mar-a-largo corruption

The US owned this property but gave it up because they didn’t want to pay taxes. Trump bought it for 8 million by threatening to build an ugly property on the beach in front of it that would block the view, and has made millions off of it, and he turned it into a nouveau riche private club that requires a 200,000 USD admission fee, and 14 K annually. People who join are rejects to the older private clubs of the area that reject blacks and Jews, and he profits from the egotistical kind of porky.

He will have met Xi and has met the Japanese PM here. He didn’t disclose who he meets there and who influences him until forced by a new act of congress to release his club list and logs of who meets him on his property. Even the Republican insiders in his party didn’t trust him and want to know who the fuck he is meeting.

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