feminism as a defense mechanism for ugly women


“I feel oppressed by the wage gap.”

“I wish men would stop objectifying me-I mean turning us into sexual objects.”

But is she a sexual object?

>I naturally turn to look at her
>I notice she has acne, no fashion sense, (no makeup, ugly clothes), no breasts, no curves, no ass, but she has glasses, ugly messy brown hair. 
>her personality is unpleasantly judgemental, dogmatic, closed-minded and brainwashed due to sheltered life thanks to religious indoctrination and homeschooling.

-(She is a Disney geek who still doesn’t even feel comfortable with PG 13 movies, and divides anime simplistically into violent ones, or ones that “objectify women” which she can’t stand.)
> I realize it would be impossible for anyone to sexualize her, and she is more likely to be obectified as an ugly object, a vase, a crazy kind of mutant.
>I think she would be such a boring and frigid bitch in bed that her partner would lose interest and give up if she did try to get some action.
>she would have to get very hard: have to wear sexy underwear,  strip, do a pole dance, and and flung herself into the arms of a drunk serial rapist who hadn’t beat off for a month, but with her personality she has no chance or charm.
>feel pity for the forever chaste Catholic feminist who was ironically the first to bring up sex, because she has a repressed dirty mind.

Feminism is a defense mechanism that helps ugly women to feel good about not getting hit on by men. This kind of insane its is whyour I wish I lived in Japan where women dress well, and are comfortable with being looked at, appreciated for their beauty and the time they put into it, and many of them willingly bask in their sexuality and the feminine.  They desire the attention of men, as women are wired to do, and aren’t so shy about being truthful and honest about how there is a game to be played to get laid.


This girl will probably have to sign up to Christiandating.com to have any hope of dating, and it will invariably be a weirdo or a loser. No sex until marriage , then the sex will be a disappointment not worth the wait. A sex less marriage or divorce will follow.


Poor girl. I’m genuinely sorry a crazy religion fucked up your mind and made you hate your natural pleasure seeking instincts.


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