Retort: You can’t show Trump is a Secret Philanthropist -letter

If you paid attention to the election campaigns you would have seen multiple examples of Trump donating thousands of dollars & arranging for more resources for people caught in floods & other natural disasters for a start. He went to the sites to personally see the conditions. Much of that could be attributed to political publicity, but Hillary never did either. During the campaign many examples of Trumps personal philanthropy were exposed. He was said to keep these private to avoid publicity. This can be believed or not as anyone chooses. In addition, his businesses had avenues established for charity & community resources which weren’t his personally, but supported by him. One example of , in my opinion, nasty backlash, was the forcing of Jared Kushner to shut down his organization devoted to helping St. Jude’s hospital before he could take his new job in Trumps administration. That fall out only caused problems for really sick kids & their families.
I think if you are so disenchanted w life in the US, you should take aggressive action to find a place & life you want to live. What’s the point of continuing to live in a way that seems to cause you such discomfort?  I want only the best for you. I don’t think your current lifestyle is what’s best for you. Love, and God Bless

I sincerely doubt your St. Jude claim needs to be investigated, from what you have said it sounds like he was dismissed because a conflict of interest, and by any case it isn’t even Trump but someone affiliated with him. Even if it were true someone lost a few hundred thousand dollars of even a bit more, it would change nothing material. We are talking about a multi-billionaire so the standards are much higher. I would at least like to see that he has donate billions like a Warren Buffet or Bill Gates. It hasn’t happened and I can’t buy into the idea he is a Bruce Wayne who does plays a knight like some Batman in the dark when he is so blatantly egoistical even by nouveau riche standards and brands his name on everything he does during the day. Unless it can be shown he has split personality psychosis, that is a very large unsubstantiated claim, and the self-aggrandizing propaganda he puts out never stops, and his base simply echo his words.

The most common “white knight” anecdote I have heard is he had his private pilot give some sick employee of his a ride in a jet plane to the hospital. Everyone wants to play a hero from, time to time and I’m not impressed. For someone with his power that is like him holding a door open for someone for two seconds before I go in, it doesn’t require any effort to do it. By any case if you give it to someone you know it isn’t remarkable, it’s just tribal loyalty, and if you have something to gain from it being publicized the effect is diminished. He has been gearing up for a career in politics for over a decade and had to maintain some good PR as a CEO, and so it would be better to look at the proportion of good acts for the public versus his power. Of course, I have kept up with the continuing stream of conflicts of interest such as at his Mar-a-largo private property, (a distressed property which he bragged about stealing at a bargain price  when he threatened to block the beach front view with a new building.)
It is said that you can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him. And Bernie Sanders has also said you can judge the worth of a person by the quality of their enemies. He has many enemies in academia and the sciences who are good financially set people that have little to gain by criticizing him, and who back up their criticism with verifiable sources. In fact, I remember one of my best business professors mocking his sense of ethics regarding sticking creditors with his debt multiple times during his bankruptcies when a Trump fan told the class he would support him if he ran in 2012. Trump didn’t clearly enumerated his positions to the public during his campaign, and hasn’t stuck with what he did say. If you don’t have a working moral compass you are nothing but a weather vane that will be buffeted by the winds.
The defenses you gave are as weak as those some libertarians give to defend Carlos Slim just because his for-profit businesses just so happen to benefit hospitals. Carlos Slim as the former richest man on Earth has done nothing material for his country or the poor vis a vis how much he has profited, and only started giving nominal amounts recently to fix his PR, because Mexicans loathed him, his business practices, his gangster and government connections, and his telecommunications monopoly. His best aphorism used to be, “Charity doesn’t solve poverty.” (What a fine excuse to not to do anything for anyone except your family when you have more power than anyone else. There is a popular theory that many CEOs are pathological sociopaths as espoused in “Snakes in Suits,” and studies support that people from rich backgrounds who attended more private and expensive universities like Berkley or expensive business seminaries lack empathy compared to lower tier students or high school graduates, which appears spot on to me.)
Just 4 more years…If I don’t stop following American politics and the rabbit-hole of lies before then.

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