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Generation X and beto o’rourke


The establishment is pushing Beto, and this article with all its generation ID poling made me realize that the washington Post readership is probably mostly Gen X. Gen X needs to step aside along with the Boomers, they’re all libertarian ideologues who want endless deregulation.


Reading through these comments I think Generation X is also part of the problem. If you want to fight corruption you can’t just elect a champion, you also need systematic reforms, but Gen. X is still so brainwashed by pro-capitalist propaganda that they can’t see the light. In school they were probably straight up taught not just that communism is evil, but that it is satanic. That bleeds into making them inherently distrust any sort of socialism. I see them as in between Boomers and Millennials in their degree of favorability toward taxes or restrictions on billionaires.


Joseph McCarthy held atheism back

“Today we are engaged in a final, all-out battle between communistic atheism and Christianity.”

Ladies and gentlemen, can there be anyone here tonight who is so blind as to say that the war is not on? Can there be anyone who fails to realize that the communist world has said, “The time is now” — that this is the time for the showdown between the democratic Christian world and the communist atheistic world? Unless we face this fact, we shall pay the price that must be paid by those who wait too long.

Joeseph McCarthy

This is the sort of bullshit rhetoric that conservatives still tap into when they attack either socialism or atheism today. Note he kneed a journalist in the groin too, and was a Catholic with a love of modern Inquisition. And he accused a little old woman who had already lost her job, because of these accusations.

Note Wiki says that unlike many Democrats John F. Kennedy never attacked him because they were Catholic allies, so fuck Kennedy.

Thoughts on the Simpsons and Apu

Well, the Apu controversy was a stupid case of political correctness killing humor. Indians should learn to laugh at their accent, and to not object to the stereotype that many Indians run in convenience stores. It’s true, so it’s fine. Not every piece of media has to subvert expectations. Don’t you get tired or roll your eyes sometimes when a feminist director has a waif of a girl beat a grown giant man in hand to hand combat? That’s just fantasy, and comedy is funnier when it pulls back the curtain to the truth of reality.  Continue reading Thoughts on the Simpsons and Apu

Japan censors: Call the sex slaves “wartime laborers” now

(Source.) If you have to lie to make people love their country then maybe its time for you to face your country’s mistakes honestly. Then you can learn from history and become more lovable. It’s difficult for a thinking person to much love their country or trust it, if their country lies to them because it is narcissistic and insecure.

(And that goes for other countries including America too.) Complaining in English is rather pointless, so I also translated this into Japanese.

The line about honest historians being smeared as “Anti-Japanese” strikes a chord with me, because I hate the mindlessness of nationalism and while playing Socrates I’ve often been smeared the same way.  I have been accused too often in my life of being “Anti-American” if God forbid I ever criticize something about America in the company of a conservative who thinks he is somehow more American. Angry about CEO compensation? You’re anti-American! Constitutional checks not being followed? Somehow you’re anti-American! Want universal healthcare? Anti-American! Continue reading Japan censors: Call the sex slaves “wartime laborers” now

Reminder: Conservative Baby Boomers are the real snowflakes

“Everyone is so easily offended these days, back in my day we weren’t a bunch of snowflakes.” – person who comes from a generation that was offended by gay people existing.
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Ninja aid?

The NRA worries that if we ban guns, then modern day assasins like Lee Oswald would have to train their children with throwing knives for 15 years to fight tyrants from rooftops. So the ultimate underlying question that Democrats have yet to face from Republicans will be, “What about the ninjas?” I confess, I haven’t given nearly enough serious thought to the needs of ninjas in the future, but I expect that when the time comes Bruce Wayne will establish a school and train them.

How much have attention spans shortened?

Trump ran as a self-made man and the New York times did meticulous reporting to write a novella sized article about how he inherited $400 million dollars from his father. It was a fantastic piece but it made no mark, and it didn’t last a day and a half. Cable news didn’t talk about it, and Republicans are still trumpeting that he’s a self-made man because they never read the news (and are crazy.)

Likewise the Las Vegas shooting was the largest in American history, and within 48 hours cable news stopped reporting on it. We never found out what his motives were. Now if you mention it people struggle to remember much about it.

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When Philip Pullman argued the USSR (or Marxism) was a theocracy


>’There is the concept of heresy and its punishment: as it might be, Trotskyism.’

I heard Christopher Hitchens arguing as Pullman does, and it’s quite nice to see a nicely written article which might have influenced Hitchens. I honestly like the author, although I would be skeptical of his economic views if he’s actually a neoliberal, a libertarian, or completely opposed to any kind of socialism or “marxism.” What if his views there are stuck in the past with JK Rowling? (I’m surprised he says he hasn’t been following the trans debate, and I kind of wish his books had characters that touched on that.) Glancing at his twitter he seems to want more funding for education, and opposes Brexit, so he’s definitely a liberal.

Eventually subsequent generations will have wider eyes than him, and we’ll just have to learn how to write stories that are even more liberal than what he wrote.

Why I don’t support revolutionary change

>”I could go on, but what needs to happen in the U.S. is a Revolution by the people against the Establishment System to bring it down to the ground and to build a new System based upon honesty and integrity in its place.”

“A revolution to create a new system based on honesty and integrity” really is a fool’s dream. In all of that chaos how are you going to create a better society? Most of the country cannot even agree on democracy, universal liberal values, or shared power anymore.

The South specifically wants to build a racist segregated theocracy where white Christians hold the power; Silicon Valley has been conditioned by years of libertarian propaganda to want technocracy with a few giant companies who can control all the information and manipulate our psychologies; Portland can’t agree on what form of anarchy they want but they’re with Anti-fa; the middle of the country are hicks who just want to keep their church and their guns and for the federal government to leave them alone. Hardly anyone is pro-establishment or pro-government anymore, but I don’t see a good alternative. (And don’t forget that Russia and China would try to sabotage any revolution by promoting the parties and players that you don’t want to control us.) Continue reading Why I don’t support revolutionary change