Trump and the Ice Skating Rink – Letter

I heard some propaganda about that ice rink you mentioned which you thought Trump fixed for charity, and this seems to be the real story that sets the record straight. It was for publicity because he had no name at the time, plus he was paid to do, it and wanted to build a restaurant next to the rink but was denied. He hasn’t done anything related to philanthropy since then–not that I know of anyway, and I tried multiple times to find something before he got elected.

Seriously, Trump’s fans are desperate to hold up their champion because if they lose faith in their him, they will have no hope. After all, their political philosophy is broken and they have no one else to turn to. I certainly don’t consider this to be a great charitable thing worth trumpeting about.


That’s one version.  Another is that he watched the city of New York spend huge amounts of money to fix the ice rink. There were at least two attempts-failures.  He was frustrated by the inefficiency. People were stealing equipment & building supplies. He was given the job & had it done on time & under budget using a different design.  He did put his name on it in big letters. That is his style. Some people really don’t like his style. He is flamboyant!!

Well, that’s exactly what the article says, so there is no difference in view. I would like to point out that he didn’t even lose money on this so I don’t consider it charitable, but that if I granted it was non-selfish philanthropy, it was as far back as the 1980’s and we have no record of anything since then. (We instead have a record of him building businesses that please noveau rich consumers, and his assets going from perhaps 50 million to a few billion. We have no Andrew Carnegie dip in over 30 years.)

If you ever find proof he did philanthropy let me know since I strive for accurate facts to as a basis of clear thoughts. Otherwise I will continue to use to believe he is a selfish scumbag and a frightening demagogue who has hijacked a very desperate population. There is a test for what Wikipedia calls “true believer syndrome”, which is that if a person cannot name a condition that would make them not support a position, they are a zealot. I have seen much evidence that Trump’s diehards will support him no matter what, even if he pulls back on immigration, or any other policy. If there were a president Sanders, I would stop supporting him as soon as he bailed out a major bank Obama-style, or turned into another neoliberal.
The psychological obstacle possessed by Trump supporters is they are so disillusioned with politics and with their own party that no matter what happens, they will find excuses for their champion, because they otherwise will have no hope left. Everything that disagrees with them is dismissed as fake news, or fake statistics without a second thought.
Democrats they know sold out to the corporations, and sacrificed the unions, and embraced deregulation and free trade/globalization under Clinton, (Republicans had already done so even earlier) and there thereby ceased to be a party that represents the interests of the working class. Now there are just two parties for two sets of billionaires and businesses, and I hope there is some kind of backlash to billionaires soon. As long as blind party voting is prevalent (enclosed picture related), I can’t see American politics improving or becoming more democratic, sophisticated and enlightened, unless we obtain viable 3+ party system.
 the march of tyranny.jpg
The presidential system component of the “American experiment” certainly seems to have been an early mistake after 200 years of hindsight. If I could trade my citizenship to a multi-party Scandinavian country with a superior economy (GDP per capita, mean life expectancy, happiness, media freedom, corruption perceptions rating, freedoms, income inequality indexes, direct democracy, average citizen’s voting participation, decentralization, maternity leave, sick/vacation time, criminal reincarnation rate, average education obtainment/scores on standardized testing, labor efficiency, job satisfaction, privacy protection, green technology, social security, state coffers, “open-mindedness,” name just about any statistic for a verifiable improvement) I would reincarnate to Norway, Sweden, or arguably Iceland/Finland in a heartbeat. (Maybe I would still move to Japan because it’s so frigid and rural up there, but at least I wouldn’t be ashamed to talk about the structurally broken political system and prevalent thought processes of where I come from. I wouldn’t have to answer repeated questions when I travel about how I justify distant wars, or governments putting backdoors in our software and networks to better snoop on us either.)

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