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Which characters were the conservatives in “The Wizard of Oz?” (Hint: liberals love brains and hearts)

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Which characters in this movie are best labeled as the conservatives?

Remember how in “the Wizard of Oz” all the heroes were pursuing some characteristic they craved? The scarecrow wanted a brain, the tin man a heart, the lion guts, and Dorothy….was just a sweet girl who already had those things, and ultimately just wanted to go home.  Well,  I’ve realized that a good lens for differentiating liberals and conservatives (traditionalists) is to look at the traits they extol as virtues which they think make you deserving of being their friend.

Liberals respect people who either have a heart or a brain. (Democrats will like you if you more try to cultivate those traits.) Conservatives (and I mean Republicans) instead respect people who have either power or wealth (which is just a quantifiable and visible indicator of power.) They love bravado too, and select pugnacious speakers who can beat down their opponents from a position of power, rather than any soft-spoken academic who calls for civil discussion and inclusion of marginalized points of view.

I think Republicans are shallow, and whenever I learn about the silly madness of the South’s sad racist history, that image of hidebound conservatives is cemented in my mind. Perhaps that’s why I’ve always been drawn toward liberalism even though I didn’t always see the distinction in the world. The Wizard of Oz appears to me as a fairy tale by a crew of progressives–(need I mention that the film’s dance choreographer was gay?) Continue reading Which characters were the conservatives in “The Wizard of Oz?” (Hint: liberals love brains and hearts)

Trump is the real life Lex Luthor

In 2018, Lex becomes the President-elect of the United States.

If only it said 2016, then Smallville would have be prophetic. That year was first time in American history that a robber baron got into office with no former experience in government. Continue reading Trump is the real life Lex Luthor

Kyle Kulinski was wrong to think Senator Kevin Deleon would win

I just want to point out that he repeatedly predicted Kevin Deleon would win because he was more progressive, but in reality establishment Democrat Dianne Feinstein won in California. His prophecy failed, and the shitty centrist won, but he has continued to stick to the shtick that made him famous among progressives.

He has never talked about Kevin Deleon since the election, because that would mean owning up to his mistake. He would have to admit that in some races the centrist is more popular and will win.

Bernie Sanders announces he’s running for president in 2020

Hallelujah it’s happening! Out of all the Democrats Bernie Sanders still has the best name recognition, and proven reputation, and stands the best chance of beating Trump out of all of the progressive candidates. On top of that he can make decent inspirational speeches, lay out an actual political platform in a book, and listen to scientific people in interviews without telling them to shut up like Trump or other corporate conservatives.
He also isn’t just an empty suit like Kamala Harris or a corporate owned Democrat like Senator Amy Cloud Boot Jar of Minnesota. He also isn’t another neoliberal like Barack Obama. He’s a populist Democrat who can beat the populist right, and I hope he dominates the primary soon so support can coalesce around him, and then we’ll defeat Trump in 2020.
Don’t get distracted by any other candidates. They’ll complain Bernies Sanders is too old, and then when someone younger wins they’ll say he’s inexperienced. Don’t fall for it!!! Don’t let people trick you into choose another boring centrist Democrat who takes handouts from corporate lobbyists. Last time Sanders ran the whole campaign was financed by small donations from regular people, and he earned a reputation for being beholden to no lobbyists.
And boy can this 80 year old still run! Feel the Bern! I’d run with Sanders toward any train in 2020!

Boomers: Bernie should step down

“have the audacity of a boomer saying that bernie sanders, the most popular candidate among young people in modern history, should step aside for the next generation”


Yep, it’s hard to forgive Baby Boomers right now for totally destroying the liberal world order, and trying to destroy the Earth itself. Maybe my blog is evolving from an atheism blog into a Boomer hate blog, but that’s okay, as long as I’m staunchly supporting 80 year old Bernie Sanders you can’t call me ageist. It’s just the narcissism, conservativism, and gullibility of Boomers…the whole package of other vices that manifests within that generation which must be called out, because these arrogant pricks refuse to step out of government and the public sphere. Boomers don’t give a fuck about stepping down for the good of the country, or anything other than their material well being or self-image. Continue reading Boomers: Bernie should step down