine was introduced [with the claim]

that there is a deity who enjoys imperishable life,

hearing and seeing with his mind, his thought

and attention on all things, his nature so divine

that he will hear whatever is said among mortals

and be able to see whatever is done.

If ever you plot some evil deed in silence,

even this will not escape the gods. For they

have knowledge. It was such stories that he told

when he introduced this most delightful teaching

and hid the truth with a false tale.

He said the gods dwell there and placed them where

they might make the greatest impression upon human beings,

there where he knew that fears come to mortals

and benefits also [to relieve] the miseries of life,

from the vault on high, where they beheld

the shafts of lightning and the fearful blows of thunder

and star-filled gleam of heaven,

the beautiful design of Time the clever builder,

parade-ground for the brilliant mass of the sun

and source of rainfall moistening the earth below.

Such were the fears with which he surrounded humans

and by which this clever man established the deity

in the proper place, with a handsome story,

and extinguished lawlessness by means of laws.


P.S. here’s another anti-theist saying.

“Gripped by fear people go to sacred mountains, sacred groves, sacred trees and shrines.”

Siddhartha Gautama ~ 560 BC – 486 BC

Doves shrug as chemical weapons are used in Syria again

Except that right now we aren’t doing anything to fight Assad, and I don’t see how that result merits cheering.  Soon we will be stuck with another Islamic dictator who repeatedly used chemical weapons against civilians, (which Russia doesn’t care about as long as Assad stays allied with Russia.) Any stability will come at a great cost. The Syrian government is officially a terrorist government that’s allied with Russia, who doesn’t give a fuck about human rights.

Assad is a universal enemy, and he’s hardly a boogeyman if you aren’t a sociopath and actually care about ensuring rights and personal liberties. The whole crisis does show that Europe doesn’t care about what happens in the Middle-East until refugees show up, at which case it’s, “Blame the Americans for everything again.” The sociopath don’t blame the Russians for protecting Assad’s regime from change, or place the blame precisely on Assad for having an unpopular government that invited rebellion. They don’t much blame ISIS/Al Qaeda/Islamists for mucking up a good cause, or their own isolationist NATO governments for demilitarizing themselves and renouncing the “Never again” promise to step in if chemical weapons are ever used again. They also choose not to step in and oust Assad when Obama flinched on his red line which was an election bluff.

It’s so much easier for hypocritical “liberals” both at home and in Europe to do nothing for liberalism while blaming US leadership in a partisan way. No regard is given for protecting liberalism or democracy by the weak-kneed peaceniks. The opportunistic bien-pensant liberals cheer when Russia steps in and protects dictators or disseminates illiberal propaganda throughout the Middle East.

They say: “Tell Putin that Assad can gas them all, just make sure you keep the refugees away from my front yard.”

To hell with the pacifists! Even pulling out of Vietnam looks like a moral failure in hindsight–because right after we left domino theory was proven, Communists took over Cambodia next door, and then you had Pol Pol committing genocide on a million people! The only way to avoid being a hypocritical pacifist is to fight the spread of illiberal and fascist ideas.

Appeasing the illiberal aggressors is as a rule never a good idea, although maybe the flood of refugees into Europe has been a good thing since it finally woke Europe up to the idea that clinging to their multi-cultural/open border/peacenik ideologies is just burying one’s head in the sand, because they are not compatible with global affairs. (If Obama predicted this and deliberately sat back and let the crisis spill over to make Europe shut up for once and for all and stop criticizing liberal intervention in the Middle East, then he’s a genius with an IQ of 160. That being so, he probably did earn his Nobel Peace Prize.)

My argument is the only objectively correct moral compass in a world of moral greys, is to be consistent as a liberal hawk, which means to be one who defends universal values at home and also one who intervenes to fuel the same human rights abroad. That’s the same way you’d want someone else to act if they were creating the world under John Rawl’s “veil of ignorance.” (It’s a famous philosophical thought experiment that helps eliminates biases.) We should apply the concept in real time and try to create a more fair world for anyone born in the next generation.

