What if Bernie Sanders could have been elected?

That’s a moot question. He’s a good canidate with a good voting record, and if you look at his voting record he was one of the few that opposed the new bill that lets the ISPS sell personal information. The only dumb things he did were ally with BLM and say global warming was the greatest threat which was mis-timed right after the Paris terror attacks, and it portrayed him as a hopelessly out of touch liberal to the conservative media fanbase

But no, Americans laugh if you say he was a Communist and don’t protest it. I therefore think they still would have voted for Trump, because Trump is reliably obnoxious and an actor, both of which americans like, and Americans also hate all socialists and communists equally; they hate them, because you see, Americans have been brainwashed by Milton Freiedman with the neoliberal propaganda that passes for high school economics, and they are also generally ignoramuses. American teachers don’t even read primary sources themselves and know jack-shit about real Communism or the effect of corporate funded think-tank propaganda on economic thought in America. They don’t bother to read Adam Smith or Karl Marx outside of the provided textbooks because the USSR lost the cold war, and Europe declined, so everything socialist may be bullshit versus laissez-faire.


You can’t even have a realistic conversation about socialism because they are so opinionated and moronic. Like I mentioned to a girl about how Americans have shorter lives because of the lack of socialized medicine, and she just smiles and says, “Pros and cons! We have better dental than europeans. The UK has worse teeth than us.”

Goddamn you’re stupid bitch, that has nothing to do with what I said, but even if your retort did, and Yanks shelling out big money on their porcelain covered teeth wasn’t a cultural difference (all Brits could do the same at any time in the UK for a similar cost, but choose not to, because silver crowns and crooked teeth and tea stained teeth are pretty neat, duh), wouldn’t you rather have false teeth and live 2.4 years longer while paying much less after you account for insurance or taxes? And the UK doesn’t even have the best socialized system in the EU.

Nationalism blinds them. The worst offenders are afraid to read about other countries, see what works, and copy their best ideas because that would mean ‘Murica wasn’t the best at everything anymore, like in the bygone golden days of mythic yore when George Washington was a giant among men who chopped down 3,000 red coats with his battle axe, and Andrew Jackson saved Europe by winning a duel with Napolean.


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