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God’s morality at Soddom


Ah yes, always disheartening to see someone derive moral value from a libelous story wherein the only man the Lord deemed worthy enough to live was a man who offered up his daughters to be gang raped, and who subsequently impregnated them himself. Bravo, sir.


Bernie on the Street: Our message is the top one percent of the top one percent of the top ten percent…


Bernie Sanders would be fun to impersonate with his distinct accent, which is more distinct than Trump’s. Also he doesn’t piss you off the way Trump does.
And his message is actually very true, once you do the math.


You can’t choose your beliefs, and atheism is epic


Nobody is free to believe what they want (another reason the foundation of Christianity is flawed). You cannot choose. Choose to earnestly believe – right now – that you can fly like Superman. You cannot, because belief is NOT a choice. Everything is meaningless given eternity.


Let me add more!

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The hippies were right about the environment

The Middle East is projected to become too hot to live in because of global warming, and a billion people living there and in the equatorial regions are expected to become the refugees who the right wingers want to keep out. Our actions are poisoning the fresh water, and depleting the arable land, and we keep trying to accelerate how much energy we can burn.

Nature’s solution is probably to hurt us. To strip us of our prosperity and force us backwards. The thin crust of life on this planet will go on, with us relegated to a shadow of what we were, and it appears that we aren’t capable of fixing this problem. Our system incentivizes sociopaths to rule us, and the unlimited human desires unleashed by capitalism and technology cannot be silenced even if it destroys our species.

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Operation Northwoods

I never heard about this before, but this is insane. It turns out that during the cold war were willing to commit terrorism on their own citizens to start a war with Cuba. This goes beyond Gulf of Tonkin or USS MAINE levels of falseflagging without killing anyone innocent.

This is the kind of shit people can do when they accept collateral damage and decide upon pure utilitarianism. Having heard about this, I can better understand how the 9/11 truthers reached their conclusions.

You know how that sociopath actor from Empire faked a hate crime? It’s the same level of madness. The drive to fight a perceived  monster with every tool you have can turn you into a monster. And if you listen to the military industrial complex they’ll always force you into more stupid wars, and then truth will be sacrificed.

Kyle Kulinski was wrong to think Senator Kevin Deleon would win

I just want to point out that he repeatedly predicted Kevin Deleon would win because he was more progressive, but in reality establishment Democrat Dianne Feinstein won in California. His prophecy failed, and the shitty centrist won, but he has continued to stick to the shtick that made him famous among progressives.

He has never talked about Kevin Deleon since the election, because that would mean owning up to his mistake. He would have to admit that in some races the centrist is more popular and will win.

Washington Post runs 4 hit pieces on Bernie Sanders in One Day

Yeah fuck these corporate democrats. I thought the Washington Post was above this even if they’re Neoliberal and are owned by the richest man in the world: Jeff Bezos. Democracy really dies in darkness, and the Washington Post is too often a tool of the neoliberal half of the establishment. Continue reading Washington Post runs 4 hit pieces on Bernie Sanders in One Day