Likewise, you’d hope that other people would intervene on your behalf for your universal values, just like how France aided the United States in our fight against Great Britain, (although maybe they were mainly doing so for geopolitical reasons to weaken their eternal rival.)

3 anti-theist anime (幼女戦記、 fma)


Being X is what a real skeptic would call God if he met him because you can’t ever know if he is God. I will remember this phrase and use it passionlessly whenever Christcucks try to define God. And then I’ll say being X is pond scum.

Anime: “A Sunday without God.”

An anime about a deist God announcing he is going to ignore the Earth, and the resultant suffering.


Edward from Full Metal Alchemist only believes in science and rationality (although science is like magic in the series, it still follows a set of discernable and discoverable rules.) I don’t understand how people can call themselves fans of the series and not let it question their beliefs. Lambchopsil is the co-admin of mangaupdates and has had an avatar from Full Metal Alchemist for over 10 years, but still strongly believes in Christianity, church and miracles. (His moderators eventually lock all atheism/religious threads btw, as a rule, because of “flaming/trolling.” )

Supposedly Angel’s Egg. The film was made by a lifelong priest who begun to question his faith, and some say that certain elements of the film can be interpreted as literary manifestations of his doubt.

Also spice and wolf: 狼娘の居る神社があったら毎日お参りするんだけどな.

Tears to Tiara is maybe a little more literally antitheistic than figuratively so.

Hellsing ultimate has the catholic church as antagonists

Zetsuen no Tempest is kind of antitheistic but more so in a conceptual sense, and even then with a Shinto flavor.

Hiraga Josef Kou, a genius scientist, and Robert Nicholas, an archives and cryptanalysis expert. The two work as a team as the Vatican’s “miracle examiners,” traveling the world to investigate the authenticity of claims of miracles.

I felt like Hell Girl did a good job of showing how terrible it is for an innocent person to be sent to hell. The premise is any person can send anyone to hell, but in return they will be sent to hell. Some people are so blinded by revenge they do it, only to realize afterward it wasn’t worth it, or their enemy wasn’t their enemy and didn’t deserve it. Still a lackluster anime though.

Trump is finally ruining the stock market

Stock market is falling because Trump has started a trade war with China. Do you remember all the partisan Republicans who praised Trump for the rising stock market in the past 6 months while ignoring the rising national debt that fueled that bubble? So why aren’t they complaining right now while Trump takes no credit for the falling stock market? Why are the Republicans who supported free trade still deflecting all criticism from Trump? Why aren’t the isolationists and the blue collars turning on the Republican congress because they are never gonna adequately fund their beloved wall? Why aren’t the disenfranchised threatening to defect to the Democrats and giving the billionaires an ultimatum if they don’t take their new tax cuts with social responsibility and actually bring back manufacturing from other countries and fund public education?

Why aren’t the fiscal conservatives turning on the Republicans and vowing to vote Democrat after the Republicans boosted up spending more than any Democrat ever did? Why are the libertarians shrugging? Why do the NRA nuts stand by Trump and the Republicans even in the states where they’re ushering in more restrictive gun legislation? Why do the evangelicals, their lobbyists and the preachers stand by Trump when they know he has no morals, isn’t Christian and doesn’t have family values?

The entire Republican party is ridiculously partisan and brainwashed by the government mouth-piece that is Fox News.

Hitchens – Socialism is dead by defintion


Socialism is dead by definition (It’s now rich workers discriminating against poor workers)- Hitchens

Yeah, there’s definitely a contradiction there.
Midway through this video he also explains why we cannot accept a theocratic Iran, and justifies action in Iraq even if the occupation has messed up, and justifies action in Afghanistan as a test of will and also a transformational war.

He also talks about how Afghanistan and Iraq are our responsibilities because we helped elect the leaders we must now fight against, and we have that responsibility whether we want to or not.
I really need to start bookmarking Hitchen’s articles like this because they can be hard later to find since he was so prolific.